Alexander Vindman

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Tuesday's Biggest Race Is Too Close to Call

GOP Rep. Bob Good, hoping to survive losing Trump's blessing, is in a nail-biter

(Newser) - The most closely watched race in Tuesday's primary voting—one seen as a test of Donald Trump's sway—remained too close to call early Wednesday. GOP Rep. Bob Good of Virginia, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, was locked in a tight contest against state Sen. John McGuire,...

Alexander Vindman Sues Over Alleged Retaliation

Files suit against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Dan Scavino, Julia Hahn

(Newser) - Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is citing the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act in a lawsuit he filed against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and two former White House officials in connection with then-President Donald Trump's 2019 impeachment. Vindman alleges the two men, along with former White House Deputy...

Milley Defends China Calls in First Public Comments

Top military leader says they were 'routine,' will go into more detail before Congress

(Newser) - The nation's top military officer has offered his first public comments on the controversy over his newly revealed calls to China in the waning days of the Trump administration. In an interview with the AP , Gen. Mark Milley says the calls were above board. Coverage:
  • In defense: Milley, chairman

Vindman's Wife Speaks Out: Trump 'Came After Our Family'

Rachel Vindman says president was 'obsessed' with her husband after his impeachment testimony

(Newser) - During Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony in the Trump impeachment hearings, and in the aftermath, when he says political retaliation basically forced him to retire , his wife, Rachel, stayed behind the scenes. Now, however, she's speaking out, via a campaign ad put out by the Lincoln Project and...

Vindman: As the US Struggles, I See a 'Chorus of Hope'

Retired Army officer attacked by Trump says despite 'personal turmoil,' he'll keep fighting for US

(Newser) - One of the key figures in the impeachment hearings for President Trump says his testimony effectively ended his career—but for telling the truth, he has no regrets. In a new op-ed in the Washington Post , retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman reiterates that he stepped down from his military post...

Vindman Ends Military Career, Cites White House 'Retaliation'

His lawyer says key impeachment witness believes his military future 'will forever be limited'

(Newser) - Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is calling it quits on his 21-year military career, and his lawyer says it's because Vindman believes his future in the US Army "will forever be limited" due to political retaliation at the hands of President Trump and his allies. Vindman says he found...

Senator: I'm Ready to Block Over 1K Military Promotions

Sen. Tammy Duckworth stands up for a key Trump whistleblower

(Newser) - Sen. Tammy Duckworth is drawing the line. The Illinois Democrat announced Thursday she'll hold up over 1,100 military promotions unless the Pentagon promises it won't block the promotion of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified in in the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump, USA Today reports....

John Kelly Speaks, and Trump Isn't Happy

It was 'a killer' working in the White House, says former chief of staff

(Newser) - John Kelly spoke at Drew University in New Jersey Wednesday night, and Trump's former chief of staff was unusually candid about his stint at the White House under President Trump.
  • Not fun: "I'm disappointed in myself for leaving, but it was a killer, I mean, no joke,

Trump: Military Could Punish Vindman for Testimony

Security adviser claims brothers weren't fired

(Newser) - There were dueling messages on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from the White House on Tuesday, with President Trump suggesting the impeachment witness might be disciplined by the military and national security adviser Robert O'Brien insisting he had not been retaliated against—or even fired. Vindman, the National Security Council'...

Trump Fired Sondland Despite Warnings From GOP Senators

Collins and others feared a backlash over ousting impeachment witness

(Newser) - Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the EU, was in talks to head off into the sunset with the impeachment trial over. Leave it at that, several Republican senators urged President Trump: Let him leave quietly to avoid looking like you're purging the administration of House impeachment witnesses. The senators lost...

2 Non-Candidates Get Big Ovations at Debate

Mitt Romney and the NSC's Alexander Vindman

(Newser) - Two people not running for president got plenty of applause during the Democratic debate Friday night.
  • Vindman: Joe Biden at one point urged the crowd to stand in support of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of the National Security Council, who testified in the House impeachment inquiry, reports Newsweek . Vindman was

White House May Boot Vindman From NSC
Is Escorted
Out of the
White House

Vindman Is Escorted Out of the White House

Ukraine expert testified in Trump impeachment hearings

(Newser) - One of the most explosive testimonies during President Trump's impeachment hearings came from Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who listened in on the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Now, Vindman's days as director for European affairs on the National Security Council are...

'Most Feared Witness' Testifies Today
Impeachment Hearing
'Comes Down to One Guy'

Impeachment Hearing 'Comes Down to One Guy'

Gordon Sondland testifies Wednesday

(Newser) - With US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland set to testify, Democrats are hoping Wednesday's impeachment hearing will deliver more bombshells than a B-52. Insiders say Sondland's testimony is that which the White House fears most, raising concerns that he might choose to plead the Fifth Amendment...

Tuesday's Hearings Called a 'Very Bad Day' for Trump

GOP's witnesses weren't much help, analysts say

(Newser) - Tuesday's impeachment hearings were a "great day for Republicans," President Trump tweeted —but many analysts disagree. After Lt. Col Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams, a Mike Pence aide, testified in the morning, the House Intelligence Committee heard from Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine,...

Fox Hosts Have Advice for Trump Before Hearings
Fox Hosts Advised Against It.
Trump Weighs In Anyway
the rundown

Fox Hosts Advised Against It. Trump Weighs In Anyway

It's a big day on Capitol Hill for the proceedings

(Newser) - President Trump on Tuesday weighed in on the resumption of impeachment hearings, though two Fox News hosts had advised him to refrain. "What is going on is a disgrace and it’s an embarrassment to our nation,” Trump told reporters, per the Hill . His Twitter feed also filled...

Army May Move Vindman for Safety
Nunes of
His Rank

Vindman Reminds Nunes of His Rank

Also, Army may move him and family to military base for protection

(Newser) - The Army is looking into the possibility of moving impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base to make sure they're safe, reports the Wall Street Journal . The Ukraine native, who's testifying Tuesday, has been the subject of much online vilification from supporters...

'Star Witness' to Testify in Impeachment Hearing

Republicans attack Vindman on eve of testimony

(Newser) - The second week of impeachment hearings kicks off Tuesday with the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman at 9am—a man the Washington Post considers one of the Democrats' "star witnesses." Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient who is the National Security Council's top Ukraine specialist, is expected...

Trump: I'll Consider Testifying
Trump Responds to Pelosi's
Invitation to Testify
the rundown

Trump Responds to Pelosi's Invitation to Testify

President says he will 'strongly consider' it

(Newser) - On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi said President Trump was welcome to personally testify in the House impeachment inquiry. On Monday, Trump said he just might do that. "Even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea &...

'There Was No Doubt:' 2 More Transcripts Are Out

Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill

(Newser) - Two more transcripts are out from the testimony of key figures in the impeachment inquiry, that of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman , a Ukraine specialist on the National Security Council, and Fiona Hill , who also was with the NSC. Read Vindman's transcript here , and Hill's here . The Washington Post ...

Trump's Ukraine Expert: WH Transcript Was Missing Parts

Sources: Alexander Vindman said he tried to get "Burisma," Trump's mention of Biden tapes back in

(Newser) - Democrats said Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's more than 10 hours of testimony Tuesday on Capitol Hill in the Trump impeachment inquiry was "extremely disturbing," and key among the details was his description of the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, as...

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