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Rush Limbaugh Has a Theory About the Coronavirus

Likens it to common cold, says it's being overhyped to hurt President Trump

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh is back in the news again, this time while airing some controversial theories about the coronavirus. "It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump," Limbaugh said during his Monday radio show, per HuffPost . "Now, I want... More »

White House Wants Money, Quickly, for Outbreak

Schumer contends administration has no plan for stopping coronavirus

(Newser) - The White House is readying an urgent budget request to address the deadly coronavirus outbreak, whose rapid spread is spooking financial markets and restricting international travel. The request is still being developed but is likely to come this week, a senior administration official confirmed Monday, the AP reports. The Department... More »

WHO Says It Isn't Ready to Use the P-Word Yet

There's no coronavirus pandemic, but we should be in a 'phase of preparedness'

(Newser) - The World Health Organization isn't ready to use the p-word, but it thinks the world should ready itself for a potential coronavirus pandemic all the same. On Monday the WHO instructed countries to be "in a phase of preparedness," saying that while its assessment remains that COVID-19... More »

Dow Sees Biggest Drop in 2 Years Amid Outbreak Fears

It falls 1,031 points

(Newser) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank more than 1,000 points as the spread of the new coronavirus threatened wider damage to the global economy, the AP reports. The drop was the worst for the index in two years and wiped out its gains so far in 2020. Nervous investors... More »

Dow Plummets on Coronavirus Fears

Index dropped more than 900 in opening minutes

(Newser) - It's shaping up to be a brutal day on the stock market thanks to rising coronavirus fears . The Dow plunged more than 900 points in the opening minutes on Monday, before recovering a bit. At 9:40am, the index was down 778 points, or 2.6%. That follows similar... More »

Iran Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads to 4 More Countries

Minister denies claim that deaths are being covered up

(Newser) - Health officials worldwide say the continued spread of COVID-19 outside China is very worrying—but Iran has denied one of the most alarming figures. Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Amiriabadi Farahani, who represents Qom, said Monday that there had been at least 50 coronavirus deaths in the city and accused the country'... More »

Nation Cancels Big Festival Over Outbreak

With 133 cases reported, Italy calls off public events

(Newser) - Scrambling to contain the rapidly rising number of new coronavirus infections in Italy, the most outside Asia, authorities on Sunday stepped up measures to ban public gatherings. Venice's famed carnival events, which have drawn tens of thousands of revelers to a region that is now in the heart of... More »

Return of Infected Americans Angered One Germophobe

Agencies had told Trump that infected ship passengers would be kept in Japan

(Newser) - The decision to allow 14 Americans with coronavirus to return to the US from Japan last week has left President Trump furious. The president was especially upset that he wasn't briefed, the New York Times reports. He wants to be seen as in control of the US response to... More »

S. Korea Goes Code Red

Calls for 'unprecedented, powerful' steps in fight against coronavirus

(Newser) - South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Sunday he was putting his country on code "Red," its highest alert for infectious diseases, and ordered officials to take “unprecedented, powerful” steps to fight the coronavirus outbreak that has infected more than 600 people in the country, mostly in the... More »

Coronavirus Spikes in S. Korea, Hits Italy and Iran

More than half of S. Korea's 430 cases are tied to controversial Shincheonji Church of Jesus

(Newser) - Almost 78,000 people around the globe have been hit with COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus , the AP reports, and South Korea is the latest nation to be slammed. Per CNN , more than 430 cases have been reported there as of Saturday, with two deaths so far; more than... More »

US Reports 34 Coronavirus Cases, With More Likely

CDC says it hasn't found the infection to be spreading in this country

(Newser) - The number of people in the US known to be infected with the new coronavirus is at 34 and rising, government health officials reported Friday. Thirteen of the patients were found to have the virus after returning from China, the New York Times reports. The other 21 were repatriated, including... More »

S. Korea Outbreak Quadruples in 2 Days

'Special management zone' declared in city

(Newser) - Confirmed cases of coronavirus in South Korea have doubled twice in two days. On Friday, authorities announced that 100 new cases had been detected, bringing the total to 204. The day prior, the country had confirmed 53 cases, most of them linked to a fringe religious group in the city... More »

Flu Kills Graduate Student Who Tried to Call 911

Health officials assure community that Yming Shen didn't die of the coronavirus

(Newser) - After a garbled call to 911, the system was able to trace the caller to an apartment complex but not to a specific apartment. Police and firefighters searched the area for 45 minutes Monday, the Times-Union reports, but couldn't find the caller in the Troy, New York, apartments. Yeming... More »

Health Expert Visits Ship, Raises Alarm

Kentaro Iwata says controls were so light he feared he would contract disease himself

(Newser) - The 621 coronavirus cases confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan represent the most anywhere outside of China. And an infectious diseases expert at Japan's Kobe University has a good idea why. Kentaro Iwata, who worked to combat the spread of Ebola and SARS, spent a... More »

Fringe Religious Group Linked to S. Korea Outbreak

'Patient 31' infected dozens at church services

(Newser) - South Korea has been gripped by coronavirus fear after what officials call a "super-spreading event' in Daegu, the country's fourth-largest city. Authorities announced Thursday that another 53 cases had been detected, bringing the total to 104. At least 70 of the cases have been linked to "Patient... More »

2 Passengers From Virus-Stricken Ship Die

Both were Japanese citizens in their 80s

(Newser) - Two elderly passengers taken off the Diamond Princess cruise ship because they were infected with the coronavirus have become the first fatalities from the virus-stricken vessel, Japan's Health Ministry said Thursday.Japan now has three deaths linked to the COVID-19 illness. Japan's NHK public television said both were... More »

Passengers Finally Let Off Ship Just Want to Go Home

Kept Aboard Over Virus Fears, Hundreds Await Tickets Out of Cambodia

(Newser) - The cheers of celebration have faded. The waving of roses has ceased. Having finally reached a friendly port in Cambodia willing to accept them after nearly two weeks of uncertainty at sea, hundreds of cruise ship passengers eyed warily over fears of a new virus are now simply trying to... More »

Coronavirus Cases Spike in S. Korea

Iran reports first 2 cases

(Newser) - The coronavirus outbreak has now killed more than 2,000 people in mainland China and while authorities say the number of new cases in China fell for a second straight day, numbers are climbing in other countries. Reuters reports that South Korea reported 20 new cases Wednesday, bringing the total... More »

Diamond Princess Quarantine: an Epic Failure?

Experts suggest the coronavirus quarantine on cruise ship may have been less than rigorous

(Newser) - As an extraordinary two-week quarantine of a cruise ship ends Wednesday in Japan, many scientists say it was a failed experiment: The ship seemed to serve as an incubator for the new virus from China instead of an isolation facility meant to prevent the worsening of an outbreak. Since the... More »

Coronavirus Kills Hospital Director

Study finds that most cases are mild

(Newser) - A hospital director on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak in China has become one of its latest victims. Chinese authorities say 51-year-old neurosurgeon Liu Zhiming, director of the Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan died Tuesday morning, the New York Times reports. He was one of the... More »

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