Tiger Woods sex scandal

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Time's Up for Tiger Woods, Tag Heuer

Swiss watch firm ends sponsorship deal after sex scandal

(Newser) - If you thought the fallout from Tiger Woods' sex scandal had long since ended, well, you'd be wrong. Tag Heuer has become the sixth firm to end a sponsorship deal with Woods following the revelation of his many affairs , the Telegraph reports. The Swiss luxury watch maker reportedly exited...

Rachel Uchitel: I Am Not a Whore

Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1 speaks

(Newser) - Surely you've been waiting on pins and needles for this: Rachel Uchitel has, finally, given an interview ... though she refuses to discuss her highly-publicized dalliance with Tiger Woods. "People have called me all sorts of names, but they don’t know me," she tells the Mail , adding that...

Tiger Woods Fantasized About Men: Tell-All

Alleged mistress's promised book is finally hitting shelves...

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Loredana Jolie finally got a buyer for the tell-all she’s been shopping since January and, as promised , the book will include details about the golfer’s fantasies about other men. “I would make him fantasize,” she writes in an excerpt obtained by the...

Mistress Shopping Tiger Woods Sex Tape

Apparently the sex scandal is still not over

(Newser) - The fat lady, apparently, has not sung yet: The Tiger Woods sex scandal beats on, by way of a sex tape. Devon James , the porn star mistress who claimed Tiger fathered her love child , is shopping a 62-minute-long tape—“37 minutes of it is us having sex,” James...

Elin: 'I Never Suspected' Affairs
 Elin: 'I Never Suspected' Affairs 
'people' cover story

Elin: 'I Never Suspected' Affairs

Her first—and last—post-divorce interview is here

(Newser) - The inevitable post- divorce Elin Nordegren interview is here. It’s her first and, she tells People , her last. “I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children,” she...

Why Tiger's Career Is Officially Kaput
 Why Tiger's 
 Career Is 

Why Tiger's Career Is Officially Kaput

Stick a fork in him ... he's done

(Newser) - Tiger Woods didn’t win a major this year, and he'll "never win another major championship again," posits Drew Magary in New York . Five reasons why Tiger Woods is finished:
  1. There is no point: The point was to smash Jack Nicklaus’ record to "wild cheers," "

Vick Repeats as Biggest Sports Villain

 Vick Repeats 
 as Biggest 
 Sports Villain 
no. 4: tiger

Vick Repeats as Biggest Sports Villain

Forbes list of most disliked athletes has a new name: Tiger Woods

(Newser) - Michael Vick has been out of federal prison for almost a year , but the Eagles quarterback still has some image-polishing to do: For the second straight year, he tops the Forbes list of most disliked people in sports . New for 2010 are Ben Roethlisberger and how-the-mighty-have-fallen poster child Tiger Woods,...

More Tiger Woods Insult Banners Coming
 More Tiger Woods 
 Insult Banners Coming 
'bootyism' just 1 of 6

More Tiger Woods Insult Banners Coming

Plus, check out the parodies of the Nike commercial

(Newser) - If you enjoyed the Tiger Woods banner that flew over Augusta National yesterday, you’re in for a treat: Five more are on the way. The first message, referring to Tiger’s recommitment to Buddhism, read, “Tiger: Did you mean bootyism?” A rep for the Ohio ad agency that...

10 Lessons From Tiger
 10 Lessons From Tiger 
no. 4: avoid porn stars

10 Lessons From Tiger

Woods can teach us all a thing or two

(Newser) - Say what you will about Tiger Woods, but the cheating golfer has taught us quite a bit about sexting, rehab, and how to keep your affairs quiet. Mary Elizabeth Williams offers up the top 10 lessons from Tiger, at Salon :
  • Who not to hook up with: Skip women named “

Tiger Breaks Silence, Denies Using PEDs

Golfer faces the media for first full press conference

(Newser) - Tiger Woods put in his first public practice session in Augusta today, and followed it up with a press conference that represented his first full-length interview since his sex scandal broke. The most pointed questions revolved around his relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea, who’s been connected with performance-enhancing drugs....

Tiger Beats Crowds to Augusta

Scandal-battered golfer gets in some early practice for the Masters

(Newser) - A day before his eagerly awaited press conference, Tiger Woods hit the links at Augusta National this afternoon. Sporting what appear to be the beginnings of a goatee, the scandal-plagued superstar unexpectedly arrived around 1pm and played nine holes with Mark O'Meara. "He's one of the toughest guys mentally...

Tiger Woods' Rachel Uchitel Payoff: $10M

That's a lot more than previously speculated

(Newser) - It pretty much goes without saying that Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel off—but the real amount is much, much higher than originally speculated. Early estimates put the figure at $1 million; it was later thought to be between $2 million and $5 million—but TMZ reports it’s actually...

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: Tiger's Mentors?

The former NBA stars were Woods' Vegas companions

(Newser) - You already know more than you ever wanted to about Tiger Woods’ personal life, but guess what? You still haven’t heard it all. Vanity Fair teases its upcoming article by Mark Seal, which “may be the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life”:
  • His

Tiger Shoots Nike Commercial
 Tiger Shoots 
 Nike Commercial 
'just do it'

Tiger Shoots Nike Commercial

In case you care, Woods wore black and red!

(Newser) - For those of you passionately invested in Tiger Woods’ every move : He shot a new commercial yesterday. Apparently Nike still thinks the embattled golfer is good for the brand—its motto is “Just Do It,” after all. Woods shot the ad at a country club golf course near...

Yet Another Porn Star Is Tiger Mistress No. 15

Devon James talks 'dirty' sex, claims years-long affair

(Newser) - Devon James must have been out of the country for the past few months—the porn star is coming forward now to claim her spot as yet another Tiger Woods mistress. For those of you keeping track, that’s mistress No. 15 and porn star No. 3, at least according...

Tiger: 'I've Done Bad Things'

Woods talks car crash, Buddhism, making amends

(Newser) - Giving interviews for the first time since the November car crash that kicked off a snowballing sex scandal, Tiger Woods talked with ESPN and the Golf Channel yesterday. Some highlights:
  • On facing his wife and mother: "They both have been brutal. They've both been very tough."
  • The

Tiger Woods: Great Golfer, Lousy Sexter

Great athlete is as lame as everyone else at virtual pillow talk

(Newser) - The sexts Joslyn James says Tiger Woods sent her have been released , and they certainly reveal that the golfer is “a nasty freak.” But “the real sticking point here is that he can't spell,” writes Mary Elizabeth Williams. “When Woods writes, 'I know you have...

Porn Star Reveals Tiger Texts

 Porn Star Reveals 
 Tiger Texts 


Porn Star Reveals Tiger Texts

Joslyn James has her own classy domain name and everything

(Newser) - It's here: Porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James debuted her new website, which includes all sorts of fun messages from the golfer. If you just don't feel comfortable typing www.sextingjoslynjames.com into your browser window, allow us to hit some of the (less disgusting) highlights:
  • I

Why Tiger's Comeback Is Sexist

 Why Tiger's Comeback Is Sexist 

Why Tiger's Comeback Is Sexist

Inside Woods' much-hyped Masters comeback

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ return to golf is sure to be a ( much-watched ) zoo, and if you want to be there in person to witness it, it just might set you back $2,400. That’s how high resale ticket prices for the Masters have gone since Woods’ announcement, TMZ...

Tiger Woods Will Return for the Masters
 Tiger Woods 
 Will Return 
 for the Masters 

Tiger Woods Will Return for the Masters

After 'inpatient therapy,' Augusta event is earliest he can make

(Newser) - Tiger Woods will emerge from exile swinging at the Masters tourney in April, USA Today reports. “After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I'm ready to start my season at Augusta,” the troubled golf star says in a statement. He says he...

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