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'At Least the Crater Is in the Right Place' After Starship Test

Another prototype bites the dust

(Newser) - SpaceX chalked up another failed landing Tuesday for its futuristic, bullet-shaped Starship, as the prototype Mars rocket broke apart right before touchdown. A camera on the rocket froze not quite six minutes into the test flight, and dense fog in South Texas obscured views of the ruptured rocket. Other video...

Labor Board Says Musk Tweet Must Be Deleted

Tesla CEO threatened workers with loss of benefits if they supported union

(Newser) - Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted his way into trouble with another federal agency, this time the National Labor Relations Board. The board on Thursday found that a May 20, 2018, Musk tweet unlawfully threatened employees with loss of stock options if they chose to be represented by the United...

Elon Musk Gets Funky New Title
Elon Musk
Gets Funky
New Title 

Elon Musk Gets Funky New Title

He is now 'technoking' of Tesla, and chief financial officer is 'master of coin'

(Newser) - In the grand scheme, nothing has changed: Elon Musk is still the chief executive officer of Tesla, and Zach Kirkhorn is still the company's chief financial officer. But both men now have official new titles, notes CNBC , and both are doozies. Here is how things are stated in a...

Residents of 'Space Island' Tell Elon Musk to Stay Away

Biak Island elder says supporting Indonesian spaceport would mean 'sponsoring' genocide

(Newser) - Residents of a small island in Indonesia aren't too pleased to learn that their government has offered up their land to SpaceX boss Elon Musk. Indonesia President Joko Widodo has been encouraging Musk to build a rocket launch site in his country for months, per AFP . Biak's location,...

Hush-Hush Tesla Project Plugs Texas Into 'Mega-Battery'

Elon Musk's company reportedly has secret power supply set up after electric grid failed last month

(Newser) - Elon Musk has inserted himself into electric cars , space travel , artificial intelligence , and cryptocurrency , so why not take a dive into the US utilities arena? That's apparently what's happening in Texas, where Musk's Tesla is said to have secretly set up a "mega-battery" outside Houston after...

Want to Go on SpaceX Flight to the Moon? He's Paying

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa launches contest for 8 to ride with him to lunar orbit in 2023

(Newser) - It's a Frank Sinatra song come to life, courtesy of a billionaire. In 2018, tycoon and art collector Yusaku Maezawa, founder of Japanese online fashion mall Zozotown, was announced as the first signed passenger aboard SpaceX's Starship rocket, set to fly to the moon sometime in 2023. At...

Dear Earthlings, Mars Isn't Going to Work
Dear Earthlings,
Mars Isn't Going to Work

Dear Earthlings, Mars Isn't Going to Work

It's a 'hellhole,' writes Shannon Stirone in the Atlantic

(Newser) - The touchdown on Mars of another NASA rover has generated lots of excitement about the red planet. But scientific exploration is one thing. Believing that humans might be able to live on the planet someday is another, writes Shannon Stirone at the Atlantic . She calls out those pushing the idea...

Monday Wasn't a Great Day for Elon Musk

Tesla CEO loses $15B as company shares, and Bitcoin, slide

(Newser) - Holding on to the title of world's richest person is tricky business. Elon Musk, who took the crown earlier this year, has given it back to Jeff Bezos, reports Bloomberg . Musk lost $15 billion on Monday alone as Tesla's stock slid nearly 9%. That knocked Musk's net...

China Blocks the Buzzy 'Clubhouse' App

Citizens were using it to discuss sensitive topics

(Newser) - Chinese authorities are blocking access to Clubhouse, a social media app that allowed users in China to discuss sensitive topics with people abroad, the AP reports. The move adds Clubhouse to thousands of websites and social media apps to which the ruling Communist Party blocks access in an effort to...

Elon Musk Move Sends Bitcoin Soaring

Tesla invests $1.5B in cryptocurrency, may accept it as payment

(Newser) - The world's richest person in terms of dollars just made a big splash in the world of cryptocurrency, too. Elon Musk's Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and says it plans to begin accepting it as a form of payment, reports MarketWatch . The move gave an...

SpaceX Rocket Crashes, Explodes on Landing

The second Starship test flight ended the same way the first did

(Newser) - SpaceX’s second full test flight of its futuristic, bullet-shaped Starship ended in another fiery crash landing Tuesday, the AP reports. Elon Musk’s company launched its latest Starship prototype from the southeastern tip of Texas, two months after the previous test ended in an equally explosive belly flop. (Video...

Tesla's Profit Doesn't Come From Where You Think

Automaker is currently in the black thanks to selling regulatory credits, not cars

(Newser) - Tesla posted its first-ever annual profit in 2020, but business writers are adding an asterisk. Timothy Green at the Motley Fool points out that Elon Musk's company is in the black thanks more to sales of regulatory credits than electric vehicles. Eleven states demand that automakers sell zero-emissions vehicles...

Musk to Robinhood CEO: 'Anyone Holding You Hostage?'

Tesla CEO grills Vladimir Tenev on how and why GameStop trading was halted last week

(Newser) - With trading app Robinhood now in the spotlight after it temporarily halted trading last week amid the GameStop hubbub , Elon Musk decided to get some answers straight from the source. Late Sunday , the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, who'd already started instigating on the topic last week, spoke to Robinhood...

Elon Musk Adds Fuel to the GameStop Fire

He simply tweeted 'Gamestonk!!'

(Newser) - It's "a head-scratching David and Goliath story," as the AP puts it, and Elon Musk on Tuesday lobbed a rock in the giant's direction. Musk tweeted a single word, "Gamestonk!!"—and it was enough to send GameStop's share price temporarily over the...

There's a New Richest Person in the World

Tesla CEO moves a billion past Jeff Bezos

(Newser) - The skyrocketing price of Tesla shares pushed Elon Musk's wealth past that of Jeff Bezos on Thursday, crowning a new richest person in the world. Musk is now listed as being worth $185 billion, a billion more than Amazon's Bezos, CNBC reports. It's not exactly a rags-to-riches...

One Trump, One Obama Take Home 'Most Admired' Crowns

Donald Trump ends Barack Obama's 12-year winning streak, while Michelle Obama wins top spot for women

(Newser) - Donald Trump didn't beat Joe Biden in the election, but he can notch a win against Barack Obama. In its annual survey on the matter, Gallup pollsters asked 1,000 or so American adults to name, without being given choices, a man and a woman they most admire anywhere...

Elon Musk: Apple Could Have Bought Tesla

But Tim Cook wouldn't meet with him, Musk says

(Newser) - Apple is reportedly working on its own electric car, but it apparently could have owned Tesla. Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed that, "during the darkest days of the Model 3 program," he tried to sell his company to Apple. "I reached out to Tim Cook to discuss...

Musk Decries 'MBA-ization' of Corporate America

SpaceX and Tesla CEO says today's leaders are too focused on numbers, not innovation

(Newser) - Academia is often accused of being plagued by professors in ivory towers. In corporate America, according to Elon Musk, the problem may be too many MBAs. That was his take at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit on Tuesday, where he railed against business school grads running things in...

SpaceX Starship Prototype Explodes on Landing

'But we got all the data we needed!'

(Newser) - Elon Musk is very pleased with how the latest SpaceX rocket prototype performed during the flight portion of a test flight in Texas Wednesday—but the landing portion shows there is plenty of room for improvement. The uncrewed 16-story SN8 prototype failed to slow down enough during its descent and...

Calif. Didn't Worry Elon Would Leave, Probably Should Have

Tesla founder says he has moved to Texas

(Newser) - The second-richest person in the world has left California for a state that will let him keep a little more of that wealth. Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed that he has moved to Texas, a state that levies no income tax and doesn't tax capital gains for individuals. Compare...

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