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'This Was Scary,' Cavuto Says About Second COVID Illness

Fox host returns to show, telling viewers he was in intensive care

(Newser) - Neil Cavuto's six-week absence from his Fox Business Network show hadn't been explained to viewers. "I did get COVID again," he said on Monday's Cavuto Coast to Coast, Deadline reports. He'd tested positive last fall, but this time, he said he was dealing with...

Neil Cavuto of Fox News: 'I'm Begging You' to Get Vaccine

Immunocompromised anchor says his own case illustrates the importance

(Newser) - Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto pleaded with the network's viewers on Sunday to get vaccinated. “Take the political speaking points and toss them for now,” the 63-year-old said on Fox's MediaBuzz show, per the Washington Post . “I’m begging you—toss them and think of...

Fox Cuts Away From McEnany's Accusations

Network's relationship with the president shows signs of strain

(Newser) - As Donald Trump has risen to president, and throughout his term, Fox News has provided a largely unconditional forum, airing his point of view at press conferences and rallies no matter what was being said. Not Monday. The network cut away from a press conference, the Hill reports, in which...

Fox Host on Trump's Drug: 'This Will Kill You'

Critics including Neil Cavuto don't like the example president is setting by taking hydroxychloroquine

(Newser) - President Trump's revelation Monday that he's taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off the coronavirus drew sharp criticism from experts, politicians, and a Fox News anchor. "If you are in a risky population and you are taking this as a preventative treatment to ward off the virus—or, in...

Trump Has Been Slamming Fox. He Won't Like This Rebuttal

Neil Cavuto delivers a lengthy rebuke to president

(Newser) - Things have gotten testy between President Trump and his favorite network, Fox News. Now, after Trump complained to his supporters that "Fox isn't working for us anymore!" network host Neil Cavuto has responded with a four-minute critique of the president. (You can watch it here .) “...

Trump's Mexico Assertion Is Getting Lots of Attention

He reiterates on Friday that he never expected a check

(Newser) - President Trump raised eyebrows on Thursday when he maintained that he had never said Mexico would directly pay for a border wall. "I never meant they're going to write out a check,” Trump said, per the Washington Post . "I said they're going to pay for...

Longtime Fox News Host Dead at 55
Fox News
Host Dead at 55

Longtime Fox News Host Dead at 55

Network mourns Brenda Buttner

(Newser) - Fox News is mourning longtime business correspondent and Bulls and Bears host Brenda Buttner, who has died at 55 after a long battle with cancer. Buttner, a Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar, started her media career at an NBC affiliate and hosted CNBC's The Money Club before moving to...

Housing Meltdown Not a Racial Issue
 Housing Meltdown
 Not a Racial Issue 

Housing Meltdown Not a Racial Issue

Conservative commentators have chosen the wrong scapegoat

(Newser) - Some conservative commentators have bypassed greedy Wall Street firms, reckless lenders, and a government asleep at the wheel to blame minorities for the credit crisis, Cynthia Tucker observes in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This a misguided move for many reasons, she writes. For starters, the affirmative action lending programs they...

Fox Business Network Debuts
Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network Debuts

Aims to make biz news less 'Wall Street,' more 'Main Street'

(Newser) - Fox Business Network officially debuts this morning, launching a challenge to CNBC, the only other all-business network on the air. FBN officials say they're looking to make business news less "Wall Street" and more "Main Street," so they won't be aiming to take hard-core financial types directly...

Fox Business Sets a Date
Fox Business Sets a Date

Fox Business Sets a Date

Dow Jones deal uncertainty won't keep upstart network from October launch

(Newser) - With 30 million potential viewers already lined up, News Corp. will launch its new Fox Business Network on October 15. The cable channel will make its debut whether or not the pending Dow Jones deal is done, the Motley Fool reports, with Neil Cavuto at the helm and the onetime...

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