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Critics Slam Men Who Won $1.2M Literary Prize: 'Scammers'

'Carmen Mola,' believed to have been a woman, is actually trio of middle-aged Spanish screenwriters

(Newser) - The Beast, a gruesome historical thriller about a serial killer in the 1830s, has won one of Spain's top literary prizes, and its author, Carmen Mola—a popular writer known for the "strong female protagonists" in her crime novels, per the Washington Post —was supposed to show...

Spain's Right Isn't Pleased With Biden's Take on Columbus

They're very much into it

(Newser) - If you thought the controversy over Columbus Day was restricted to US shores, you'd be wrong. What became a US federal holiday in 1937 is celebrated in grand fashion in Spain a day later, on Oct. 12. There, it's more like a Fourth of July or Bastille Day,...

Shakira: I Was Attacked by Wild Boars

Singer says hogs stole her bag in Barcelona

(Newser) - Shakira says she was attacked by a pair of wild hogs. The Colombian singer described the apparent attack in a Barcelona park, where she was walking with her son, on Wednesday in videos posted to her Instagram stories, which are no longer visible. The Grammy winner, who is married to...

Thousands Homeless, Flights Canceled as Ash Spews

'Evolution of the volcanic emergency' continues on Spanish island of La Palma

(Newser) - Flights to and from the Spanish island of La Palma were canceled Saturday because of an ash cloud spewing out of a volcano that has been erupting for a week . La Palma Airport operator Aena said on Twitter that plane traffic was suspended "due to the accumulation of ash"...

Catalan Separatist Leader Arrested on Arrival in Italy

Carlos Puigdemont could be extradited to Spain

(Newser) - A former Catalan leader sought by Spain for a failed 2017 secession bid is expected to appear at an extradition hearing Friday after being detained in Sardinia, an Italian island with strong Catalan cultural roots and its own independence movement. Italian police on Thursday night transferred Carles Puigdemont to a...

Lava Moving 400 Feet an Hour as It Makes Way to the Sea

Lava is still spewing from Sunday’s eruption in the Canary Islands

(Newser) - A wall of lava up to 40 feet high bore down on a Spanish village Wednesday as islanders scrambled to save what they could before the molten rock swallowed up their homes following a volcanic eruption. The lava still spewing from Sunday's eruption in the Canary Islands off northwest...

Lava From Volcano 'Will Destroy Everything It Encounters'

But officials say eruption on La Palma, in Spain's Canary Islands, likely won't kill anyone

(Newser) - Lava continued to flow slowly from a volcano that erupted in Spain's Canary Islands off northwest Africa, but the head of the regional government said Monday he expects no injuries to people in the area after some 5,000 were evacuated. The AP reports that lava was flowing on...

2 American Climbers Die in 'Psicobloc' Accident

Men were deep-water soloing on Spanish island

(Newser) - The sea cliffs of Majorca are a prime spot for deep-water soloing or "psicobloc"—climbing high-difficulty routes over a deep body of water—but something went badly wrong for two American climbers on the Spanish island Tuesday. The two men, ages 25 and 35, were found dead in...

Hospitals Discovers Baby Girls Were Switched in 2002

'It was a human error and we haven’t been able to find out who was to blame'

(Newser) - Health authorities in Spain are blaming human error for the switching of two baby girls in a maternity ward almost 20 years ago, after one of them discovered by chance through a DNA test as a teenager that she wasn’t the daughter of her presumed parents. "It was...

Woman Found Clinging to Upturned Boat That Left With 53

52 migrants feared dead in disaster off the Canary Islands

(Newser) - A woman found clinging to an upturned dinghy more than 100 miles off the Canary Islands is believed to be the sole survivor of a migrant disaster that killed as many as 52. The 30-year-old, spotted by a passing ship some 135 miles from the Spanish archipelago off the coast...

Activists Slam 'Shameful' Killing of Escaped Bull

Campanito the bull gored 2 elderly men in Brihuega, Spain, before a local slammed their car into him

(Newser) - Animal rights advocates are steaming after a 500-pound-plus bull escaped from a bullfighting ring in Spain over the weekend and met a terrible fate. The Guardian reports that spectators had gathered early Sunday in Brihuega to attend a "concurso de recortadores" event, in which those taking part taunt the...

Report Sheds New Light on McAfee Death

Prison source tells Reuters that McAfee tried to kill himself in February, was placed on suicide watch

(Newser) - John McAfee's widow says she doesn't believe he took his own life in a Spanish prison last month, but the software entrepreneur's own attorney says his death was a suicide , and that's how authorities believe he died. Now, a prison system source bolsters that theory, telling...

McAfee's Widow Reveals Last Words to Her, Demands Probe

Janice McAfee says final conversation didn't sound like a man who was suicidal

(Newser) - The widow of John McAfee, the British-American tycoon who died in a Spanish prison this week while awaiting extradition to the US, on Friday demanded a "thorough investigation" of his death, saying her husband didn't appear suicidal when they last spoke. Authorities in Spain are conducting an autopsy...

John McAfee Found Dead After Extradition Ruling

Spanish authorities say 'everything points to death by suicide'

(Newser) - On Wednesday, Spain's National Court ruled that John McAfee could be extradited to the US to stand trial on criminal tax evasion charges. Hours later, the antivirus software pioneer was found dead in his prison cell. The Catalan justice department confirmed that the 75-year-old had been found unresponsive in...

'Most Monstrous Act a Person Can Commit' Rocks Spain

Tomás Gimeno allegedly killed daughters Anna and Olivia, dumped bodies at sea

(Newser) - A Spanish woman says she wishes she could've died with her two young daughters, who are believed to have been killed by their father and dumped into the sea off the Canary Islands. A search is ongoing for 1-year-old Anna Gimeno Zimmermann off the main island of Tenerife. The...

Dead Body Found Inside Dinosaur Statue

Man's corpse was stuffed into statue's leg

(Newser) - Police in Barcelona made a horrifying discovery Saturday: A dead man inside a dinosaur statue. The man's corpse was stuffed into the statue's leg, Al Dia Bolivia reports. A father and son playing in the area alerted police to a "stench," the Latin Times reports. A...

&#39;Dead&#39; Fraud Suspect Exposed by Her Poodle
Her Parents Said She
Was Dead. Detectives
Followed Her Poodle
in case you missed it

Her Parents Said She Was Dead. Detectives Followed Her Poodle

Fraud suspect was found alive on Spanish island

(Newser) - A German woman embezzled $1.2 million from her employer, hid out on the Spanish island of Mallorca, and told her parents to say she was dead, authorities say. And she might have gotten away for it, if it wasn't for her giant poodle. The 47-year-old woman was tracked...

Crowds Pour Into Streets to Mark Lifting of Curfew

Spain ends national state of emergency over coronavirus

(Newser) - Impromptu street celebrations erupted across Spain as the clock struck midnight on Saturday, when a six-month-long national state of emergency to contain the spread of coronavirus ended and many nighttime curfews were lifted. In Madrid, police had to usher revelers out of the central Puerta del Sol square, per the...

Cops on Spanish Island Charge Man in COVID Cases

They say he stayed at work, talked about infecting others, when he had symptoms

(Newser) - A resident of the Spanish island of Mallorca has been arrested on suspicion of assault with an unusual weapon: COVID symptoms. Police say the 40-year-old office worker is responsible for infecting 22 others with the coronavirus, reports the Guardian . The man had a fever and a cough, but he not...

After a Quick Test, 5K Are Allowed Into Concert

Spain holds largest pandemic event in Europe as an experiment

(Newser) - Five thousand fans attended a rock concert in Barcelona on Saturday after passing a same-day COVID-19 screening, to test a plan to prevent outbreaks of the coronavirus at large cultural events. The show by Spanish rock group Love of Lesbian had the special permission of health authorities, the AP reports....

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