Russia-Ukraine war

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Refusal to Shake Hands Riles French Open Fans

Kostyuk of Ukraine has decided to skip pleasantries with players from Russia or Belarus

(Newser) - Unable to sleep the night before her first-round match at the French Open against Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus, the Grand Slam tournament's No. 2 seed, Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine checked her phone at 5am. At least one person was killed when the capital of Kostyuk's country was subjected...

Wagner Boss Says He's Handing Bakhmut to Russia

Ukrainian official: Counteroffensive has begun

(Newser) - The head of the Russian private military contractor Wagner claimed Thursday that his forces have started pulling out of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine and handing over control to the Russian military, days after he said Wagner troops had captured the ruined city . Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner's millionaire owner with longtime...

Belarus Signs Russia Nuclear Weapons Deal

Weapons can now be deployed in Belarusian territory

(Newser) - Russia and Belarus signed a deal on Thursday formalizing the procedure for deploying Russian nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory. Control of the weapons will remain with Moscow. The move formalized a deal agreed on earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, the AP reports. Putin announced...

That Kremlin Drone Attack? The US Has a Theory

US agencies believe Ukrainians are responsible, though Zelensky might not have known

(Newser) - US officials believe Ukraine's security services were behind the drone attack on the Kremlin early this month, despite a denial from Ukraine's president . US intelligence officials don't know exactly which special military or intelligence unit carried out the May 3 attack or whether President Volodymyr Zelensky or...

Wagner Chief Says He Lost 20K Men in Fight for Bakhmut

Prigozhin says Putin's 'demilitarization' goal for Ukraine has backfired

(Newser) - The head of the Russian private army Wagner has again broken with the Kremlin's line on Ukraine, saying its goal of demilitarizing the country has backfired, acknowledging Russian troops have killed civilians, and agreeing with Western estimates that he's lost more than 20,000 men in the battle...

Rarity in Ukraine War: An Attack Inside Russia

Independent militia group appears to be behind the assault

(Newser) - Some of the latest reports about fighting in the Ukraine-Russia war have a rare twist: They're describing an assault inside Russia. It appears that independent militia groups are behind the attacks in the border region of Belgorod. Ukraine insists that its own army is not involved, though a spokesman...

Ukraine Says Anti-Putin Russians Attacked Russia

Moscow blames border incursion on Ukrainian saboteurs

(Newser) - Russian officials claimed that Ukrainian military saboteurs launched an attack across the border Monday, wounding eight people in a small town. Kyiv officials denied any link with the group and blamed the fighting on a revolt by disgruntled Russians against the Kremlin. Neither version of events could be independently verified...

Zelensky Rebuts Russia's Claim About a Key City

At G7, the Ukraine leader says Bakhmut has not fallen

(Newser) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky huddled with some of his biggest backers as the Group of Seven summit closed in Hiroshima, Japan, on Sunday, building momentum for his country's war effort, per the AP . The Ukraine leader also denied Russian claims that its forces had taken the eastern Ukrainian city...

US Account for Aid to Ukraine Running Out

Administration appears in no hurry to seek more money, but backers don't want interruptions

(Newser) - The $48 billion kitty that Congress approved in December for aid to Ukraine is running low, and supporters on Capitol Hill are unclear what the Biden administration plans to do about it. Their concerns include when the president will ask for another round of funding and whether it will be...

Zelensky Arrives in Hiroshima for G7 Summit

(Newser) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived Saturday in Japan for talks with the leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies, a personal appearance meant to galvanize global attention as the nations ratchet up pressure on Moscow for its 15-month invasion of Ukraine. Bolstering international support is a key priority as...

Pentagon Finds $3B Accounting Error in Aid to Ukraine

And it could be a huge boost to the war effort

(Newser) - The Pentagon says it has overestimated the value of the weapons it has sent to Ukraine by at least $3 billion—an accounting error that could be a boon for the war effort because it will allow the Defense Department to send more weapons now without asking Congress for more...

G7 Leaders in Hiroshima Vow to Support Ukraine

Zelensky will attend summit on Sunday

(Newser) - Leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies vowed Friday to tighten punishments on Russia for its 15-month invasion of Ukraine, days before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joins the Group of Seven summit in person on Sunday. "Our support for Ukraine will not waver," the G7 leaders said...

Ukraine Says It Shot Down 29 of 30 Russian Missiles

One missile got through in Odesa region

(Newser) - Russia fired 30 cruise missiles against different parts of Ukraine early Thursday in the latest nighttime test of Ukrainian air defenses, which shot down 29 of them, officials said. One person died and two were wounded by a Russian missile that got through and struck an industrial building in the...

'Unstoppable' Russian Missiles May Be Stoppable After All

Ukraine says it shot down volley of 6 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles overnight

(Newser) - Overnight, Russia launched 18 missiles at Kyiv, six of them said to be "unstoppable" hypersonic Kinzhal missiles that travel at up to 10 times the speed of sound. Although people on the ground were said to be hurt by falling debris, Ukraine on Tuesday said it shot down all...

Russian, South African Generals Meet After US Arms Accusation

American ambassador had suggested weapons were shipped to aid Ukraine invasion

(Newser) - Russia's top army general and his South African counterpart discussed "military cooperation" while meeting Monday in Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The announcement came hours after South African President Cyril Ramaphosa denied accusations by the US that his country was siding with Russia in the war in...

Report: Wagner Chief Sought Secret Deal With Ukraine

'Washington Post' reports that Prigozhin offered to reveal Russian troop positions

(Newser) - The chief of the Wagner Group told Ukrainian officials earlier this year that he would give Kyiv information on Russian troop positions in return for Ukrainian forces withdrawing from the Bakhmut area, the Washington Post reports, citing what it says are previously unreported intelligence files leaked on Discord. The proposal,...

Leaks Show a Surprisingly Aggressive Zelensky

Ukraine leader privately pressing for attacks inside Russia, reports 'Washington Post'

(Newser) - Volodymyr Zelensky apparently isn't satisfied with merely repelling Russian troops. The Washington Post reports that in private talks with his generals, he has been pushing for aggressive attacks within Russia and even for occupying Russian villages. The story is another based on leaked US intelligence reports that first surfaced...

Zelensky Lobbies Pope, Italy's Leaders
In Rome, Zelensky
Pressures Pope

In Rome, Zelensky Pressures Pope

President asks Francis for a direct condemnation of Russian invasion

(Newser) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky went to Rome on Saturday to make a direct appeal to the pope to support his government's approach to achieving peace—after finding Francis' proposals unsettling. While there, Zelensky also met with Italy's president and prime minister, who offered enthusiastic backing. "We bet...

Amid Air Raids, Ukrainian Group Preps for Eurovision

Tvorchi, featuring Andrii Hutsuliak and Jeffrey Kenny, will perform 'Heart of Steel' Saturday in UK

(Newser) - Last year, Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra took home the grand prize at Eurovision for "Stefania," just a few months after the Russian invasion that has upended life there since. Per NPR , there's now a "special spotlight" on Ukraine for its entry this year into the international...

AFP Journalist Killed in Ukraine
AFP Journalist
Killed in Ukraine

AFP Journalist Killed in Ukraine

Arman Soldin, 32, was video coordinator for Agence France-Presse

(Newser) - French international news agency Agence France-Presse says its Ukraine video coordinator was killed Tuesday during a rocket attack near the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, the AP reports. Arman Soldin, 32, was with a team of AFP journalists traveling with Ukrainian soldiers when the group came under fire from Grad...

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