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Advertisers Are Staying Away From X After Musk 'Meltdown'

'Reputational risk' isn't worth it, marketing consultants say

(Newser) - At the New York Times DealBook Summit on Wednesday, Elon Musk's message to advertisers who had suspended advertising on X was "Go f--- yourself." "Don't advertise," he added. Advertisers appear to be happy to comply with his second suggestion. The New York Times reports...

Back From Israel, Musk Rips Boycott
Back From
Israel, Musk
Rips Boycott

Back From Israel, Musk Rips Boycott

Advertisers that suspended their buys on X should just go, he says

(Newser) - Just returned from a trip to Israel , Elon Musk said at a New York event on Wednesday that his recent endorsement of an antisemitic tweet was the "worst and dumbest I've ever done." Nevertheless, he said, advertisers that have quit spending on X in opposition to hateful...

Elon Musk Is Now Pushing the Debunked 'Pizzagate'

Musk posts, then deletes, meme about the debunked conspiracy theory on X

(Newser) - On the heels of Elon Musk's endorsement of an antisemitic post on X, more controversy for him: By NBC News ' count, he's boosted the widely debunked "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory five times in the last two weeks, most recently on Tuesday with a post that generated so...

Paris Mayor Abandons 'Vast Worldwide Sewer' of X

The site provokes conflict instead of encouraging debate, Anne Hidalgo says

(Newser) - Saying the social media platform has become "a tool for destroying our democracies," the mayor of Paris announced Monday that she's quitting X. She didn't name Elon Musk but made clear that it's all gotten worse since he took over Twitter, Politico Europe reports. "...

After Endorsing Antisemitic Post, Musk Visits Israel

With PM Netanyahu at his side, X CEO tours kibbutz attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7

(Newser) - Elon Musk toured an Israeli kibbutz on Monday accompanied by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including the home of a 4-year-old hostage who was abducted when Hamas militants stormed the community on Oct. 7. CNN Business reports that during Musk's visit to Kfar Azza, he and Netanyahu stopped by the...

X Could Lose a Whole Lot More Than It's Saying: NYT

'New York Times' cites documents showing up to $75M is at risk through end of year

(Newser) - The fallout continues from Elon Musk's endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory , and according to internal documents seen by the New York Times , the social network could lose up to $75 million by the end of the year due to advertisers abandoning the platform (though X pushed back on...

Lawmakers to SEC: Musk Lied About Neuralink

They say his statement 'no monkey has died as a result of a Neuralink implant' is false

(Newser) - Elon Musk could be facing yet another SEC securities fraud investigation, this time tied to his brain implant company Neuralink. Four Democratic lawmakers wrote to the SEC on Tuesday, claiming they've seen evidence, including veterinarian records, showing animals deaths occurred that "relate directly to the safety and marketability...

X Makes Good on Elon Musk's 'Thermonuclear' Lawsuit

Social network sues Media Matters, which issued findings on antisemitic content

(Newser) - Elon Musk on Monday followed through on his promise that X would sue Media Matters, the progressive watchdog organization that called out antisemitic content on the social network. "Media Matters knowingly and maliciously manufactured side-by-side images depicting advertisers' posts on X Corp.'s social media platform beside Neo-Nazi...

12 Richest People Cause More Pollution Than 2M Homes

New Oxfam report points the finger at the 1% for more carbon emissions than poorest 2/3 of world

(Newser) - If you're feeling guilty that you haven't yet bought an EV or installed solar panels on your roof to cut down on your portion of greenhouse gases, you're (somewhat) off the hook—you can blame the 1% for a lot of that pollution. A new Oxfam International...

SpaceX Mission 'Presumed Failed' Minutes After Launch

Starship reached space this time, but contact was then lost

(Newser) - SpaceX's Starship, the world's most powerful rocket, saw liftoff from Texas on Saturday around 8am ET, and the New York Times notes that its upper stage did successfully separate from its Super Heavy booster—further than it got during its initial launch in April, which ended in an...

IBM Says It's Suspending All Advertising on X

Musk faces backlash after agreeing with antisemitic post on platform

(Newser) - IBM has "zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination," the company said Thursday, announcing that it is suspending all advertising on X. The move followed a Media Matters for America report Thursday that advertising from IBM and other large companies had been appearing next to pro-Nazi content on...

Musk Has One- Word Response to Report of Starlink IPO

'False' is his reply to Bloomberg article on possible SpaceX initial public offering as early as next year

(Newser) - Elon Musk is countering reports suggesting SpaceX is considering spinning off its Starlink satellite business in an initial public offering as soon as next year. Though the SpaceX CEO described the report as " false " on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that SpaceX had already begun moving Starlink's assets to...

Report: At Musk's SpaceX, Hundreds of Hidden Injuries

Reuters details amputations, crushed limbs, even a death in rush to send humans to Mars

(Newser) - Elon Musk has long been eager to get humans to Mars ASAP—maybe too eager, according to a new Reuters' documentation of injuries at SpaceX facilities over the past decade. The news agency conducted interviews and sifted through government files to reveal how many SpaceX workplace injuries, all previously unreported,...

Well, X Is Worth a Whole Lot Less Than It Used to Be

Elon Musk paid $44B for the company formerly known as Twitter, which says it's now worth $19B

(Newser) - Elon Musk paid $44 billion to purchase Twitter a year ago. It's now valuing itself at about $19 billion, a 55% decrease from the amount he paid, according to stock grants handed out to employees Monday and shown to the New York Times . Musk has long said he overpaid....

X Usage Dives After Musk's First Year
X Users, Ads
Plunge Under Musk

X Users, Ads Plunge Under Musk

The new owner's personal posts are among the few bright spots

(Newser) - With a few exceptions—among them, traffic to Elon Musk's posts—the metrics on the first year of the rebranded Twitter under its new ownership are bad. That's true for the data on users and advertisers, reports Axios . The results indicate that Musk's plan to turn X...

Musk: X Is Implementing 'Not a Bot' Fee

CEO of former Twitter says new users in 2 nations are being charged $1 to tweet, retweet, like posts

(Newser) - If you've been fearing the day would come when X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, would start to charge regular non-blue-check people for the privilege of posting, that day has come, for some. Fortune reports that the social media site began hitting new users only—and just those...

There's More Weirdness in the Grimes-Elon Musk Relationship
Grimes-Musk Battle
Over Kids Heats Up

Grimes-Musk Battle Over Kids Heats Up

Singer wants Musk's Texas parental-rights complaint dropped, as she lives in California

(Newser) - The legal tussle over the three young children shared by Grimes and Elon Musk took a new turn last week, when the Canadian singer asked a judge in Texas to throw out the Tesla/SpaceX CEO's child custody complaint filed there. Grimes (legal name: Claire Boucher) said in her Oct....

News Headlines Are Disappearing on X

It's part of an effort to keep users scrolling, rather than clicking away

(Newser) - News outlets have another reason to dislike X . Headlines on news stories shared on the platform formerly known as Twitter are disappearing as part of owner Elon Musk's push to keep users from visiting external sites. Previously, when a link to a news article was shared, the lead image...

All the Problems With Isaacson's Musk Biography

Author was 'trying to write a Great Man book,' and it shows, argues Elizabeth Lopatto at the Verge

(Newser) - Walter Isaacson is an illustrious biographer who's probed the minds of Alfred Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs, to name a few. His latest 670-page biography of Elon Musk, however, is threatening the journalist's reputation for accuracy and fairness, as Elizabeth Lopatto contends at the Verge . She gives...

Now Elon Musk Is Weighing in on Migrants

Billionaire calls for 'greatly expanded legal immigration' during visit to southern border

(Newser) - Elon Musk has a foot in many industries. Now, he's dipping a toe in the immigration debate, offering his suggestions for how to address an influx of migrants reaching the US across the Rio Grande. The billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and owner of X traveled to the...

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