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Chipotle Has Fans So Dedicated, They Earned a Nickname
'Chipotle Boys' Are
Having a Moment

'Chipotle Boys' Are Having a Moment

The Bustle's Madeline Howard gets a close up look at the brand's most dedicated eaters

(Newser) - Chipotle may have a certain group to thank for helping keep the lights on, and they now have a name: Chipotle Boys. The topic began trending on X when user Jackson McHenry posted an observation he had at one of Chipotle's New York locations. "Overheard two twenty-something women...

Chipotle CEO's Secret to Getting Bigger Portions Draws Ridicule
Chipotle CEO's
Secret to Getting
Bigger Portions
Draws Ridicule
in case you missed it

Chipotle CEO's Secret to Getting Bigger Portions Draws Ridicule

Brian Niccol says it only takes giving employees a look, while angry customers roll their eyes

(Newser) - Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol sought to calm customer complaints in denying the fast casual restaurant chain had shrunk portion sizes. But his efforts may have backfired, as the Daily Dot reports. In telling Fortune that Chipotle's portions "have not gotten smaller," Niccol noted customers could get an...

Good News for Chipotle Workers: Let Them Eat Chicken Again

Fast-food chain rescinds directive that staff not order chicken in meals due to customer demand

(Newser) - Excellent news if you love chicken and you happen to work at Chipotle: You're allowed to order the pollo version of your meals again. After a strong suggestion was sent last week to staffers in the US and Canada asking them not to add chicken to any of their...

Judge Sentences Woman to Work in Fast-Food Restaurant

Ohio women threw food in Chipotle worker's face

(Newser) - A woman who threw a bowl of hot food in a Chipotle worker's face is going to get a taste of life on the other side of the counter. Rosemary Hayne, 39, was originally sentenced to six months in jail for the assault at the Parma, Ohio, restaurant, with...

Chipotle Shuts Store Just Before Union Hearing

Organizers for Maine restaurant call the move a union-busting effort

(Newser) - Chipotle has permanently closed a restaurant where the staff was seeking to hold a vote on forming a union. The company emailed the news to employees at its Augusta, Maine, store Tuesday morning, 2½ hours before a National Labor Relations Board meeting was to begin on workers' petition to hold...

That Drive-Thru Order May Contain More Than You Bargained For

Consumer Reports finds excessive amounts of 'forever chemicals' in some fast-food wrappers

(Newser) - You might want to dump those Mickey D's fries onto a plate as soon as you get home. Consumer Reports released an analysis Thursday on packaging at fast-food restaurants and supermarket chains, with a concerning find: Many of the wrappers that hold the fare we pick up at the...

Chipotle Jumps 10.1% Despite Menu Price Hikes
Chipotle Stock Sizzles
on Strong Earnings

Chipotle Stock Sizzles on Strong Earnings

It jumped 10.1% despite menu price hikes

(Newser) - Stocks closed broadly higher on Wall Street Wednesday, putting the market further into the green for the week after a solid gain a day earlier. Technology and communications stocks were among the biggest gainers. Microsoft rose 2.2% and Google's parent company, Alphabet, rose 1.6%. Chipmaker Nvidia rose...

KFC on New Chicken-Free Chicken Nugget: 'It's Time'

Chain's Beyond Fried Chicken is a plant-based chicken alternative created with Beyond Meat

(Newser) - As 2022 kicks into high gear, KFC has a "Kentucky Fried Miracle" to announce: its Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based chicken nugget alternative created in partnership with Beyond Meat, per a release from KFC parent company Yum Brands. Starting Monday and for a limited time, the fast-food chain will...

Roblox, a Pandemic Hit, Leaves Children in Timeout

Gaming platform crashed Friday

(Newser) - To the dismay of millions of children—and the parents trying to keep them busy and cope with their anguish—the popular gaming platform Roblox crashed Friday, and the company was still trying to restore service Saturday. "The scariest part of Halloween this year is Roblox being down,"...

Chipotle Jumps 11.5% After Strong Earnings Report

Major indexes are now up for the week

(Newser) - Stocks closed higher again on Wall Street, extending their gains following a sharp drop at the beginning of the week. Investors turned their attention to company earnings, which have started to roll in steadily. Small-company stocks outpaced the rest of the market again, rising 1.8%. Coca-Cola rose 1.3%...

First Prize Is a Partial Bitcoin. Third Prize: a Burrito

Chipotle online contest will dole out $100K worth of the cryptocurrency on Thursday

(Newser) - The connection may not be apparent—its stores don't accept bitcoin payments—but Chipotle is marking National Burrito Day with a bitcoin giveaway. The Mexican food chain is putting up $100,000 in the cryptocurrency, as well as $100,000 in burritos, CNN reports. Contestants who go to BurritosOrBitcoin....

Report: Chipotle Workers Stomped on Dozens of Rats

Employees at the Upper West Side location say the issue started over the summer

(Newser) - You know it's 2020 when ... the rats have commandeered a Chipotle. That's apparently the situation on New York's Upper West side, where employees tell the New York Post rats forced a shut-down of a Chipotle location after a months-long saga. As they tell it, the rats first...

Now a Thing: Digital-Only Restaurants
Now a Thing:

Now a Thing: Digital-Only Restaurants

Chipotle has opened its first one in New York

(Newser) - Brought to you by 2020: the digital-only restaurant. Chipotle opened its first such location in New York this weekend , pointing to the surge of online orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fox 5 reports. Orders for the "Chipotle Digital Kitchen" can be placed via Chipotle's own website or app,...

Chipotle Releases Its Guacamole Recipe

Plus 10 more chains releasing secret recipes

(Newser) - The latest company to release a "secret recipe" to lift spirits during the coronavirus pandemic: Chipotle, which told fans how they can make its famous guacamole at home. As Salon reports, there are just six ingredients and six steps involved (pretty much the exact ingredients and steps you might...

Chipotle to Pay Massive Fine for Sickening 1.1K

Restaurant chain agrees to pay $25M to resolve criminal charges related to outbreaks

(Newser) - Chipotle Mexican Grill agreed Tuesday to pay a record $25 million fine to resolve criminal charges that it served tainted food that sickened more than 1,100 people in the US in outbreaks from 2015 to 2018 and sent sales plunging. The fast food company was charged in Los Angeles...

Chipotle Must Pay $1.3M Over Child Labor Violations

They occurred at the chain's Massachusetts locations

(Newser) - Chipotle was hit with a $1.3 million fine over thousands of child labor violations at its Massachusetts restaurants, the state's attorney general announced Monday. Attorney General Maura Healey ordered the largest child labor penalty ever issued by the state against the Mexican restaurant chain after finding an estimated...

Chipotle Giving Away Cash on Venmo
Chipotle Giving Away
Cash on Venmo

Chipotle Giving Away Cash on Venmo

Just sign up for its new rewards program

(Newser) - Chipotle might Venmo you some money if you sign up for its new rewards program. The fast food chain, which says its customers have long desired a loyalty program, launched one in September that is expanding nationwide as of Tuesday, per a press release . Chipotle is publicizing it by giving...

Chipotle Manager Can Have Job Back After Racial Backlash

The Minnesota employee was fired after several black men were turned away from the store

(Newser) - Chipotle said Monday that the company has offered a fired St. Paul restaurant manager her job back after receiving more information about an incident where employees refused to serve five black men and asked them to prove they could pay before taking their order. Per the AP , the company said...

Here's Why Those 647 Chipotle Customers Got Sick

Looks like food was left at unsafe temperatures in Ohio outbreak

(Newser) - The latest illness outbreak to hit Chipotle involved at least 647 people who got sick after eating at the chain's Powell, Ohio, location. Health officials have now identified the problem: Stool samples from those sickened tested positive for Clostridium perfringens, a bacteria that forms when food is left at...

Flood of New Illness Reports Hit Chipotle

But hey, there's free guacamole Tuesday!

(Newser) - Food safety concerns are once again plaguing Chipotle: Consumer complaints filed on —a website that tracks possible food poisoning cases and helped reveal a 2015 E. coli outbreak at Chipotle locations—suggest close to 200 people have fallen ill after eating at a Ohio restaurant, per Business...

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