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Storms Kill 4 in Oklahoma; Twister Strikes New York City

Family's trailer flung 100 yards in Nowata County

(Newser) - Fierce thunderstorms with strong winds tore through Oklahoma, killing a truck driver and a family whose mobile home was flipped into a creek. One storm rolled in so fast, a couple in Nowata County had no time to reach a storm shelter on their property before wind picked up their... More »

Drought Drying Up Home Wells

Families forced to adapt in a hurry

(Newser) - If you rely on well water and live in the Midwest, hopefully you're not too attached to the idea of showering. The drought pummeling the nation has been drying up a lot of private wells, the New York Times reports, forcing rural homeowners to either take the not-exactly-cheap step... More »

In Steamy Midwest Streams, Scads of Fish Die Off

Hot, dry summer killing off thousands

(Newser) - Thousands of fish are dying in the Midwest as one of the hottest, driest summers in history dries up rivers and pushes water temps in some spots to nearly 100 degrees. About 40,000 shovelnose sturgeon died in Iowa last week as the water temp hit 97, while Nebraska fishery... More »

Cougars Again Prowl Midwest

178 confirmed sightings between 1990 and 2008

(Newser) - Cougars are again spreading across the Midwest a century after the generally reclusive predators were hunted to near-extinction, according to a new study in the Journal of Wildlife Management. The study showed 178 cougar confirmations in the Midwest between 1990 and 2008—up significantly from sightings before 1990, when there... More »

Sand Mining Craze Stirs Up Health Fears

But fracking companies love the tiny particles

(Newser) - The upper Midwest is home to the latest craze in American mining: sand. Mining companies are knocking on doors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and nearby states to dig up tons of the stuff so oil and gas producers can inject it into the ground in a process known as fracking. Sand... More »

Ron Paul: Tornado Victims Shouldn't Get Aid

Federal money is 'stealing,' says candidate

(Newser) - Even in the wake of last week's massive tornado damage , Ron Paul remained steadfast in his libertarian principles, saying he was opposed to any emergency aid from the federal government, reports the National Journal . "The people who live in tornado alley, just as I live in hurricane alley,... More »

9 Killed as Violent Storms Lash Midwest

Toll could rise in Missouri, Illinois

(Newser) - At least nine people are dead as a violent storm system sweeps across the Midwest, causing tornadoes, pounding rain, high winds, golf-ball-sized hail, and "dangerous lightning." "It's like nothing I've ever seen, and something I don't care to see again," says the mayor... More »

US Faces Fresh Tornado Threat

Ohio Valley to Texas could be hardest-hit after 250 storms last week

(Newser) - Some 250 tornadoes wreaked havoc in the US last week, and—brace yourself—another possible wave of tornadoes may hit this week. Last week’s tornadoes killed at least 47 people across six states; now, a storm system heading east from the Rockies is threatening new snow, flooding, hail, and... More »

Neighbors Rescue Man Buried Under Snow 4 Hours

Woman spotted his hand with her binoculars; he's doing fine

(Newser) - Here's one great story emerging from the week's brutal blizzard: An alert neighbor and her trusty pair of binoculars saved the life of a 66-year-old Wisconsin man who was buried under snow for four hours, reports AOL News . Joe Latta's ordeal began about 5am when he trudged out his driveway... More »

After Snow Comes ... Subzero Cold

Arctic temperatures follow in blizzard's path

(Newser) - The good news is that skies are clearing in the Midwest after that brutal mess of a storm . The bad news is that Arctic-like temperatures will follow. Chicago, for instance, expects temperatures as cold as 15-below tonight, and that's without the wind-chill factor, reports the Tribune . The city registered 20.... More »

Blizzard Forces Thousands of Flight Cancellations

Monster storm bears down on Midwest

(Newser) - Layers of dangerous ice and blowing snow closed roads and airports from Texas to Rhode Island as a monster storm began bearing down on the nation and those in its frigid path started to believe it would live up to its hype. Ice fell first and was expected to be... More »

No Snow Yet, but Midwest Still 'Freaking Out'

Residents, officials brace for storm early

(Newser) - That “potentially historic” winter storm hasn’t really started yet, but that didn’t stop Missouri from declaring a state of emergency. All across the Midwest, residents are preparing early—and, in some cases, enthusiastically—for the storm, with schools closing, airlines canceling flights, and emergency generators selling out... More »

6 Dead as Snow, Big Chill Shut Down Midwest

Highways closed, flights canceled amid sub-zero weather

(Newser) - Temperatures have plummeted across the upper Midwest after a storm pounded the region with snow and strong winds this weekend, the AP reports. Six weather-related deaths were reported as the storm closed major highways in some states, canceled some 1,600 flights in Chicago, and collapsed the inflatable roof of... More »

'Chiclone' Rips Midwest

Violent winds leave tens of thousands without power

(Newser) - A storm drawing comparisons to a hurricane muscled across the Midwest today, snapping trees and power lines and delaying flights at Chicago's O'Hare. The storm—quickly nicknamed a "chiclone" and "windpocalypse"—swept an area that stretched from the Dakotas to the eastern Great Lakes. Severe thunderstorm warnings... More »

Arctic Blasts Drop US Big Chill to -37

Weather brr-acing from Plains to Florida

(Newser) - A large chunk of the US was in the deep freeze yesterday, with temperatures plunging below freezing to as low as -37 in Minnesota's hapless International Falls, the town's coldest day since 1911. Temperatures dove from the Plains, Midwest and Northeast to Florida, giving citrus growers the shivers. Jacksonville was... More »

Blizzard Sweeps Across Midwest

Travel strangled, with accidents killing at least 12

(Newser) - A powerful storm packing heavy snow, sleet, and rain lumbered across the nation's midsection today, glazing roads and disrupting air travel but promising a white Christmas for some. The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of Oklahoma, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas. It cautioned that travel would be... More »

Gay-Marriage Ruling Belies Iowa's 'Bumpkin' Image

(Newser) - No doubt you snobby big-city, coastal types did a double-take last week when Iowa legalized same-sex marriage, but the state has a long tradition of avant-garde social positions, Rex Huppke writes in the Chicago Tribune. Its university was the first to admit women, it allowed mixed-race marriages 100 years before... More »

Blizzard Pounds Fargo, but Dikes Hold

(Newser) - Strengthening wind blew heavy, wet snow around Fargo today, adding to the strain on residents' spirits and on the patchwork system of sandbag levees protecting them from the bloated Red River. But there were no reports of problems from leaks or from wind-driven waves battering the dikes. “They say... More »

Fargo River May Have Already Peaked

(Newser) - The bloated Red River might already have crested lower than initially feared, forecasters said today, welcome news for weary residents and others who had spent days piling sandbags onto dikes against an expected record flood. Despite the downward revision in the forecast, however, North Dakota officials still intensified their efforts... More »

Thousands Flee Fargo Flooding

(Newser) - Thousands of shivering, tired Fargo residents got out while they could today, and others prayed that miles of sandbagged levees would hold as the surging Red River threatened to unleash the biggest flood North Dakota's largest city has ever seen. The crest is expected tomorrow evening, when the ice-laden river... More »

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