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Newsmax Viewership Triples in Carlson's Old Timeslot

MSNBC steals Fox's ratings title in 8pm ET hour

(Newser) - Viewers who flocked to Fox News to watch Tucker Carlson in the 8pm ET hour appear to now be looking elsewhere. Fox News Tonight with Brian Kilmeade drew just 1.33 million viewers Wednesday night—down from 2.59 million on Monday and 1.7 million on Tuesday—topped by...

Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After Wild Immigration Theory

Ex-'60 Minutes' reporter said Satan allows for open borders

(Newser) - Former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan has some out-there ideas on immigration—so out there that she's now banned from the right-wing Newsmax network for airing them. The offending interview took place Wednesday with Eric Bolling, who apparently got the first scoop Logan had on the "global cabal"...

Jill Biden Gives Interview to a Surprising Outlet

The conservative cable station Newsmax

(Newser) - First lady Jill Biden took her husband's unity agenda to an unlikely venue on Monday, when conservative cable station Newsmax aired an interview with her about cancer research, the AP reports. Curing cancer is a central goal for President Biden, whose eldest son, Beau, died from a brain tumor...

Next Stop for Rittenhouse: Gaetz Intern?

Congressman, Newsmax host apparently both want teen as an intern

(Newser) - Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says Kyle Rittenhouse has helped the country. Now, he's suggesting he'll give the 18-year-old—on trial for murder after fatally shooting two people and injuring another during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wis., last year—a chance to do more. "He'...

Friends of Anti-Vax Radio Host: He Changed Mind Before Dying

Dick Farrel told people he should have gotten vaccinated, encouraged them to do so

(Newser) - Joining the ranks of vaccine skeptics who later changed their tune after they became seriously ill with COVID: a former Newsmax anchor and conservative radio host in Florida who didn't make it to tell his tale publicly in person. Per WPTV and NBC News , Dick Farrel died Wednesday of...

Source: Gaetz's Grand Plan to Work for Newsmax Foiled by Newsmax

Spokesperson for conservative outlet says Florida congressman was turned down for a job

(Newser) - In March, rumors started floating that Matt Gaetz, currently caught up in a sex trafficking scandal that has him being investigated for allegedly paying for sex with a minor, was eyeing a new career away from Capitol Hill—specifically, a job with the conservative outlet Newsmax, sources told Axios at...

Newsmax Posts Apology Over Rigged Election Claims

Right-wing outlet reaches settlement with exec from Dominion Voting Systems

(Newser) - Newsmax has apologized to Dominion Voting Systems' security director. The right-wing news outlet had aired baseless allegations that voting machines had been manipulated and the 2020 election was rigged. Because of that, Eric Coomer, Dominion’s director of product strategy and security, faced death threats and has been living in...

What Pro-Trump Outlets Say About His Phone Call

He 'acted properly,' declares Newsmax

(Newser) - After the Washington Post came out with its scoop about President Trump's phone call to Georgia election officials, critics accused him of running afoul of the law. But Trump's supporters see things much differently. Two examples of positive coverage:
  • Newsmax notes that the Post, referring to Trump's

Dominion Staffer Sues Trump Campaign: I Want My Life Back

Eric Coomer says he's had to go into hiding due to conspiracy theories about election 'rigging'

(Newser) - A high-ranking employee for a company that provided election equipment and software in 28 states has been subjected to harassment and death threats so alarming that he was forced to go into hiding a week after the election. Now, Eric Coomer says he wants his life back, and he's...

Defamation Threats Pose Big Problem for Right-Wing Media

Ben Smith: Potential suits against right-wing media over voting machines are serious

(Newser) - Remember "pink slime" ? The term regarding ground beef was at the heart of the biggest settlement in the history of media defamation cases back in 2017, and it was a win achieved by an attorney named J. Erik Connolly, writes Ben Smith in the New York Times . Well,...

Fox Airs Election Talk After Legal Threat

Smartmatic sent scathing notice to 3 conservative news outlets

(Newser) - What a difference legal action can make. Fox News hosts who have allowed election-fraud conspiracies to air on their programs just aired a segment debunking some of those very claims, CNN reports. Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, and Maria Bartiromo played the segment this weekend after Smartmatic, a voting technology company,...

Newsmax Nabs First Ratings Victory Over Fox
Competing Network Delivers
'Serious Shock' to Fox
in case you missed it

Competing Network Delivers 'Serious Shock' to Fox

In small victory, Newsmax won in the ratings over Fox, thanks to 'Greg Kelly Reports'

(Newser) - President Trump has spent weeks directing followers to Newsmax TV, apparently with results. On Monday, the network recorded its first ratings win over Fox News. Greg Kelly Reports at 7pm ET averaged 229,000 viewers in the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic, while an average of 203,000 viewers in...

Trump May Be Gunning to Cripple Fox News
Trump May Be Gunning
to Cripple Fox News
the rundown

Trump May Be Gunning to Cripple Fox News

Axios says he plans a digital rival, while CNN's Brian Stelter sees a 'robust' challenge to Fox elsewhere

(Newser) - It's no secret that relations between President Trump and Fox News have soured of late— especially after the network called Arizona for Joe Biden ahead of everyone else. Now, a report at Axios suggests things are going to get worse. The outlet says Trump plans to create a digital...

$199 Gets You Valentine's Shoutout From Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer
Is Getting His
Own Show

Sean Spicer Is Getting His Own Show

In the meantime, he's selling personalized messages for charity

(Newser) - Sean Spicer is going from one TV show to another, with the former White House press secretary set to launch his own cable news show next month, reports Page Six . But since he has some time to kill, Spicer is offering to send a personalized video message to your special...

Now Minus Trump, Debate Gets New Date

Won't occur on Dec. 27 after all ... but when it will happen still up in the air

(Newser) - If you've been wondering if no Donald equals no debate, you have your answer: The Newsmax debate is still on, it's just not happening on Dec. 27 anymore. Politico reports on an email it received from Newsmax editorial director Steve Coz, who explains that with Trump out, the...

Ron Paul to Boycott Donald Trump Debate

Scathing statement says it's 'beneath the office of the presidency'

(Newser) - Ron Paul has decided to join Jon Huntsman in skipping the Donald Trump-moderated Newsmax debate , and his campaign didn’t mince words in explaining why. “The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate … is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the...

Donald Trump to Host GOP Debate

Conservative Newsmax picks him for Iowa event in late December

(Newser) - The "you're fired" jokes already are flying fast and furious: Donald Trump has been picked to host a Republican debate in Iowa on Dec. 27, reports the New York Times . The forum is sponsored by the conservative media group Newsmax, and invitations went out to the candidates today....

'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy' Returns With Same Cast

But Clinton thinks forces aren't as strong as those he faced

(Newser) - Americans may be "less receptive" to right-wing messages than they were in the days of Bill Clinton, but as the former president put it last week on Meet the Press, the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that threatened to destroy his presidency is making an encore appearance—and it's surely...

Righty Site Yanks Post on US Military Coup

Newsmax scribe said Obama overthrow 'gaining possibility'

(Newser) - A Newsmax columnist—the conservative mag says he's a mere “unpaid blogger”—suggests that a military coup against the Obama administration is “gaining possibility.” “Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration,” writes John Perry in a column...

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