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Cancer Is Causing 'Financial Toxicity' in US

Rising treatment costs result in patients burning through their life savings quickly

(Newser) - "Cutting back on meds. Cutting back on doctor visits. Losing your home. Cutting back on food—these are not things that we want to believe happen to people with cancer in this country." That's the deep type of financial stress that radiation oncologist Dr. Reshma Jagsi tells...

When Humans First Treated Cancer Just Got a Big Update

Cut marks around brain lesions in 4K-year-old Egyptian skull suggest surgical intervention

(Newser) - A new study describes a potential awe-inspiring achievement of the ancient Egyptian civilization far apart from the pyramids. According to the research, ancient Egyptians may have been the first to explore and treat cancer. The finding is based on two skulls discovered in Giza and held at the University of...

Charles' Quick Treatment Points Out an NHS Problem

Many cancer patients have to wait dangerously long for care

(Newser) - His prime minister said King Charles' cancer was caught early, and treatment began within two weeks. That improves the king's prognosis, an advantage other cancer patients in England don't have. Patients enrolled in the public health care system are enduring potentially dangerous wait times for the care to...

7-Minute Cancer Treatment Is a World First

It's so long, IV drip, and hello, atezolizumab injection for patients in England

(Newser) - Cancer patients in England will be the first to benefit from an injection that will cut treatment times by up to 75%. Atezolizumab, sold under the brand name Tecentriq, is a monoclonal antibody medication that blocks a protein that prevents the immune system from attacking cancer cells and is used...

Pfizer Buys 'Goose That Is Laying the Golden Eggs'
Pfizer Buys 'Goose That Is
Laying the Golden Eggs'
the rundown

Pfizer Buys 'Goose That Is Laying the Golden Eggs'

It will acquire cancer biotech firm Seagen, which specializes in ADC treatments, for $43M

(Newser) - It's not Pfizer's priciest acquisition by a long shot , but the numbers are staggering anyway: The pharma giant will pay $43 billion in cash for Seagen, a cancer biotech company that has yet to be profitable. What you need to know:
  • What Seagen does. The Washington-based company uses

New Cancer Drug May Offer Alternative to Chemo

Amgen's KRAS-targeting drug showed strong results, but it's pricey

(Newser) - Chemotherapy, known as much for its toxic side effects as its cancer-fighting prowess, may have some serious competition. Per the Wall Street Journal, biopharma giant Amgen released significant new data from a study of Lumakras, which last year became the first drug of its kind to gain FDA approval. The...

8 Weeks Into Study, Cancer Patient Recounts 'Amazing' Call

2-drug immunotherapy appears to have wiped out his throat cancer

(Newser) - A new study in the UK suggests that some cancer patients get better results with a drug combination that allows them to avoid aggressive chemotherapy. The phase 3 trial involved about 1,000 patients with advanced head and neck cancer, according to a post by the Institute of Cancer Research...

Cheap, Accessible Drug May Offer Hope for Aggressive Cancer

Researchers hope aspirin will boost immunotherapy in new clinical trial

(Newser) - A trial is underway to determine whether an aggressive breast cancer might be treated with help from an inexpensive and widely available drug: aspirin. Researchers at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, England, will test whether aspirin makes difficult-to-treat tumors more responsive to cancer-fighting drugs, as animal studies suggest,...

A Body Was Cremated. Then the Radiation Was Detected

Cancer patient's body contaminated crematorium

(Newser) - Radiation has been found all over a crematorium in Arizona, following the incineration of a man who'd recently received cancer treatment. Though the potential risks of cremating patients treated with "radiopharmaceuticals" have long been known by the medical community, the contamination of an entire facility hasn't been...

With 'Strength of Will,' John McCain Makes a Hard Decision

Senator will 'discontinue medical treatment' for aggressive brain cancer

(Newser) - "Sad news" is now making the rounds online from the John McCain camp: Per the New York Times and Fox News , the Arizona senator's family issued a statement Friday announcing he'll no longer seek treatment for the aggressive brain cancer he was diagnosed with in July...

Pricey New Cancer Therapy Could Save Thousands

It's the 2nd treatment to turn cells into cancer-killers

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration has approved a second "living drug" to fight cancer—a personalized treatment that alters a patient's own cells to turn them into cancer-killers. The new "CAR T-cell therapy" has been approved for non-Hodkins lymphoma patients with few other treatment options, a group...

Mom Who Gave Up Cancer Treatment to Save Baby Dies

Newborn Life Lynn DeKlyen is 'going to be fine,' Carrie DeKlyen's husband says

(Newser) - Life Lynn DeKlyen was born Wednesday in Ann Arbor's University Hospital, and her first name is a poignant reminder of the sacrifice her mom made to bring her into this world. Carrie DeKlyen, a mom of five from Wyoming, Mich., died Saturday, two days after doctors took her off...

Thief Snatches ATM Machine With Forklift

Detectives think someone in the construction industry may be involved

(Newser) - Police in Conway, Ark., are looking for a brazen thief who made off with an ATM machine early Wednesday morning. According to bank surveillance footage, at about 3:30am the thief drove up to a bank drive-though area in a CAT forklift and hauled the ATM away, KATV reports. Police...

Scientists Spot Stage 1 Cancers Via Blood Test

Earlier treatment could save millions of lives

(Newser) - Human blood is rich with genetic material, and scientists have in recent years taken many steps forward in decoding it. The latest announcement—that a blood test can spot cancer at its earliest stages—has the potential to save millions of lives as treatment is administered earlier in the disease'...

New Cancer Treatment Called 'Most Exciting Thing I've Seen'

FDA unanimously approved it

(Newser) - "This is the most exciting thing I've seen in my lifetime," Dr. Timothy Cripe said Wednesday after voting in favor of a groundbreaking new cancer treatment. The oncologist and nine other members of a Food and Drug Administration panel voted unanimously to recommend approval of the treatment,...

Pregnant Mom to Deliver Early in Attempt to Save Her Life

Docs have removed tumors from her brain and abdomen

(Newser) - These are supposed to be the best days for Danielle Dick, a Kansas mother who's pregnant with twins and has a 2-year-old daughter. But after the 31-year-old found that she could "hardly put three words together" in a fog that seemed far worse than mere "pregnancy brain,...

IBM Supercomputer to Help 10K Veterans Beat Cancer

First Watson competed on 'Jeopardy!'; now it's being brought into VA facilities

(Newser) - In January, President Obama handed the reins to Joe Biden to head a "moonshot" initiative to cure cancer , and a major step toward that end has just been made. Per Fortune , IBM will donate its Watson supercomputer technology—the same technology that beat humans on Jeopardy!, CNET notes—to...

Mom Won't Treat Brain Tumor Until She Gives Birth

'The baby saved me. Now it's my turn to save him': New York woman

(Newser) - For Kim Vaillancourt, pregnant while staving off aggressive rare brain cancer, it comes down to this: "The baby saved me. Now it's my turn to save him." Vaillancourt was diagnosed with glioblastoma—deadly and fast-growing tumors known to reappear within eight to 12 weeks—after going to...

Why This Baby's 'Incurable' Leukemia Didn't Kill Her

Layla Richards is cancer-free after treatment with 'designer cells'

(Newser) - Right as Layla Richards turned a year old in June, doctors said there was nothing more they could do for her. Since she was 14 weeks old, Layla had been battling "one of the most aggressive forms" of acute lymphoblastic leukemia her doctors had seen; chemotherapy and a bone...

'One-Two Punch' on Cancer May Replace Chemotherapy

Drug combo shrinks 58% of melanomas via immunotherapy

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered a way to give aggressive skin cancer what one calls "a powerful one-two punch." In an international trial on 945 patients with advanced melanoma, drugs ipilimumab and nivolumab were able to shrink or stabilize tumors in 58% of people for an average of 11.5...

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