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Fetterman, Oz Too Close to Call as Polls Close
John Fetterman Wins
Pennsylvania Senate Race
election 2022

John Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania Senate Race

Media outlets are calling the race for Fetterman over Dr. Mehmet Oz

(Newser) - Nobody expected one of election night's biggest races—Democrat John Fetterman vs. Republican Mehmet Oz for the Senate in Pennsylvania—to be called early, given how close the polls had been. The stakes are huge, of course, with control of the Senate potentially in the balance. About the only...

Fetterman Gets Endorsement From Big Name

Oprah Winfrey tells listeners to vote for him over Mehmet Oz

(Newser) - TV icon Oprah Winfrey on Thursday endorsed Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania's hotly contested Senate race and rejected Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, whom she'd helped launch to stardom nearly two decades ago when she brought him on her popular daytime talk show as a regular guest. Until now,...

Dr. Oz Mocked After 'Atlantic Coast' Comment

Pennsylvania is not on the Atlantic coast

(Newser) - Dr. Mehmet Oz has long come under scrutiny over the question of whether he's actually a "carpetbagger" from New Jersey running for Senate in neighboring Pennsylvania, and his latest comment isn't helping much with that issue. Speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday, Oz said, "...

New Poll Assesses 4 Key Senate Races
New Poll
4 Key
Senate Races

New Poll Assesses 4 Key Senate Races

Democrats lead in 3, including Pennsylvania, and are deadlocked in Nevada, per 'NYT' data

(Newser) - The midterms are just eight days away, and new polls continue to roll out—including a major one from the New York Times and Siena College. It looks at four key Senate races and finds that Democrats hold slim leads in three, with the last one deadlocked.
  • Arizona: Democratic Sen.

Ronna McDaniel Mocks Fetterman, Biden Over Speaking Abilities

RNC chair made the same joke twice during interview

(Newser) - Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, did not have anything nice to say when it came to John Fetterman, President Biden, and their respective speaking abilities. During an interview with syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, the subject of Biden's plans to appear at a campaign event Friday...

Fetterman Had Some 'Awkward' Moments in Debate With Oz

Though experts say that doesn't mean he's having any cognitive issues

(Newser) - More than five months after experiencing a stroke, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman struggled at times to explain his positions and often spoke haltingly throughout a highly anticipated debate Tuesday against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz as they vie for a critical Senate seat, the AP reports. In the opening minutes of...

Polls Show Dr. Oz Closing Gap on Fetterman
Polls Are Looking
Better for Dr. Oz

Polls Are Looking Better for Dr. Oz

Fetterman still has an edge, especially with favorability ratings

(Newser) - According to Real Clear Politics' polling history of the Senate race in Pennsylvania, Republican Mehmet Oz hasn't led in any of the 18 major polls conducted since June, but the spread has narrowed considerably between him and Democratic opponent John Fetterman. Per Politico , a recent poll sponsored by the...

Negativity in Senate Races Is 'Overwhelming'

Nastiness on display in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin races

(Newser) - Senate candidates in battleground states are facing an onslaught of ads attacking everything from their character to their preferred sports teams, showing negative campaign tactics have risen "to a new level" this year, the Hill reports. "You turn on the TV, it's overwhelming with the negativity,"...

Fetterman's Lead in the Polls Has Been Slashed

Things are looking up for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - What was once a commanding lead over Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania's Senate race has been slashed: Polls show John Fetterman now leads Oz by about four percentage points. That means his lead has been cut almost in half in less than two months, the Hill reports. It notes...

Fetterman's Latest Swing at Dr. Oz: He's a 'Puppy Killer'

Tweet follows Jezebel article about dogs that died in studies tied to Oz

(Newser) - Just when you thought the bad blood between Senate candidates John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz couldn't get any worse comes this: Fetterman's accusation that Oz is a "puppy killer." Fetterman's Monday tweet shares a Jezebel article that sums up the site's investigation into...

Fetterman Explains Tattoos After Tucker Carlson's Rant

The dates on his forearm are quite meaningful, Senate candidate writes

(Newser) - Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson went on what John Fetterman calls a "nearly 20-minute long," "unhinged" rant about Fetterman's tattoos, among other things. In an essay on NBC News on Sunday, Fetterman responded. According to the Hill , one of Carlson's comments—while decrying Fetterman as...

Fetterman Must Resolve 'Unsettling' Health Concerns

'Washington Post' editorial says Democrat should debate more than once because of stroke

(Newser) - Mehmet Oz, aka "Dr. Oz," has taken a lot of grief lately in his campaign for the Senate in Pennsylvania. But the editorial board of the Washington Post thinks the GOP candidate has a legitimate beef in demanding that Democratic rival John Fetterman agree to multiple debates. Fetterman...

Fetterman: 'Women Are the Reason We Can Win'

Senate candidate in Pennsylvania goes after Oz on abortion rights

(Newser) - "The dream of Republicans here in Pennsylvania is to turn us into Texas," John Fetterman said at a raucous rally in a Philadelphia suburb Sunday, targeting Dr. Mehmet Oz, his rival in the state's Senate race, on abortion rights. "Women are the reason we can win....

Fetterman: OK, I'll Debate Dr. Oz
Fetterman: OK, I'll Debate Dr. Oz

Fetterman: OK, I'll Debate Dr. Oz

Debate will likely take place in October

(Newser) - After much prodding from Dr. Mehmet Oz, John Fetterman has committed to debate his rival in the race for a US Senate seat in Pennsylvania. "We’re absolutely going to debate Dr. Oz, and it was always our intent to do that. It has simply only ever been about...

Dr. Oz: Is Fetterman 'Too Sick' to Debate?

Senate candidate making continued bid to get rival to debate in contentious Pennsylvania race

(Newser) - Dr. Mehmet Oz is continuing to use John Fetterman's stroke against him as the two battle it out for a Senate seat. After Fetterman declined to debate Oz this week , Oz—who's been pushing for five debates—told reporters Tuesday, "John Fetterman is either healthy and he’...

Trump Pulls No Punches in First Rally Since FBI Raid

He calls President Biden an 'enemy of the state'

(Newser) - On Saturday former President Trump appeared at a rally for the first time since FBI agents descended on Mar-a-Lago, and the New York Times reports he gave an "aggrieved and combative speech." He was in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania, and spoke two days after President Biden called him out...

No, Fetterman Will Not Debate Dr. Oz Now

He calls Oz's offer of concessions to his recent stroke a 'farce'

(Newser) - Dr. Mehmet Oz has been pushing John Fetterman to debate him as the two battle it out for a Senate seat, but Fetterman has made it clear he's a no-go—at least for now. In its latest statement about a proposed debate next week, the Oz campaign listed a...

Fetterman Releases Letter From 109 Pa. Docs Against Oz

As crudite back-and-forth continues

(Newser) - John Fetterman on Tuesday released an open letter from 109 practicing Pennsylvania doctors who are opposed to Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman's Senate opponent. The move came after an Oz aide raised eyebrows with a comment about Fetterman , after Fetterman mocked Oz for a campaign ad regarding "crudite,"...

Latest in Dr. Oz Crudite Drama: Snark About Fetterman's Stroke

Dr. Oz's aide raises some eyebrows

(Newser) - The endless crudite back-and-forth between Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman continues: Now an aide for Oz's campaign is raising eyebrows with a comment on Fetterman's health. Fetterman, who is running against Oz for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, mocked Oz for an odd campaign video regarding a...

Oz Responds to Mockery of Crudite Video

Candidate says he got supermarket's name wrong because he was exhausted

(Newser) - Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz has spoken out about a video he recorded in April that went largely unnoticed until his rival retweeted it . In the video—which Lt. Gov. John Fetterman's campaign manager says shows Oz "clearly has never been in a grocery store before"—the...

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