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Weiner's Plotting a Comeback: Sources

Disgraced rep wants to run for New York City mayor

(Newser) - The New York Post can't say with certitude , but Anthony Weiner is reportedly looking to get back into the political game. Citing "multiple sources" in a pun-laden exclusive, the Post reports that the former congressman is "desperate" to get back into politics, and is feeling out a...

Where's Weiner? Playing Daddy

The former congressman still hasn't found his post-scandal gig

(Newser) - For those who didn't learn the hard way last year to not wonder what Anthony Weiner does in his free time, the New York Post has the scoop, now that he has a lot more of it: In a nutshell, the Democrats' former rising star is changing a lot...

Weiner's Toughest Female Critic Isn't His Wife...

Ex-congressman in therapy, wants Hillary Clinton to know he's doing better

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner says there's one woman in his life he's going to have trouble convincing he's "cured"—his wife's boss, Hillary Clinton. The former congressman says he's in therapy for sex addiction, but getting Clinton's approval could be more difficult than being...

Dems Pick Their Guy to Go After Weiner's Seat

He may not be a 'powerhouse'—but at least David Weprin doesn't tweet

(Newser) - New York Democrats have chosen their man to seek Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat: one David Weprin, an assemblyman from a powerful political family whose Queens home is just blocks from Weiner’s former district. The good: "I've never tweeted in my life and I don't spend...

Weiner Officially Resigns: 'It's Been an Honor'

Effective midnight tomorrow as tourists flock to his offices

(Newser) - Our days of Weiner-filled puns may be drawing to a close: Anthony Weiner has officially submitted his resignation to New York's secretary of state, effective at midnight tomorrow. "It has been an honor to serve the people of Queens and Brooklyn," he wrote in the brief missive,...

Meet Weiner's Heckler: Howard Stern's Benjy Bronk

It was about laughs, not moral judgments, he says

(Newser) - It didn't take a long, hard search to identify the heckler who continuously interrupted Anthony Weiner's resignation speech yesterday. Benjy Bronk, a writer for the Howard Stern Show, proudly stepped forward and took to Twitter to explain why he jeered the congressman with questions like, "Are you...

For Anthony Weiner's Seat: How About His Wife, Huma Abedin?

 For Weiner's Seat: 
 How About His Wife? 

For Weiner's Seat: How About His Wife?

Huma Abedin's got the 'expertise'—and the 'moral high ground'

(Newser) - Who better to take over Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat than the wife he betrayed? As a top aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin is a political force, writes Ann Friedman for Good : Time last year called her a “rising star of American politics.” What’s more, she’...

Larry Flynt Offers Weiner a Job

Congressman is a 'victim of hypocrisy,' says 'Hustler' publisher

(Newser) - He's serious, really. Porn king Larry Flynt has offered newly unemployed Anthony Weiner a job in the Internet department of Flynt Management. "This offer is not made in jest," Flynt wrote in a letter he fired off to the former congressman. Flynt is offering 20% more than...

What Now for Unemployed Weiner?

Cable TV, Clinton foundation could be options for shamed congressman

(Newser) - This is a tough time to be out of a job, and it's never a good time to be a national laughingstock, so what now for Anthony Weiner? The congressman, who resigned yesterday , has held elected office since 1991, but the chances of him getting another job in politics...

Weiner Resigns, Apologizes to Wife

Congressman announces he is done at press conference

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner stuck to script : He resigned his congressional seat this afternoon as expected. Weiner again apologized, "particularly to my wife, Huma," and said the "distraction that I have created" by his sexting scandal made it impossible for him to stay in office, reports CNN . (Read the...

Weiner Tells Top Dems He'll Step Down

'New York Times' reports decision came after long talks with his wife

(Newser) - It looks like Anthony Weiner's time is Congress is about to come to a close. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal spoke with sources who say Weiner has told party leaders and friends that he has decided to resign. The Democrat reportedly arrived at the conclusion after...

Newest Weiner Photo to Emerge: in Bra, Stockings

Dems ready to talk tough today to push congressman out the door

(Newser) - What a drag. A new photo has emerged of Rep. Anthony Weiner strutting in a bra and black stockings. "Busted Wearing Women's Lingerie," screams the National Enquirer headline next to the photo slapped on the cover of yesterday's edition. The shot was taken Weiner's sophomore...

Dems Wait for Weiner's Wife to Nudge Him Out

Huma Adebin may persuade husband to quit

(Newser) - House Democrats didn't take any steps to punish Anthony Weiner after a closed-door caucus meeting yesterday, but more than one lawmaker said they were waiting for his wife to get home and hopefully convince him to step down. Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, arrived back from...

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale
 Sexually Explicit 
 Weiner Doll 
 for Sale 
inevitability dept

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale offering both 'standard' and 'for adults only' versions

(Newser) - You read the Facebook messages , you saw that graphic cell phone pic , and now ... you can buy the Anthony Weiner action figure. But first you have to decide if you want the censored or uncensored version. of Oxford, Conn., is offering the "standard" doll for $39.95...

Obama on Weiner: 'I Would Resign'
 Obama on Weiner: 
 'I Would Resign' 

Obama on Weiner: 'I Would Resign'

But stops short of calling for congressman's resignation

(Newser) - President Obama is the latest top Dem to weigh in on Weinergate, stopping short of calling for the New York rep to step down, but telling an NBC interviewer that, "I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign. Because public service is exactly that, it’...

Weiner Now Considering Resigning: Source

He's worried about how Hillary Clinton may be advising wife

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner is finally seriously considering resigning, a source tells the New York Daily News . The relentless interest in and continuing revelations of the New York representative's sexting proclivities are beginning to convince him that he's not going to be able to push his way past the scandal...

Tim Pawlenty Blasts Mitt Romney, 'Obam-newCare'
 Swipes at 

Pawlenty Swipes at 'Obam-neyCare'

Here's looking at you, Mitt Romney

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty declared open season on Mitt Romney today, equating Massachusetts' health reform with the federal overhaul in a mashup he termed "Obam-neyCare." “The president’s own words [are] that he patterned in large measure Obamacare after what happened in Massachusetts,” Pawlenty told Fox News....

House Dems Urge Weiner To Quit

Colleagues bailing on NY rep after tweeted penis shot

(Newser) - A growing number of House Democrats are making it clear that they want their Weiner problem to go away. Pennsylvania's Allyson Schwartz, an ally of Nancy Pelosi, was the first to openly call for his resignation, and she was soon followed by others, reports the New York Times . "...

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