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Feds: He Hired a Hit Man, Then the Hit Man Turned on Him

Fereidoun Khalilian, who claimed to be a prince, believed he had a filmmaker killed: indictment

(Newser) - A Florida man who claimed to be a prince and rubbed elbows with celebrities from Paris Hilton to Drake allegedly hired a hit man to kill a documentary filmmaker who planned to expose him as a fraudster. Fereidoun "Fred" Khalilian allegedly left several threatening voicemails for the filmmaker, Juan...

US: 'Defendant Conspired From India' to Have This Man Killed

American prosecutors have charged an Indian man who they say tried to hire a hit man

(Newser) - US prosecutors have charged an Indian man with trying to take out a hit on a US citizen living in New York City. In an indictment unsealed Wednesday, prosecutors allege Nikhil Gupta, 52, paid someone he believed to be a hit man $100,000 to murder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. The...

Cops Say Mom Went to Awful Lengths to Please Her Beau

Jazmin Paez allegedly thought she was hiring a hitman to kill her 3-year-old son, per authorities

(Newser) - Rent-a-Hitman is a parody website , but its fake customer-service awards and customer testimonials have convinced more than a few people to submit legitimate requests for an assassin, leading to at least 30 arrests, per People . The latest to fall for the ruse is apparently Jazmin Paez, an 18-year-old Florida woman...

He Got Engaged. Cops Say She Went to 'Online Killers Market'

Tennessee woman accused of hiring hit man to take out wife of man she'd met on Match.com

(Newser) - A Tennessee woman has been arrested after cops say she tried to hire a hit man to take out the wife of a guy she'd met through a dating site. ABC News reports that 47-year-old Melody Sasser allegedly sent about $10,000 in bitcoin to a dark web site...

Man Who Had Podiatrist Killed Gets Life Sentence

Robert Elmo Lee blamed Thomas Shock for wife's death

(Newser) - An 83-year-old California man who orchestrated the murder of his wife's podiatrist has been sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole, CBS reports. Robert Elmo Lee was found guilty last year of hiring three men to kill Dr. Thomas Shock at his home in Lodi in...

With One Year Left in Custody, a Hit Man's Puzzling Escape

Dominic Taddeo, contract killer for Rochester crime families, is back in custody

(Newser) - Update: The mob hit man who escaped federal custody has been captured, one week later. Dominic Taddeo was taken back into custody in Florida's Miami-Dade County without incident Monday around 11am, CNN reports. That's about 273 miles south of the halfway house he was assigned to in the...

3 Arrested After TSA Agent Gunned Down in Front of Child

Jasmine Martinez allegedly used PPP loan to hire hitman to kill Le'Shonte Jones

(Newser) - A hitman who fatally shot a young mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter was paid with a federal loan meant to help small businesses during the pandemic, according to police in Florida. Jasmine Martinez had requested the Paycheck Protection Program loan to keep her beauty salon operating, though it'...

4 Charged in $750K Murder-for-Hire Plot

Police say Texas' Erik Charles Maund paid to have Tenn. couple killed to avoid exposing affair

(Newser) - A Texas auto dealer hired former US Marines and a purported former member of the Israeli Defense Forces to kill a Nashville, Tenn., couple found shot to death last year, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday. It describes an elaborate murder-for-hire plot that began after 46-year-old Erik Charles Maund...

Fake Hitman Website Fools Woman, Who Is Headed to Jail

Site's owner contacted Michigan police

(Newser) - A real woman tried to hire a hitman on a fake website. Wendy Lynn Wein, 52, found Rent-A-Hitman online and filled out a form asking for help killing her ex-husband. Unfortunately for Wein and perhaps fortunately for her ex, that site is owned not by a hitman but computer professional...

Dad to Son: I Don't Know 'Who Whacked Jack Kennedy'

Author tries to understand his hitman father

(Newser) - It's a story about a man reconnecting with the father he barely knew as a child. But in this case, the father is someone who ends phone conversations with statements like, "I don't know anything about who whacked Jack Kennedy." James Dolan writes the account, headlined,...

Doctor Accused of Fraud Has Bigger Problems Now

FBI says Anatoly Braylovsky tried to hire a hitman to take out a witness

(Newser) - Connecticut doctor Anatoly Braylovsky got burned in a sting operation last year and was charged with making bogus opioid prescriptions. This year, the FBI says he got burned in yet another sting and is charged with trying to hire a hitman to help him beat the first charges. As the...

Feds: Self-Proclaimed 'Good Dude' Tried to Off His Ex

Derrick Jackson accused of hiring a hit man who was actually an undercover ATF agent

(Newser) - Derrick Jackson recently got out of prison after serving a lengthy sentence for murder and a weapons charge, but his freedom may be short-lived: The Detroit 45-year-old is now being accused of trying to commission a hit on his ex-girlfriend, not realizing that the supposed hit man was actually an...

Woman Sues Over Podcast on Woody Harrelson's Dad

Dr. Chrysanthe Parker: 'Son of a Hitman' unfairly paints me as 'very unusual witness' in murder trial

(Newser) - A Texas attorney and health care professional who was an eyewitness to the murder that put actor Woody Harrelson's father behind bars is now suing Spotify and others on the use of her interview for a podcast about the crime. Per Courthouse News , Dr. Chrysanthe Parker was a witness...

Journalists Foil Alleged Plot: 'Target Needs to Be Killed'

Wisconsin's Kelly Harper accused of trying to hire a hit man on the dark web

(Newser) - It's called the "dark web" for a reason, and authorities in Wisconsin say a woman used it to hire a hit man. However, it wasn't police who foiled the alleged plot, but instead a trio of local journalists who were working on a story, reports the Daily...

Tech CEO Dismembered in Apparent Hit Job
Tech CEO
Brutally Killed
in Apparent Hit Job

Tech CEO Brutally Killed in Apparent Hit Job

Elevator video captured start of attack on Fahim Saleh in Manhattan condo

(Newser) - The body parts of a 33-year-old venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur were found in garbage bags in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday, kicking off an investigation into what authorities believe was a professional hit job. Surveillance video shows a person dressed head to toe in black and wearing a black...

Inside the Dentist's Murder That Rattled Uptown Dallas

Brenda Delgado orchestrated the killing of her ex's new love

(Newser) - In 2015, a gunman fatally shot 35-year-old pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher in a Dallas parking garage and took her purse. The murder and robbery shook the Uptown neighborhood where Hatcher had lived among other well-to-do young adults, writes Skip Hollandsworth at Texas Monthly . Young women were suddenly leery about strolling...

A Prolific Assassin in Mexico Tells All to Police
A Prolific Assassin in Mexico
Tells All to Police

A Prolific Assassin in Mexico Tells All to Police

The 'sicario' betrayed his cartel to avoid a life in prison

(Newser) - He was an assassin for a Mexican drug cartel who estimates taking part in more than 100 murders before age 23. But in an unorthodox arrangement with police, the "sicario" confessed all, including the inner workings of cartel life, in exchange for his freedom when he was arrested, reports...

His NYPD Ex Allegedly Wanted Him Dead, So He Faked It

Isaiah Carvalho speaks out on the alleged murder plot, investigation

(Newser) - Five months ago, Isaiah Carvalho filed for divorce from his wife, NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli. Last week, authorities told the 32-year-old that Cincinelli, a 12-year veteran of the force, had been trying since February to have him killed. "I can't believe it. I'm still in shock,"...

NYPD Cop Accused of Hatching Incredible Scheme

Officer Valerie Cincinelli faces up to 10 years in prison

(Newser) - A New York cop is accused of trying to kill two people—her ex-husband and her boyfriend's daughter—in a story that reeks of bitterness and resentment, the New York Post reports. According to court papers, Officer Valerie Cincinelli told her boyfriend to hire a hitman for both jobs,...

Ex-Gangster's Therapist Asked for Help Arranging a Hit: FBI

Crazy story involves FBI agent posing as hitman

(Newser) - A New Jersey psychotherapist was being extorted, and when one of her patients revealed in a session that he used to be in an organized crime gang, she allegedly hatched a plan for revenge. Police say Diane Sylvia, 58, asked her patient to get her in touch with a hitman...

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