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Danica Patrick on Breast Implants: 'Get Them Removed'

That's the NASCAR star's advice after her own 4-year ordeal

(Newser) - When Danica Patrick got breast implants in 2014, she thought it was her way "to have it all." Eight years later, the 40-year-old former NASCAR star is revealing the harm to her body she suffered as a result, and warning other women of the dangers. Patrick says she...

22 Celebs Who Had Cosmetic Surgery Before Hitting 25

Why wait until 40 to improve your nose, boobs?

(Newser) - Cosmetic surgery and Hollywood go together like bread and butter—and some stars don't even wait until middle age to go under the knife. Radar rounds up 22 stars who had plastic surgery before even hitting age 25:
  • Dianna Agron: After her nose was broken twice, once in high

MTV to Teen Mom Stars: Enough With the Boob Jobs

Network not happy with sexed-up image

(Newser) - Even if you like to pretend that MTV's Teen Mom reality show does not exist, you may find this "news" item amusing: The network is not happy that so many current and former cast members have gotten their breasts enhanced, because apparently it has a classier idea of...

France Advises 30K to Yank Breast Implants

Poly Implant Prothese used industrial-grade silicone

(Newser) - The French government today advised women who got breast implants from Poly Implant Prothèse to have them removed post-haste, and even offering up public health care funds to finance the operation, over fears that they might rupture or cause irritation. The PIP boobs were yanked off the market last...

Mom's Gift to 7-Year-Old: Coupon for Boob Job

Daughter 'squealed with delight,' boasts proud mother

(Newser) - A mom who likes to consider herself a " Human Barbie " had a special birthday surprise for her 7-year-old daughter: A coupon for a boob job. Daughter Poppy "begged me for a boob job, so I gave her the voucher so she can have it after she's...

Boob Jobs Are Up, Nose Jobs Are Down

Number of breast implants rises by 40% over the last decade

(Newser) - Plastic surgery has undergone quite the boom and, ahem, bust cycle over the past decade. The number of breast implants is up 40%, with about 300,000 women having them done in 2010, while the number of breast lifts rose 70% to 90,000, the New York Times reports. Meanwhile,...

Hugo Chavez: Down With Boob Jobs!

Venezuelan president calls their popularity 'monstrous'

(Newser) - Between 30,000 and 40,000 women get breast augmentations each year in Venezuela—and President Hugo Chavez is not happy about it. On state TV this weekend, he called it “monstrous” that even poor women feel pressure to get breast lifts, and that some doctors “convince some...

World's Largest Breasts Could Kill Woman

See Heidi Montag, there is a downside to plastic surgery

(Newser) - Beware, Heidi Montag, or you could end up like Sheyla Hershey: She achieved her dream of having the world’s largest breasts, but now she’s fighting for her life because of them. The Brazilian model, who now lives in Houston, got all the way up to M-cups before downgrading...

Why Celebs Get Boob Jobs
 Why Celebs Get Boob Jobs 

Why Celebs Get Boob Jobs

Ten reasons, from sad to sadder

(Newser) - Sometimes it’s because their boyfriends like big boobs, and sometimes it’s because Jesus doesn’t not like big boobs. Ten celebrities and the reasons they gave for getting breast enhancements, rounded up by The Frisky :
  • Carmen Electra: Says now it was just “really trendy” to get breast

Kate's Boob Job: Thank the Bodyguard

It's normal for bodyguards to assess your breasts, right?

(Newser) - If you’re a fan of Kate Gosselin's reportedly enhanced boobs, you have her bodyguard to thank. “Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best,” a source tells Us . Steve—that would...

Too-Hot Banker Wasn't Always So Stacked

 Too-Hot Banker 
 Wasn't Always 
 So Stacked 
asset management

Too-Hot Banker Wasn't Always So Stacked

Debrahlee Lorenzana got two boob jobs, bragged about 'em

(Newser) - Debrahlee Lorenzana may be too hot for Citibank , but it turns out her, er, assets weren’t always quite so big. The bombshell banker was featured in a 2003 Discovery Health Channel series called Plastic Surgery New York Style, during which she talks quite gleefully about her two boob jobs....

Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?
 Did Sarah Palin 
 Get a Boob Job? 

Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?

Tipster reports former Alaskan governor sporting 'instant boobage!'

(Newser) - The rumor comes from Wonkette's Facebook page , but it never had a chance of staying there: Sarah Palin may or may not have gotten breast implants. The tipster is a woman, and "women seem to keep very careful mental records about such things," Ken Layne writes . "And...

Are Fake Boobs Going Bust?
 Are Fake Boobs 
 Going Bust? 

Are Fake Boobs Going Bust?

Even Hollywood is looking for the real thing

(Newser) - It's hard to believe but the air might be going out of the overwhelming trend toward fake boobs. Sharon Osbourne is ditching her very inconvenient 34 Double D implants and is having them made into paperweights for hubby Ozzy. "They'll be better on his desk than on my chest,...

Kate Hudson Got a Boob Job

 Kate Hudson 
 Got a Boob Job 
they don't look like this anymore

Kate Hudson Got a Boob Job

She joked about her size, but was insecure: source

(Newser) - Everyone who saw Kate Hudson’s near-nip-slip at the American Music Awards knows the actress has small breasts—or at least, she did. Though Hudson herself said she enjoyed being able to wear plunging necklines in an “elegant” way at the 2002 Golden Globes, she apparently changed her mind...

Surgeon Creates Implant-Free Boob Job
 Surgeon Creates 
 Implant-Free Boob Job 

Surgeon Creates Implant-Free Boob Job

New procedure repositions patient's own breast tissue

(Newser) - A British cosmetic surgeon has devised a new kind of boob job that replaces silicon with the woman’s own breast tissue. The procedure simply moves some tissue from underneath the breast above the nipple, tightening the skin below, pulling the breast up, and filling it out, according to Laurence...

For Pirates 4, No Boob Jobs Need Apply

 For Pirates 4, 
 No Boob Jobs 
 Need Apply  
sorry, heidi

For Pirates 4, No Boob Jobs Need Apply

Casting call for sequel includes ban on implants

(Newser) - Casting is under way for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and the requirements are strange indeed: "Must have real breasts. Do not submit if you have implants." In Los Angeles! No cheating, either—besides being required to know how to swim and dive, candidates will have...

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