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Hall of Famer Sues Hotel for $100M After Accusation

Michael Irvin denies misbehaving, though he can't remember details of hotel encounter

(Newser) - Michael Irvin has filed a lawsuit seeking $100 million over accusations he says are false and are destroying his career. The Hall of Fame receiver was dropped from TV networks' Super Bowl coverage after a woman accused him of inappropriate behavior when they met briefly at a hotel Sunday night,...

Murder-Suicide Erupts in Hotel Lobby

Police investigating shooting deaths of man, woman at Marriott Marquis Houston

(Newser) - A man shot a woman in a hotel lobby in Houston on Tuesday before turning the gun on himself. That's according to police, who responded to the downtown Marriott Marquis Houston hotel, one of the most popular in the city, around 3:33pm. Police Chief Troy Finner says officers...

Man Who Created the World's Biggest Hotel Chain Has Died

Marriott's Arne Sorenson is dead at 62 from pancreatic cancer

(Newser) - Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, whose claim to fame was creating the world's biggest hotel chain, has died at age 62 from pancreatic cancer, reports Reuters . Sorenson, who was the first person from outside the Marriott family to run the company, engineered the $13 billion purchase of Starwood Hotels and...

Major Hotel Chains Giving Rooms to Medical Workers

Hilton, Marriott among them

(Newser) - It's a little easier now for overworked health care workers to find a place to rest without endangering their own families. The Hilton and Marriott hotel chains are both donating rooms for doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and the like, reports USA Today . The chains are working with groups that...

Marriott CEO Praised for 'Lesson' in Leadership
Marriott CEO Praised
for 'Lesson' in Leadership
the rundown

Marriott CEO Praised for 'Lesson' in Leadership

Arne Sorenson doesn't sugarcoat the bad news, still offers hope in video

(Newser) - The hotel industry is among the hardest hit in the coronavirus outbreak, with massive layoffs underway and growing fears that many hotels may never reopen. The world's largest hotel company, Marriott International, is no exception, as a video released last week by CEO Arne Sorenson makes clear. But Sorenson...

No More Mini Toiletries at This Hotel Chain by 2020

Marriott is banning them

(Newser) - It could be lights out for tiny toiletries. Marriott International, the world's largest hotel chain, said Wednesday it will eliminate small plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel from its hotel rooms worldwide by December 2020, the AP reports. They'll be replaced with larger bottles or wall-mounted...

Cops: Marriott Cook Planned to Massacre Workers, Guests

It could have been a 'mass casualty incident' in Long Beach, police say

(Newser) - An apparently extremely disgruntled cook at a Marriott hotel in California is accused of plotting to massacre guests and fellow employees. Police in Long Beach say 37-year-old Rodolfo Montoya was arrested at his home after they received a tip from one of his colleagues, CNN reports. Montoya "had clear...

Report: Marriott Wants 'Piece of the Pie' From Airbnb

Hotel giant reportedly getting into the home rental business in the US

(Newser) - With about 5 million listings, Airbnb is the biggest platform for home rentals in the world. It may soon be getting some stiff competition with deep pockets, however: Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Marriott will next month be launching the first phase of its own US home-sharing business,...

Clue in Marriott Breach: 'Patience' of the Hackers

Sources say signs point to breach being an intel-gathering operation for Chinese government

(Newser) - Up to 500 million customers may have had their personal info compromised in a huge Marriott data breach , and investigators are now coming across clues as to who may be behind the hack. Sources tell Reuters that digital fingerprints—i.e., previously used "hacking tools, techniques, and procedures"—...

Marriott Reveals Massive Data Breach

Information on 500M Starwood customers is exposed

(Newser) - Bad news for anyone who has stayed at a Starwood brand hotel, which includes big names like Westin and Sheraton, in the last few years: Hackers may have your data, including credit card information. Marriott said Friday that up to 500 million customers under its Starwood Hotel umbrella have been...

Erin Andrews: Nashville Hotel Should Pay Me Full $55M

Attorneys cite liability law to push hotel companies to pay stalker's share of judgment

(Newser) - A jury awarded $55 million to Fox Sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews earlier this month in her suit against the stalker who secretly recorded nude video of her at a Tennessee hotel. The stalker, Michael David Barrett, was found 51% responsible, while West End Hotel...

Marriott Acquisition Likely to Make Starwood VIPs Unhappy

The rewards program is not nearly as good, you see

(Newser) - Somewhere between their Westin Heavenly Beds and the room's rainfall shower system, Starwood hotel loyalists were struck Monday morning by a new reality: their beloved loyalty program would soon be gobbled up by Marriott's less-generous reward system. "It ruined my breakfast. I realized all the effort put...

Romney Rejoins Marriott Board
 Romney Rejoins Marriott Board 

Romney Rejoins Marriott Board

Move marks return to pre-election life

(Newser) - Nearly a month after his election defeat, Mitt Romney is returning to corporate life. Marriott International says Romney has rejoined its board of directors, which he left in January 2011, CNN reports. "It is an honor to once again be able to serve in the company of leaders like...

Romney Helped Marriott Dodge Taxes

'Son of BOSS' scheme implemented during his audit board tenure

(Newser) - Another ghost from Mitt Romney's business past may be coming back to haunt him. Romney has long maintained close ties with Marriott International, and he led its audit board for several years, Bloomberg points out. During that time, Marriott instituted a tax maneuver it nicknamed "Son of BOSS,...

Mitt Romney's Biggest Donors? Bain Capital

Bain-related donors have given more than $2.7M over the years

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital, his leadership made billions of dollars for the investment firm. And Bain Capital's associates have supported Romney's political ambitions in turn, giving nearly $3 million to his state and national campaigns—a sum that easily makes them Romney's largest group of...

Marriott President's Son Wins $107M Lottery

Brian McCarthy is now a lot richer

(Newser) - In tough times, it's probably no surprise that sales of lottery tickets are booming across the country, as noted by USA Today . But a recent Mega Millions winner wasn't so down-on-his-luck to begin with: Virginia's Brian McCarthy, the son of Marriott hotels president Robert J. McCarthy, took...

Erin Andrews Sues Hotel Chains, Stalker

ESPN reporter seeks civil remedies from Marriott, Radisson

(Newser) - Erin Andrews is suing the insurance exec who stalked her as well as the hotels where he videotaped her nude, alleging they gave out her room number and allowed him to book rooms next to hers. The ESPN reporter and Dancing With the Stars competitor wants "to hold accountable...

Flu Spooks Street; Dow Off 51
 Flu Spooks Street; Dow Off 51 

Flu Spooks Street; Dow Off 51

Firms likely to be hurt by reaction to disease see shares drop

(Newser) - Swine flu worried investors but wasn’t enough to spark a full-scale sell-off today, the Financial Times reports. AMR, parent of American Airlines, Marriott, and Expedia fell as investors bet against firms that may be specifically hurt. Shares of Gilead Sciences, developer of Tamiflu, were up nearly 4%, however. The...

New England Killer Finds Victims on Craigslist

Police believe three hotel murders are related

(Newser) - Authorities believe a man suspected in attacks that left one woman dead and two others shaken in New England hotels found his victims through Craigslist, ABC News reports. Julissa Brisman, who advertised massage-therapy services on the site, was killed in a Boston Marriott on Tuesday; women offering similar services were...

CEO Pays $1M for Front-Row DC Gala for Disadvantaged

Wounded soldiers, poor, ill will be invited, catered to during 'People's Inauguration'

(Newser) - The fairy godmother of inauguration balls is Earl Stafford, a Virginia businessman who plans to host disadvantaged Americans at “The People’s Inauguration.” The devout Baptist paid $1 million for a build-your-own-ball opportunity at a hotel along the Washington parade rout, and promises to spend more to offer...

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