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Hiker Found Dead at Base of 150-Foot Drop

California's Caroline Meister believed to have fallen accidentally

(Newser) - Hiker Caroline Meister, 30, was found dead Friday, four days after venturing into the wilderness in Carmel Valley, California, reports NBC News . She left the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, where she was living and working, around 10am on March 18 but failed to return that same day. Members at the...

Hiker Missing 10 Weeks Found Dead, His Dog Alive by His Side

14-year-old Jack Russell terrier has been reunited with family

(Newser) - On the evening of August 19, when hiker Rich Moore and his dog, Finney, failed to return from a hike in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, Moore was reported missing. Tragically, more than 10 weeks later, the 71-year-old's body was recently found. But, astonishingly, his 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier...

He Tried to Hike From Rim to Rim, Died Halfway Through

Ranjith Varma of Virginia becomes 9th person to die inside Grand Canyon this year

(Newser) - Another hiker has died amid triple-digit temperatures in Grand Canyon National Park. Ranjith Varma, a 55-year-old man from Manassas, Virginia, died Saturday while attempting a 21-mile trek from the south rim of the canyon to the north rim, a grueling journey that can take up to 15 hours, CBS News...

2 Women Die on Hike in Valley of Fire State Park

Temperatures in the area hit 114 degrees on the day they went out

(Newser) - Amid temperatures that rose as high as 114 degrees Saturday, two women went hiking in Nevada's Valley of Fire state park and never returned. After other hikers who had seen the women enter the park became concerned at not seeing them come back, Nevada State Police officers launched a...

Father of 5 Has Fatal Fall on Popular Hike

Oregon man, 40, slips off Multnomah Falls trail while hiking with family

(Newser) - One of the most popular hiking destinations in the Pacific Northwest proved fatal over the weekend for a 40-year-old father of five in Oregon. The unidentified man slipped at a switchback on the Multnomah Falls trail, reports Oregon Live . "He slid down a steep hill and then fell off...

Grand Canyon Visitor Dies Attempting Ambitious Day Hike

Indiana woman was found without a pulse along Bright Angel Trail

(Newser) - A Grand Canyon hiker was found without a pulse after trying to make it the Colorado River and back in a day. Officials received a report of an "unresponsive hiker" on the Bright Angel Trail, one of the most popular trails through the canyon, at 9pm on May 14,...

Trail Hiker Didn't See Her Killer Coming. Now, an Arrest

Suspect nabbed less than a week after Lauren Heike was fatally attacked in Phoenix

(Newser) - An arrest has been made in the murder of an Arizona hiker who police say was attacked from behind on a neighborhood trail in Phoenix. The suspect in his early 20s was taken into custody around 6:30pm Thursday at his home, which AZ Central reports is "less than...

Heat Exhaustion Got to Her. He Went for Help, Never Returned

Body of Tim Sgrignoli, 29, found 4 days after hike with girlfriend in sweltering California mountains

(Newser) - The alerts from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department began late Sunday, noting the rescue of a female hiker suffering from mild heat exhaustion in the mountains over Gaviota, California, per NBC News . The initial post in that series of tweets from Scott Safechuck reported that the "search continues...

Young Hiker Dies Amid Staggering Arizona Heat

Other hikers needed to be rescued from the Spur Cross Trailhead Mountain on Monday

(Newser) - The typical temperature at Phoenix's international airport on Sept. 5 is 103. The actual temp there yesterday hit 109, and that heat proved deadly on a trail some 30 miles to the north in Cave Creek. NBC News reports the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office fielded a call just...

Hiker Runs Out of Water, Dies in Badlands National Park

Men celebrating graduation were on an unmarked trail linked to social media challenge

(Newser) - A hiker on a trip to celebrate his college graduation died after running out of water and collapsing on an unmarked trail in Badlands National Park. Sheriff's officials said Maxwell Right, 22, of St. Louis died Wednesday of "suspected dehydration and exposure," People reports. A 21-year-old Missouri...

'Will Die,' Read Hiker's Last Text
'Will Die' Among
Hiker's Last Texts

'Will Die' Among Hiker's Last Texts

Rescue atop New Hampshire's Mount Washington couldn't save hypothermic Xi Chen

(Newser) - "In trouble… can't move … will die." So read the last texts from a father of three who succumbed to severe hypothermia while hiking on New Hampshire's Mount Washington over Father's Day weekend. Xi Chen, 53, of Andover, Mass., was attempting the 23-mile Presidential Traverse,...

Sitting Near Cliff's Edge, He 'Spontaneously Slumped'

Paul Classen of the Netherlands dies after falling 50 feet near Virginia's McAfee Knob

(Newser) - A Dutch hiker attempting to conquer a portion of the Appalachian Trail has died after falling from a cliff in Virginia. Paul "Grandmaster" Classen, 23, who was known to carry a chess set with him, fell 50 feet from a cliff just north of the iconic 3,200-foot-tall McAfee...

Grand Canyon Adventure Turns Tragic for Canadian

Ottawa's Melanie Goodine, 41, dies after trying to make it back up to rim after hike to Colorado River

(Newser) - A Canadian hiker exploring the Grand Canyon didn't make it out alive this week. Officials tell CBS 5 that 41-year-old Melanie Goodine of Ottawa has died after trying to do a tough hike to the Colorado River and back. Per a National Park Service release , the Grand Canyon Regional...

Officials: Missing Hiker Was Mauled by Grizzly

Montana's Craig Clouatre was found Friday after 'extensive search' in Paradise Valley

(Newser) - A dad of four from Livingston, Mont., never met back up with a friend after they got separated during a hike in Paradise Valley Wednesday, and now, a sad development. Local authorities say it appears 40-year-old Craig Clouatre was fatally mauled by a grizzly bear in the Six Mile Creek...

In Quest for Selfie, Hiker Instead Meets a Tragic Fate

Richard Jacobson, 21, fell 700 feet while trying to take midnight photo at Flatiron Peak near Phoenix

(Newser) - A 21-year-old man died this week when he tried to snap a selfie from a mountain peak in Arizona and fell 700 feet. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office received a call just before 1am Monday from a friend of the man, who'd been camping overnight in the area...

Woman Who Went Missing While Hiking Found Dead

Jennifer Coleman may have been hiking alone at the time

(Newser) - A Virginia woman who was reported missing Wednesday after she took a trip to Montana's Glacier National Park was found dead in a steep, rocky area of the park Sunday. Jennifer Coleman, 34, was believed to have been hiking alone in the Logan Pass area, the highest elevation in...

23-Year-Old Hiker's Body Found Under Rocks

Tatum Morell was apparently caught in rock slide near Montana's Whitetail Peak

(Newser) - A 23-year-old hiker missing in Montana's Beartooth Mountains since early July is believed to have died in a sudden rock slide. The body of Tatum Morell, a Montana State University graduate student in engineering, was discovered Saturday in a gully below Whitetail Peak, one of five area peaks over...

Parents Went on Hike With Baby, Dog. They All Died on the Trail

Authorities in California haven't ruled out dangerous gases, toxic algae

(Newser) - A friend of a family of three found dead on a California hiking trail on Tuesday says the whole situation is just "freaky." Jonathan Gerrish and Ellen Chung had set out for an apparent day hike in Mariposa County with their 1-year-old daughter and dog on Sunday. A...

Hiker Injured Trying to Stop Man's 500-Foot Plunge

Both fell, but one survived by catching a ledge 30 feet below at Sequoia National Park

(Newser) - A California hiker survived a 30-foot fall Monday after trying to stop a companion from plunging off a mountain ridge in Sequoia National Park. Rescue crews were able to pull the woman, 45, to safety from a ledge, but the man she was trying to save fell 500 feet to...

Missing Yosemite Hiker Is Found Dead

'Alice' Yu Xie, 41, found dead on Jan. 16 in Yosemite National Park after ill-fated hike

(Newser) - A hiker who went missing at Yosemite National Park earlier this month has been found dead. National Park Service officials say the body of "Alice" Yu Xie, 41, was found Jan. 16 at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall, per KCRA . KTLA reports that Xie had traveled to the...

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