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Ex-WH Doc: I Tried to Help at Rodeo, Things Got 'Chaotic'

GOP congressman says he was assisting during medical emergency when he was detained by cops

(Newser) - Ronny Jackson was trained as an ER doctor, so when a medical emergency went down Saturday at a Texas rodeo, the former White House physician and current Republican congressman jumped into action—only to find himself detained and handcuffed, according to his team and witnesses. In a statement cited by...

In Jan. 6 Texts, Militia Members Said Trump Doctor 'Needs Protection'

Oath Keepers discussed protecting several Trump allies during riot

(Newser) - Members of the far-right militia group the Oath Keepers discussed providing protection to some of then-President Trump's top allies surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, including Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, Roger Stone, and Michael Flynn, newly-released text messages show. Several group members—including Joshua James, who has pleaded guilty...

Report on Former White House Physician Ronny Jackson Is 'Scathing'

Jackson, now a lawmaker, allegedly drank and took sleeping pills on the job

(Newser) - While Ronny Jackson was the top White House physician during portions of the Obama and Trump administrations, the doctor allegedly drank alcohol and took Ambien while on the job. That's according to a report issued by the Department of Defense inspector general, which CNN calls "scathing." Jackson,...

Jeff Sessions Is Out, and Other Primary Results

Tommy Tuberville, endorsed by Trump, beats former AG in Alabama

(Newser) - Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions lost the Republican nomination for his old Senate seat in Alabama to former college football coach Tommy Tuberville on Tuesday, likely ending a long political career with a bitter defeat egged on by President Trump. Tuberville, 65, beat Sessions in Tuesday’s Republican runoff...

Doctor: We Put Cauliflower in Trump's Mashed Potatoes

A nugget from former White House physician Ronny Jackson

(Newser) - The article is about Ronny Jackson's run for Congress, but many headlines that have emerged in coverage of the New York Times piece involve the word "cauliflower." That's because he's also Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician to the past three presidents. And,...

Results of Trump's Physical Are In
of Trump's
Are In

Results of Trump's Physical Are In

'Very good health overall,' but the president is technically obese

(Newser) - The good news for President Trump is that the doctor who performed last week's medical exam pronounced the 72-year-old to be in "very good health overall." The bad news is that Trump gained 4 pounds from last year, enough to qualify him as technically obese, reports NPR...

Ahead of Physical, Trump Hasn't Followed Doctor's Advice

Different physician will perform this year's exam

(Newser) - President Trump, the second president ever to still be in office at the age of 72, undergoes the second physical exam of his presidency Friday—and though he was declared to be in "excellent health" last year, insiders say he hasn't been following the medical advice he was...

Trump's New Pick for VA Is Much Less Controversial

Acting director Robert Wilkie asked to lead the agency permanently

(Newser) - Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie is President Trump's pick to permanently lead the beleaguered department. Wilkie is a former Pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness, and a former adviser to GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina. He's led the agency for two months, ever since Trump...

Report: Jackson Won't Go Back to Being Trump's Doctor

Sources say Sean Conley will continue in role

(Newser) - Dr. Ronny Jackson not only won't be taking up a new job as Veterans Affairs chief, he won't be returning to his old job as White House physician, administration sources tell Politico and the Washington Post . The officials say Navy officer Sean Conley, who took over as President...

Trump Rails on Dem Who Helped Derail VA Pick: 'Not Fair, Tester!'

White House pushes back on allegations with internal records it says support Ronny Jackson

(Newser) - The White House said Friday that internal records raise doubt about some of the most serious allegations leveled against White House doctor Ronny Jackson in his failed bid to become the next secretary of Veterans Affairs. Jackson withdrew his nomination Thursday after allegations by current and former colleagues raised questions...

Amid 'False' Accusations, Trump's VA Pick Drops Out

White House physician Ronny Jackson says allegations against him have become a 'distraction'

(Newser) - The so-called "Candyman" won't be getting a sweet gig in the Trump administration after all. Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician who became the president's pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, has withdrawn his nomination amid misconduct allegations, per the Hill . Jackson put out...

Sources Say Trump's VA Pick Was Nicknamed 'Candyman'

Ronny Jackson continues to deny the allegations against him

(Newser) - A summary of allegations against President Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs says he recklessly prescribed drugs, had his own private stock of controlled substances, and got drunk and crashed a government car. The summary was released by Democrats as the White House rallied behind...

White House Defends Jackson, Quotes Obama

More allegations against VA pick surface

(Newser) - Hours after President Trump said he would understand if Veterans Affairs nominee Ronny Jackson bowed out, the administration made it clear it was going to continue supporting the White House physician—and even used Barack Obama to defend him. The White House released years of performance reviews, including one in...

Trump: I Wouldn't Blame VA Nominee for Withdrawing
Trump: My VA Nominee
Doesn't Deserve This 'Abuse'
the rundown

Trump: My VA Nominee Doesn't Deserve This 'Abuse'

President says he'd understand if Ronny Jackson bows out

(Newser) - The odds of President Trump's Veteran Affairs nominee actually assuming that post seem to be shrinking quickly, and Trump himself said Tuesday he'd understand if White House physician Ronny Jackson bowed out, reports the AP . “If I were him … I wouldn’t do it,” Trump...

Source: Allegations Could 'Sink' Trump's VA Choice

Senators delay Ronny Jackson confirmation hearing

(Newser) - Democrats say they are discussing some "raw allegations" against Ronny Jackson, President Trump's nominee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs—but they're not saying exactly what those allegations involve. "All I can really tell you at this moment is we are continuing the vetting process,...

One Big Concern Surfaces Over New VA Pick 'The Doc'
Outgoing VA Chief Takes
Parting Shot at White House
the rundown

Outgoing VA Chief Takes Parting Shot at White House

David Shulkin says he was forced out over privatization; new pick is 'Doc' Ronny Jackson

(Newser) - That President Trump fired his embattled Veterans Affairs secretary on Wednesday is no big surprise. After all, David Shulkin had been on the outs with the White House over reports of improper spending and policy differences . Far more surprising is Trump's pick to replace him: White House physician Ronny...

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