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Lockdown Reimposed in European Country

Latvia has one of EU's lowest vaccination rates

(Newser) - With one of the highest rates of COVID infection in the world and one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe, Latvia has returned to lockdown. Authorities announced a monthlong lockdown after a recent surge in cases, making the Baltic state the first European country to reimpose tough mitigation measures,...

SCOTUS Won't Block Statewide Vaccine Mandate

Emergency appeal on Maine mandate rejected

(Newser) - The US Supreme Court declined Tuesday to block a vaccine requirement imposed on Maine health care workers, the latest defeat for opponents of vaccine mandates. It was the first time the Supreme Court weighed in on a statewide vaccine mandate, the AP reports. The court previously rejected challenges of vaccine...

WH Has Vaccines Ready to Roll for Kids 5-11

Biden administration unveils plan for inoculating younger children once FDA, CDC give OK

(Newser) - "Another major milestone" is on the horizon in the fight against COVID, and this time it centers on some of our youngest Americans. CNN reports that the Biden administration has enough vaccine doses for the 28 million children in the US who are ages 5 to 11, as a...

Brazil Senators Say 300K COVID Deaths Were Homicides

Panel recommends charges against Bolsonaro

(Newser) - The pandemic has killed at least 603,000 people in Brazil, more than in any country except the US—and a panel of senators is accusing President Jair Bolsonaro of killing half of them. After a six-month investigation, the panel plans to recommend charges of mass homicide and genocide of...

UK Is Monitoring 'Delta Plus' Mutation

Country just had its biggest one-day jump in COVID cases in 3 months

(Newser) - Some 10 months after British authorities said they were keeping an eye on a COVID variant that became known as alpha, experts say they are now monitoring a mutation in the delta variant. The AY.4.2 mutation—also known as "delta plus," was first detected in India...

Radio Host: I Deliberately Caught COVID

Dennis Prager says he hugged 'thousands' in quest to catch disease, get 'natural immunity'

(Newser) - Conservative radio host Dennis Prager announced Monday that he has COVID—and Prager says he purposely tried to get the virus. It's "what I hoped for the entire time," he told his audience for Monday's Dennis Prager Show , adding that he'd intentionally hugged "strangers...

Southwest to Workers: Get Vaxxed by Dec. 8
Southwest Won't Put
Unvaxxed Workers on Leave

Southwest Won't Put Unvaxxed Workers on Leave

Airline scraps its plan for December

(Newser) - Update: Southwest Airlines has dropped plans to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave in December, reports CNBC . The airline originally told employees they must get their shots—unless they have a medical or religious exemption—to comply with new federal regulations. But the company now says those who fail to...

This Nation's COVID 'Success Story' Is a Mystery

Japan's case numbers have abruptly plummeted, and no one really knows why

(Newser) - Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story. Daily new COVID-19 cases have plummeted from a mid-August peak of nearly 6,000 in Tokyo, with caseloads in the densely populated capital now routinely below 100, an 11-month low, per the AP . The bars are packed,...

Florida School Forcing Kids to Stay Home for 30 Days After COVID Vaccine

Centner Academy is in the news again

(Newser) - The Florida private school that's been making headlines for months regarding its anti-vaccination stance is making headlines yet again. The latest from Miami's Centner Academy: Students who get vaccinated against COVID-19 must stay home from school for 30 days after each dose, WSVN reports. After that time, they...

Report: 90K COVID Deaths Over Last 3 Months Likely Preventable

Kaiser Family Foundation blames lack of vaccinations

(Newser) - COVID-19 was the second leading cause of death for all Americans last month, but for one group in particular, it hit even harder. According to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Peterson Center on Healthcare cited by ABC News , the virus killed 1,899 people daily...

Who Gets Long COVID? More Than You May Think, Scientists Say

New study suggests more than half of those diagnosed still have symptoms months later

(Newser) - The World Health Organization recently published an official definition for long COVID—when people don't fully recover from COVID and continue to suffer from various symptoms for weeks or months after they're once again negative—and a study now estimates how many long-haulers there actually may be. Nearly...

Chicago Police Union Boss Urges Officers to Defy Mandate

He says they should refuse to inform city of their vaccination status

(Newser) - The head of Chicago's police union says members should defy the city's COVID vaccine requirements—and he predicts that the force will be at "50% or less" by the weekend. In a video posted on YouTube, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara urged officers not to...

WHO Wants to Trace Pandemic to Its Beginning

Standing group also will make plans to deal with other outbreaks

(Newser) - The World Health Organization has tried before to discover the origins of the coronavirus but found no clear answer, at least partly because of a lack of cooperation from China. But the organization launched a second attempt Wednesday by naming a more formal, standing panel of scientists to what it'...

Texas Anti-Vaxxer Charged With Threatening Well-Known Doc

He's accused of referencing his '12-gauge' in note to Dr. Leana Wen

(Newser) - Dr. Leana Wen, formerly the Baltimore health commissioner and president of Planned Parenthood and currently a prominent voice speaking out on health policy and public health during the coronavirus pandemic, is a big proponent of the COVID-19 vaccine. Texas' 51-year-old Scott Eli Harris is not—and authorities say he threatened...

US Reopening Land Borders —for the Fully Vaccinated

Nonessential travel from Canada, Mexico will resume, provided travelers are vaccinated

(Newser) - The US will reopen its land borders to nonessential travel next month, ending a 19-month freeze due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the country moves to require all international visitors to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Vehicle, rail, and ferry travel between the US and Canada and Mexico has been...

Vaccine Mandates Are Now Completely Banned in Texas

Governor says even private companies cannot enforce such a requirement

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday to prohibit any entity, including private business, from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on workers and called on state lawmakers to pass a similar ban into law, the AP reports. The move comes as the Biden administration is set to issue...

Mom's Lawsuit Seeks Order for School to Follow COVID Guidelines

Wisconsin brewery's PAC is funding potential class-action suit

(Newser) - A school district in Wisconsin is being sued by a woman who says her oldest son became infected after the district lifted COVID-19 protocols. The federal lawsuit filed by Shannon Jensen and other parents against the Waukesha School District is seeking class-action status, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . Jensen says...

Pfizer's Vaccine Guinea Pig: This Entire City
An Entire City Is
Getting Vaccinated

An Entire City Is Getting Vaccinated

That would be Toledo, Brazil, where all eligible residents will receive Pfizer vaccine as part of study

(Newser) - Brazil is only the second country worldwide to surpass 600,000 COVID deaths , behind the United States with 713,000, but one city in the South American nation is about to push back on the virus in a big way. Pfizer says it will be teaming up with health officials...

AstraZeneca, Merck Offer Good News on COVID Treatments

AZ's antibody treatment halves risk of death, severe illness; Merck asks FDA to OK antiviral pill

(Newser) - Good news on the AstraZeneca front, though not about its vaccine. Per Reuters , the UK drugmaker announced Monday that its AZD7442 antibody treatment, meant to be injected into patients showing symptoms of COVID, led to a "statistically significant reduction in severe COVID-19 or death," compared to mildly to...

Girl Allegedly Told to Take Sick Kids to Nurse Dies of COVID
Girl Who Died of COVID Had
Risky 'Classroom Job': Parents

Girl Who Died of COVID Had Risky 'Classroom Job': Parents

Mom and dad of 10-year-old Teresa Sperry say she had to walk sick kids to nurse at Va. school

(Newser) - Officials at an elementary school in Virginia are investigating whether a 10-year-old student who died of COVID-19 was tasked with taking sick children to the nurse against school rules. The parents of Teresa Sperry, a fifth grader at Hillpoint Elementary School in Suffolk, say a teacher instructed her to walk...

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