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Mercedes Accelerates Shift to Electric

Automaker announces series of steps to hurry transition

(Newser) - The parent company of Mercedes-Benz said Thursday it's speeding up the timetable for switching to electric vehicles. Although it added a caveat about assuming market conditions allow it, Daimler AG announced the luxury brand expects to "be ready to go all electric at the end of the decade,...

Musk to US: You Owe Me Tariff Money, Plus Interest

Tesla, other major automakers suing the government over trade war with China

(Newser) - Elon Musk isn't just calling for the US to end new tariffs on Chinese products—he wants a refund for the money's he already paid, plus interest. Musk's car company, Tesla, filed a lawsuit against the US this week over the import tariffs, as did automakers Ford,...

Owners Scream as Bear Opens Mercedes Door
Owners Scream as Bear
Opens Mercedes Door

Owners Scream as Bear Opens Mercedes Door

TMZ finds footage of owners freaking out as bear approaches their car

(Newser) - Where, when, why—that we don't know. But TMZ has dug up footage of people fearfully watching a bear approach a Mercedes and freaking out when the animal manages to open the vehicle door. "The video is hysterical," says the media outlet. "It appears the people...

Mercedes' Instagram Post Causes Chinese Headache

Dalai Lama's words aren't #MondayMotivation for the Chinese

(Newser) - "Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open." These words are hardly controversial, but in China, the figure who spoke them is. It's for that reason that Mercedes-Benz and its parent company have each apologized after the German automaker included the quote from...

No One Willing to Pay Enough for Hitler's Mercedes

Winning bid of $7M was rejected

(Newser) - Worldwide Auctioneers—as per CNBC —calls it "the most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale." More accurately, it's now the most historically significant automobile ever to fail to publicly sell. The Arizona Republic reports a "Super Mercedes" that Adolf Hitler apparently rode in...

These 3 Large Cars Are Safest Bet in a Crash

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives out top marks to 3 models

(Newser) - In the market for a large car that comes with some extra peace of mind? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has a few suggestions. CBS Miami reports IIHS crashed six large car models to test their safety and awarded three of them its highest "Top Safety Pick Plus"...

The 5 Safest, Deadliest Cars in America
Buyer, Beware: 
5 Deadliest Cars
in America 
in case you missed it

Buyer, Beware: 5 Deadliest Cars in America

Also, the 5 safest cars in America

(Newser) - Just how safe is that car you're driving? 24/7 Wall St. investigated to come up with a ranking of the safest and least safe car models sold in the US. The cars you'll want to drive, and those you won't, based on driver death rates:

Mercedes Rolls Out World's Most Expensive SUV

$500K+ vehicle hailed as ideal for 'extravagant dictators'

(Newser) - If you'd like your passengers to be able to sip from silver champagne flutes in comfort while being transported across rugged terrain—and you have at least $500,000 to spare—look no further than the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class 650 Landaulet. The ultra-high-end SUV, described by Road and Track as...

Mercedes Recalls 1M Vehicles Due to Fire Risk

A starter part can overheat, causing fires

(Newser) - Mercedes is recalling about 1 million cars and SUVs worldwide because a starter part can overheat and cause fires, the AP reports. The recall covers certain C-Class, E-Class, and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs, all from 2015 through 2017, including nearly 308,000 in the US. The German...

'Pink Noise' Could Save Your Hearing in Car Crash

Mercedes-Benz has been working on this tech for years

(Newser) - A coming safety feature for cars aims to protect drivers and passengers in a novel way: to save their hearing in a crash. The idea is that when a smartcar senses an imminent collision, the sound system sends out a burst of "pink noise" inside the car. That causes...

Daimler Shareholders Brawl—Over Sausages

Daimler investor was trying to hoard links from the buffet to bring home

(Newser) - It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times at Daimler AG's annual shareholder meeting Wednesday in Berlin, where an argument disrupted the get-together, the Guardian reports. "We had to call the police to settle the matter," says Daimler board chair Manfred Bischoff of...

Mercedes Lays Off Robots, Swaps In Humans

Customization is getting more humans back on the production line

(Newser) - Mercedes-Benz is pulling some robots off the production line at its biggest plant and replacing them with … humans. The reason? Mercedes offers so many options for its vehicles (such as four types of caps for the tire valves in the case of its S-Class sedan), it's "too...

As Super Bowl Ads Arrive Early, So Does Criticism

Coke, Volkswagen catching flak for spots

(Newser) - It used to be that people actually had to wait for the game to watch the Super Bowl ads, but as the New York Times points out today, those days are long gone for Madison Avenue. Most companies roll out the spots, or versions of them, on YouTube and social...

Vatican Gets a New Popemobile
 Vatican Gets New Popemobile 

Vatican Gets New Popemobile

New dome said to be higher, roomier than old model

(Newser) - German automaker Daimler says it has delivered Pope Benedict XVI his new popemobile—a customized Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV with special security features. The company says the new car was delivered today to the Vatican and people should be able to see the pope riding in it tomorrow in Rome during...

Luxury Cars Flunk New Crash Test

Audi, Lexus, receive "poor" ratings

(Newser) - Drivers of posh rides, beware: All but three of 11 2012 luxury vehicles failed a new crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The group created a test that simulated a vehicle crashing into an object, such as another car, head-on on the driver's side, reports...

Automakers Pushing 'Connected' Cars

Gizmos proliferate amid concerns on distracted driving

(Newser) - Imagine cruising down the highway at 65mph while checking tweets, buying movie tickets online, or booking reservations at a restaurant. This scenario is the not-too-distant future of driving, reports the Wall Street Journal , as auto manufacturers seek to design an innovative "connected car" full of Internet-accessible gadgetry. The push...

Facebook Coming to ... Your Car?

Mercedes installs new system, swears it's safe

(Newser) - Facebook has found its way inside what could be its most unlikely device yet: a car. Mercedes-Benz will soon be installing Facebook in its new cars, with a specially-designed, bare-bones version that, it hopes, minimizes the chance of someone crashing off the road while using it. The app, which was...

US Has New Luxury Car Champ

BMW edges out Mercedes-Benz for crown

(Newser) - The Beamers win: BMW has earned the honor of being the top-selling luxury brand of car in the US for 2011, reports the Wall Street Journal . It takes the title from Toyota's Lexus, which had dominated for a decade but never quite recovered from the March earthquake and tsunami...

Chain-Reaction Crash Triggers Priciest Pileup Ever

8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini Diablo turned into scrap

(Newser) - A chain-reaction crash of some of the priciest driving machines in Japan triggered the most expensive pileup in car-wreck history. Millions of dollars of luxe metal were crumpled when eight Ferraris, three Mercedes Benzes, and a Lamborghini Diablo slammed into one another on the Chugoku Expressway in southwestern Japan yesterday...

New Luxe Ride: Tricked-Out Vans

New York's richest opt for giant cargo vehicles

(Newser) - Conspicuous consumption isn’t exactly in vogue right now, so the 1% in New York are opting out of their limos and into slightly more discreet cargo vans. Of course, these are vans that are tricked out with big-screen TVs, couches, mobile offices, and half-million-dollar price tags, the New York ...

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