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Coinbase to Users: You Could Lose It All if We Go Bankrupt

But the company's CEO says there's 'no risk' of crypto exchange going bankrupt

(Newser) - Coinbase, America's largest cryptocurrency exchange, holds around $256 billion in cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies—and it alarmed some users this week when it warned that those holdings could be lost if the company files for bankruptcy. The company said "the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf...

FBI Points Finger at Well-Known Group for Huge Crypto Heist

N. Korea's Lazarus, tied to 2014 Sony Pictures breach, is believed to be behind theft

(Newser) - Update: It's a hack the BBC calls "likely one of the biggest ever to hit the crypto world," and US officials say it looks Lazarus was behind it. That's the hacker group thought to be controlled by North Korea's main intelligence agency and believed to...

'Justice Served' in Crypto Expert's North Korea Case

Virgil Griffith gets 5 years behind bars after presenting at crypto conference in Pyongyang

(Newser) - Update: It's more than five years behind bars for Virgil Griffith, the hacker accused of helping North Korea evade US sanctions with his cryptocurrency tips. NBC News reports the 39-year-old received a 63-month prison sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty last year to conspiracy; he admitted to presenting at...

Cops: 'Ethical Hacker' Was Anything But

Aaron Motta of Florida accused of robbing customer of nearly $600K in cryptocurrency

(Newser) - Police say a tech expert listed as a "certified ethical hacker" on LinkedIn fell a wee bit short in the ethics department while working with a senior citizen. The Clearwater Police Department says 27-year-old Aaron Daniel Motta robbed nearly $600,000 in cryptocurrency from a customer who hired Motta...

Young Crypto Billionaire: I'm Giving Away Most of My Money
He's 30, Worth $24B, Drives
a Corolla, Sleeps in a Beanbag
in case you missed it

He's 30, Worth $24B, Drives a Corolla, Sleeps in a Beanbag

'I don't want a yacht,' crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried says of plan to give away most of his money

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried wants FTX, the Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange he co-founded, to become the "biggest source of financial transactions in the world." In the meantime, he has a plan for the fortune he's already raking in: He wants to give most of it away. The 30-year-old tech entrepreneur,...

Online Game Hit by Massive Crypto Heist

'Axie Infinity' says $615M was taken after criminals compromised blockchain bridge

(Newser) - A popular online game says it is "here to stay" despite one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts on record. Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis says hackers drained cryptocurrency worth more than $600 million from the "bridge" that allows Axie Infinity players to exchange other cryptocurrencies for in-game currency or...

A Crypto Giant Worries About Its 'Dystopian Potential'
He May Be a
Financial Titan
Like No Other

He May Be a Financial Titan Like No Other

Cryptocurrency giant Vitalik Buterin, who eschews power and riches, is profiled in 'Time'

(Newser) - Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency, and its founder is thought to be a mysterious figure who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto . Ether is the second-biggest cryptocurrency, but less mystery surrounds its founder: Meet 28-year-old Vitalik Buterin, subject of a lengthy, fascinating interview and profile at Time . He...

Biden Cryptocurrency Order Seen as 'Watershed Moment'

It's 'as close to an embrace of crypto as you could have hoped for,' analyst says

(Newser) - The price of bitcoin surged Wednesday as President Biden signed an executive order on cryptocurrencies that the White House described as the first "whole-of-government approach to addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets." In a statement , the White House, noting that an estimated 40...

Out of Crypto, a 'Particularly Dangerous' Addiction

Investors are increasingly seeking out therapists, who say crypto addicts are akin to gambling addicts

(Newser) - If you follow the roller-coaster ride that is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other forms of cryptocurrency, you're familiar with the feelings that go along with that habit, especially if you're an investor. And they're not always pleasant feelings, according to mental health experts who say they're seeing...

Feds Seize Mind-Boggling Sum After Crypto Hack

It's the largest seizure of funds in DOJ history

(Newser) - In 2016 around $71 million in bitcoin was stolen when the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange was hacked—and its value today is now around $4.5 billion. Federal investigators say they have now recovered $3.6 billion of that current value, the largest seizure of funds in Justice Department history, and...

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Matt Damon
Takes His
Lumps on
South Park
in case you missed it

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Show skewers him for his advocacy of cryptocurrency

(Newser) - The first episode of the 25th season of South Park is not kind to Matt Damon. As the The Hollywood Reporter notes, Cartman and the gang make the actor the butt of a running joke over his advocacy of cryptocurrency. The hook is this commercial that Damon made for Crypto....

McDonald's Accidentally Creates a Crypto Coin

Mention of 'grimacecoin' does the trick

(Newser) - Life in the world of cryptocurrency: A tweet about one joke coin that evolved into a real one has inadvertently created a second joke coin that has done the same thing. It's all thanks to McDonald's and Elon Musk. On Tuesday, Musk issued a request to McDonald's...

Melania Trump's Hat 'Collateral Damage' of Crypto Crash

Former first lady didn't scoop up as many tokens as hoped in auction of hat worn to greet Macron

(Newser) - The crisp white Herve Pierre hat that Melania Trump wore to greet French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife at the White House in April 2018 went up on the auction block this month—along with a watercolor and NFT showing her wearing it—in the hopes that the entire...

Elon Musk Has an Offer for McDonald's

It involves dogecoin and a Happy Meal

(Newser) - Elon Musk is again touting dogecoin , this time calling on McDonald's to accept the cryptocurrency for payment. "I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin," the billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder tweeted Tuesday, per the Wall Street Journal . Hours earlier, McDonald's had...

Wife of Cryptocurrency CEO Maintains She Watched Him Die

Jennifer Robertson talks about Gerald Cotten and his investors' missing money

(Newser) - Gerald Cotten's death spurred plenty of grief, and not just for his friends and family—one of whom is "finally sharing her side of the story." The CEO of what was then Canada's biggest cryptocurrency exchange died in India from complications of Crohn's disease in...

Walmart Is Getting Into an Unlikely New Sector

Retail giant files trademarks suggesting entry into the metaverse, with NFTs and cryptocurrency

(Newser) - Facebook isn't the only corporate behemoth wading into the metaverse . Now, Walmart appears to be dipping its toes in, filing multiple new trademarks at the end of last year that hint at plans to offer NFTs, a cryptocurrency, and virtual goods to consumers, reports CNBC . Although it's not...

NFT Sale Goes Awry: 'Just Like That, $250K Was Gone'

'Fat-finger' error led seller of Bored Ape item to mistakenly dump it for $3K

(Newser) - The Verge blames it on a misplaced decimal point. CNBC similarly lays the blame on a "fat-finger" error. However the asking price for a recently sold NFT came to be, it wasn't the seller's intention, and now he's out hundreds of thousands of dollars because of...

Lawmaker's Joke About Mongoose Crypto Coin Ends How You Think

The fictional coin now exists for real

(Newser) - At a congressional hearing on cryptocurrency this week, one skeptical lawmaker made a joke about a fictional mongoose coin. The result? It's no longer fictional. As Mashable reports, the weirdness began Wednesday during a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee. Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman, aiming to make a...

'Tremendous Victory' for Man Who Says He Invented Bitcoin

Business partner's family said Craig Wright owed them half of $50B fortune

(Newser) - Craig Wright, a computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, prevailed in a civil trial verdict Monday against the family of a deceased business partner that claimed it was owed half of a cryptocurrency fortune worth tens of billions. A Florida jury found that Wright did not...

It Was the 'Largest Crowdfunding Initiative' Ever. And It Failed

DAO with $46M in donations fails to purchase copy of US Constitution at auction

(Newser) - A group of cryptocurrency investors has failed to win a rare copy of the US Constitution despite pooling $46 million toward that goal in what Artnet News calls "the largest crowdfunding initiative of all time." An anonymous private collector purchased the first-edition copy of the Constitution, one of...

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