Doctor Accused of Fraud Has Bigger Problems Now

FBI says Anatoly Braylovsky tried to hire a hitman to take out a witness
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 31, 2021 11:30 AM CDT
Doctor Accused of Fraud Has Bigger Problems Now

Connecticut doctor Anatoly Braylovsky got burned in a sting operation last year and was charged with making bogus opioid prescriptions. This year, the FBI says he got burned in yet another sting and is charged with trying to hire a hitman to help him beat the first charges. As the Washington Post reports, the 50-year-old's trouble began in June 2020, when he was arrested and accused of writing fake prescriptions in exchange for payments. Braylovsky spent five days in jail before being released on bail, and that short stint apparently made an impression. In August of this year, the FBI says he told an acquaintance they "were the worst five days of my life" and asked this man to help him hire a hitman to take out a key witness, reports the Daily Beast.

The acquaintance promptly informed the FBI, with whom he had worked previously as an informant. “Braylovsky asked if [the tipster] would talk to his/her ‘brother,’ who Braylovsky believed is the president of the Hells Angels,” per the complaint against hm. “Braylovsky specifically referenced ‘a guy who was mic’d up’ that would testify against him and said ‘This guy’s gotta go.’ [The tipster] understood this as Braylovsky asking [the tipster] to help him find someone to intimidate or kill this witness.” The FBI then arranged a meeting in a Home Depot parking lot between Braylovsky and an undercover agent posing as a hitman.

They discuss the intended victim, but Braylovsky sounds suspicious in the recorded conversation and ends up saying he wants to talk to his pal, the tipster, before moving forward. Days later, he was arrested and charged with trying to interfere with a witness. The affidavit explains that while he seemed suspicious of the undercover agent, "it did not seem as if Braylovsky had changed his mind regarding his plans." Next up for Braylovsky: His trial on the opioid charges is scheduled to begin in October. (More hitman stories.)

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