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Dementia May Scrap Ron Jeremy Rape Trial
Ron Jeremy Declared
Unfit to Stand Trial

Ron Jeremy Declared Unfit to Stand Trial

Porn actor had faced dozens of rape, sexual assault charges

(Newser) - A Los Angeles judge declared Tuesday that porn performer Ron Jeremy is mentally incompetent to stand trial on dozens of rape and sexual assault counts. Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Harris said in a hearing that after reviewing reports from both prosecutors and Jeremy's defense, he has determined Jeremy...

Porn Star Indicted in Sexual Assaults of 21 Women, Girls

Rom Jeremy pleads not guilty to more than 30 counts

(Newser) - A grand jury has indicted adult film actor Ron Jeremy on more than 30 counts of sexual assault involving 21 women and girls across more than two decades, authorities said. Jeremy, 68, whose legal name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday to...

With New Charges, Ron Jeremy Could Get 330 Years

Prosecutors have added 7 more charges

(Newser) - Ron Jeremy's lawyer accused prosecutors of "piling on" Wednesday after seven more sexual assault charges were filed against the adult film star, including three counts of rape. Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office says the 67-year-old actor, whose real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, could face a...

Ron Jeremy Faces More Sexual Assault Charges
Porn Star
Faces Another
20 Charges

Porn Star Faces Another 20 Charges

New accusers came forward after Ron Jeremy was hit with first counts

(Newser) - After Ron Jeremy was charged in June with sexually assaulting four women, dozens of women contacted investigators with accusations of their own. The result is 20 more charges against the porn star, involving crimes against another 13 women, Rolling Stone reports. The charges cover allegations between 2004 and Jan. 1...

Ron Jeremy Accused of Raping 3 Women

Adult film star faces multiple charges of rape, sexual assault

(Newser) - One of the most prolific actors in adult movie history is facing rape and sexual assault charges that could send him to prison for up to 90 years. Ron Jeremy has been charged in California with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth in separate incidents between 2014 and...

Ron Jeremy Will Stay in Hospital for Weeks

He's recovering from surgery for heart aneurysm

(Newser) - Porn star Ron Jeremy is recovering from emergency surgery to repair an aneurysm near his heart, but TMZ reports that doctors won't let him leave the hospital for at least two weeks. The 59-year-old drove himself to Cedars-Sinai in LA yesterday with chest pain, and doctors quickly admitted him...

Porn Star Ron Jeremy in Critical Condition

He needs surgery for heart aneurysm

(Newser) - Porn star Ron Jeremy needs emergency surgery for a heart aneurysm, reports TMZ . Doctors found the problem after the 59-year-old drove himself to a hospital in Los Angeles with chest pain. His agent tells the website that Jeremy is in critical condition in the ICU and will have surgery...

Magnotta Sting Sought to Use Ron Jeremy as Bait

Animal-rights group hatched plan to capture alleged kitten killer last year

(Newser) - Porn legend Ron Jeremy and twin Playboy bunnies were enlisted in a scheme to capture porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta long before his arrest for allegedly killing and dismembering his lover, the Globe and Mail reports. Animal rights group Rescue Ink, which believed Magnotta was behind a series of online...

Porn Stars Decry Piracy in New Video (SFW) | Threat Level |
 Piracy Is Naughty: Porn Stars 

Piracy Is Naughty: Porn Stars

Video of porn stars far less fun than you were hoping

(Newser) - The adult entertainment industry wants you to know you've been a very bad boy if you've downloaded its movies without paying. And for some inexplicable reason, the industry has chosen to deliver this message in a video shot entirely from the neck up, in which various porn stars offer gravely...

Gaming Worse for Kids Than Porn: Ron Jeremy

Famed porn star's 'ignorance' upsets baffled techie gathering

(Newser) - If there’s anything odder than legendary porn star Ron Jeremy showing up the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s said legendary porn star pooh-poohing one of the sacred cows of the people he was talking to. CES coincided with the Adult Entertainment Expo, and Jeremy wandered over to participate in...

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