United Arab Emirates

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An Alleged Crime Boss Found Hiding in Mansion

Ridouan Taghi, caught in Dubai, was the Netherlands' most wanted fugitive

(Newser) - He was called the Netherlands' most dangerous man, not to mention its most wanted fugitive. But Ridouan Taghi is now in custody, having been caught living in a mansion in Dubai under an alias, reports the New York Times . Taghi is accused of running a Dutch crime organization known as... More »

US Sending Troops to Saudi Arabia, UAE

No military strike against Iran yet, though

(Newser) - The Pentagon on Friday announced it will deploy additional US troops and missile defense equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as President Trump has at least for now put off any immediate military strike on Iran in response to the attack on the Saudi oil industry. Defense... More »

Sheikh Wrote Angry Poem About His Wife. Now, a Protective Order

Princess Haya, currently in London after fleeing UAE, applies for forced-marriage protection decree

(Newser) - In a hush-hush hearing Tuesday in which international media weren't allowed in, the sixth and "junior" wife of the ruler of Dubai who reportedly fled the United Arab Emirates with her two young children in fear for her life has applied for a forced-marriage protection order. The PA... More »

Report: Dubai Ruler's Wife Flees Country, Seeks Divorce

Sources say Princess Haya fears for her life

(Newser) - The most high-profile of the ruler of Dubai's six wives has fled the emirate for Britain—and sources tell the BBC that she fears she may be forced back or even killed. Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, fled to London months ago with her... More »

Comatose Woman Wakes, Learns It's the 21st Century

Munira Abdulla had been unresponsive since 1991

(Newser) - Until June 2018, Munira Abdulla had last been conscious when mobile phones were just starting to be widely sold . Had they then been readily available, someone might have been able to call for help. Instead, Abdulla waited for hours for help to arrive after the car she was in collided... More »

He Gives Most of His Income to His Students. He Just Won $1M

Kenya's Peter Tabichi just won 'world's best teacher' from Varkey Foundation

(Newser) - Peter Tabichi is a science and math teacher in one of the poorest schools in Kenya, and he gives away the majority of his paycheck to help his community and students at the Keriko secondary school in Pwami. The 36-year-old Franciscan friar just got those funds back, and then some:... More »

180K Attend Historic Abu Dhabi Mass

Pope wraps up visit to Arabian Peninsula

(Newser) - Pope Francis ministered on Tuesday to the thriving Catholic community in the United Arab Emirates as he concluded his historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula with the first-ever papal Mass here and a call for his flock to remain meek in following God. A day after making a broad appeal... More »

The Pope Goes on a Historic Journey

Pope Francis arrives in Abu Dhabi

(Newser) - Pope Francis landed Sunday in Abu Dhabi on the first-ever papal trip to the Arabian Peninsula, where he is seeking to turn a page in Christian-Muslim relations while also ministering to a unique, thriving Catholic community, the AP reports. Francis earlier Sunday called for the urgent observation of a limited... More »

Caddie's Mistake Costs Golfer Nearly $100K

Mike Burrow stood in the wrong place, apparently, near golfer Haotong Li—but there's controversy

(Newser) - Haotong Li was in a tie for third place heading into the 18th hole at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in the UAE on Sunday. Then the Chinese pro golfer's caddie stood in the wrong place, at the wrong time. USA Today notes Mike Burrow apparently broke a new... More »

Ex-Irish Prez Reciting 'Dubai's Script' About 'Missing' Princess

She said Latifa is a 'troubled young woman;' critics say she's parroting the official line

(Newser) - Former United Nations rights chief Mary Robinson has been accused of parroting the official line from Dubai in the murky case of a "missing" princess. Robinson, who was president of Ireland for seven years, appeared in photos the United Arab Emirates recently released of Sheikha Latifa, daughter of Dubai'... More »

UAE Releases Photos of 'Missing' Princess

Sheikha Latifa had reportedly fled her home in Dubai but was forcibly returned

(Newser) - The United Arab Emirates has released photos of a daughter of Dubai's ruler after friends and supporters say she was forcibly returned to Dubai after fleeing months earlier. The state-run WAM news agency carried a government statement Monday saying the princess is "at home and living with her... More »

For 7 Years, She Plotted Her Escape From 'Caged Luxury'

Then UAE princess Latifa Bint Mohammed al-Maktoum was abducted as she tried to flee

(Newser) - "I'm making this video, because it could be the last video I make. Pretty soon, I'm going to be leaving somehow, and I'm not so sure of the outcome, but I'm 99% positive it will work." Those words are from a YouTube video recorded... More »

Young Accused Spy Released After Getting Life Sentence

UAE releases British academic Matthew Hedges

(Newser) - The United Arab Emirates insisted he was spying—and still does. But 31-year-old British academic Matthew Hedges says he was merely researching his Ph.D. Regardless of which side is right, Hedges is going home after about seven months in custody. Hedges received a life sentence in the UAE last... More »

UK Student 'Terrified' After Hearing Fate in UAE

Matthew Hedges, who says he's innocent, has been sentenced to life for spying

(Newser) - It took about five minutes, without an attorney present, for the UK's Matthew Hedges to learn his fate Wednesday in the United Arab Emirates: He's been sentenced to life in prison on spying charges. Per the New York Times , UAE Attorney General Hamad Al Shamsi accused Hedges of... More »

It's 'Almost Like a Murder Squad'

BuzzFeed News digs into the alleged actions of the Spear Operations Group

(Newser) - It's "almost like a murder squad," an incredulous former CIA official told BuzzFeed News . The site had called him for comment as it dug into a potential bombshell of a story: that former elite US special operations fighters were assassinating high-profile figures in Yemen, but not as... More »

In This Conflict, Everybody Is Accused of War Crimes

UN investigators say all parties in the war in Yemen are guilty of atrocities

(Newser) - The conflict in Yemen may be a complex international issue, but UN investigators have just found a depressing common denominator: A new fact-finding reports suggests that all parties to the conflict are guilty of war crimes, reports the BBC . That largely means three groups: The Yemen government, the Houthi rebels... More »

Middle East Countries May Have Helped Trump Win Election

Mueller investigating 2016 meeting at Trump Tower

(Newser) - Seems Donald Trump Jr. had another meeting with foreigners during the election that Robert Mueller's team is investigating, the New York Times reports. According to insiders, Trump Jr. met with a small group at Trump Tower in August 2016: an envoy for two Arab princes, an Israeli expert in... More »

Ex-Spy: Dubai Ruler's Daughter Captured While Trying to Flee

Says Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum was seized in Arabian Sea

(Newser) - Her friends say the last they saw of her was when commandos intercepted their sailboat in the Arabian Sea and dragged her away, kicking and screaming. A daughter of Dubai's ruler, she had been trying to escape her homeland, saying she was being abused. Since then, the whereabouts of... More »

Report: Mueller Witness Sent $2.5M to Trump Fundraiser

Sources say George Nader secretly backed anti-Qatar agenda

(Newser) - A top fundraiser for President Trump received millions of dollars from a political adviser to the United Arab Emirates last April, just weeks before he began handing out a series of large political donations to US lawmakers considering legislation targeting Qatar, the UAE's chief rival in the Persian Gulf,... More »

De Niro: US Is Suffering From 'Temporary Insanity'

'Let's just say we're suffering from a case of temporary insanity,' he tells Mideast summit

(Newser) - Hollywood star Robert De Niro took aim at the Trump administration's stance on climate change, telling a packed audience in the Middle East that he was visiting from a "backward" country suffering from "temporary insanity." He said that in the country he's describing, the head... More »

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