Qasem Soleimani

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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack in Iran

Terror group may be trying to exploit the chaos of the Israeli-Hamas war

(Newser) - The Islamic State claimed responsibility Thursday for two suicide bombings in Iran on Wednesday that claimed more than 80 lives. Experts who follow the group confirmed that the statement came from the extremists, who likely hope to take advantage of the chaos gripping the region amid Israel's war on...

Iran: 'Terroristic' Attack at Tribute Event Kills Dozens

More than 170 were also injured after explosions at event for general slain by US 4 years ago

(Newser) - Explosions at an event honoring a prominent Iranian general slain in a US airstrike in 2020 have killed at least 73 people and wounded more than 170 others, state-run media in Iran reported Wednesday. A senior official called the blasts a "terroristic" attack, without elaborating on who could be...

Trump Slams Netanyahu in Campaign Speech

Says Israeli leader 'let us down' over 2020 mission to kill Iranian general

(Newser) - Former President Trump has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of betraying him just before the US killed a top Iranian general in 2020, breaking from the Republican presidential primary field's uniform support of Israel as it responds to Hamas' deadly attack. Trump's comments at a rally in...

His 'Plenty of Fish' Date Has Bizarre, Painful Conclusion

Police say Nika Nikoubin stabbed suitor near Vegas to avenge US killing of Iranian general

(Newser) - In early 2020, US drones killed a top Iranian general . More than two years later, a man looking for love in a hotel room near Vegas paid for it. In a bizarre criminal report, police in Henderson, Nevada, say a woman stabbed her date in retaliation for the killing of...

Families of Canadians Killed in Jet Downed by Iran Get $84M

Iran shot down the flight in early 2020

(Newser) - Update: Families of six of the Canadians killed in a January 2020 shooting down of a Ukraine International Airlines flight in Iran have been awarded $107 million Canadian (approximately $84 million), plus interest, in compensation. A Canadian court awarded the money, and it's not clear how it will actually...

She Says She Gave Up Secrets for Love, Gets 23 Years

Military linguist Mariam Thompson gave info to foreign national with links to Hezbollah

(Newser) - "I just wanted to have somebody to love me in my old age," 63-year-old Mariam Taha Thompson told a sentencing hearing this week. Prosecutors said that was a poor excuse for passing US military secrets—including the names of informants—to a foreign national she knew had links...

Confusion Abounds Over Tweet Showing 'Golfing Trump'

Twitter suspended 'fake' Khamenei account over apparent threat, but Iranian leader's site has the pic

(Newser) - Log onto the website of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and an unusual photo appears on the homepage: a graphic representation of a man who appears to be Donald Trump, playing golf in a red shirt. Look more closely, however, and the image turns more ominous, with the...

Across the Globe, an Arrest Warrant for Trump

Iraqi court charges US president with premeditated murder

(Newser) - An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for outgoing President Trump in connection with the killing of an Iranian general and a powerful Iraqi militia leader last year, Iraq's judiciary said, per the AP . The warrant was issued by a judge in Baghdad's investigative court tasked with probing the...

Air Traffic Controllers Hear Threat to Fly Plane Into US Capitol

Message alleges that attack will come Wednesday to avenge assassinated Iranian general Soleimani

(Newser) - A year after a US drone strike killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani , air traffic controllers in New York heard a chilling threat to Washington, DC. "We are flying a plane into the Capitol Wednesday. Soleimani will be avenged," said the digitized voice recording , obtained by CBS News . It...

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump

Asks Interpol to nab him over killing of Iranian general

(Newser) - When the US killed an Iranian general earlier this year, Tehran retaliated by firing missiles at American military bases. Now, Iran is taking a different approach. It issued an arrest warrant Monday for President Trump and about three dozen others who played a role in planning the strike that killed...

Iran to Execute Man Who Spied on Soleimani

Conviction is not related to Iranian general's killing in January

(Newser) - An Iranian man who provided information on Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani to US and Israeli intelligence has been sentenced to die, according to Iran's judiciary. A spokesperson described Mahmoud Mousavi-Majd as a spy for both the CIA and Mossad at a Tuesday news conference, reports Reuters . Gholamhossein Esmaili...

More Troops Than Thought Had Brain Injuries After Iran Strike

Pentagon says 34 in all, and half are still being evaluated

(Newser) - Iran's retaliatory strike on US troops injured more Americans than thought. The Pentagon on Friday said that 34 service members were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, reports the AP . Of those, 17 are still under medical observation. Eight of that group were shipped back to the Walter Reed Medical...

Iran's Supreme Leader Calls Trump a 'Clown'

Khamenei delivers first Friday sermon in Tehran in 8 years

(Newser) - In his first Friday sermon in Tehran in eight years, Iran's supreme leader said President Trump is a "clown" who only pretends to support the Iranian people but will "push a poisonous dagger" into their backs. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the mass funerals for Iran's top...

Mark Esper 'Didn't See' Rationale for Trump's Big Move
Defense Sec.
'Didn't See'
for Trump's
Big Move
sunday talk shows

Defense Sec. 'Didn't See' Rationale for Trump's Big Move

And other quotes around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Was there a rationale for killing Iran's top general? Defense Secretary Mark Esper seemed to convey mixed messages Sunday on that hot-button topic, the New York Times reports. On CBS' Face the Nation, Esper cast some doubt on President Trump's claim that he ordered Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani'...

Protesters Hit the Streets: 'Khamenei Is a Murderer!'
Protests Erupt After
Iran Admits Guilt
the rundown

Protests Erupt After Iran Admits Guilt

And Ukraine is demanding a full apology over downed passenger plane that killed 176 people

(Newser) - Iran's admission that it "unintentionally" shot down a passenger jet this week, killing all 176 on board, hasn't exactly eased tensions. Thousands of angry protesters hit the streets in Iran on Saturday and faced tear gas from riot police, the New York Times reports. Videos show some...

Iran Admits 'Unintentionally' Shooting Down Passenger Jet

Officials say it was mistaken for 'hostile target'

(Newser) - Iran announced Saturday that its military "unintentionally" shot down the Ukrainian jetliner that crashed earlier this week , killing all 176 aboard, after the government had repeatedly denied Western accusations that it was responsible. The plane was shot down early Wednesday, hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on...

Fight Over War Powers Looms in Congress
Fight Over War Powers
Looms in Congress

Fight Over War Powers Looms in Congress

Pelosi says vote will be held Thursday

(Newser) - Iran and the US appear to have stepped back from the brink of war—but congressional Democrats still want to make sure President Trump's ability to take action against the country is reined in. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that the chamber will vote Thursday on a war...

Trump Addresses America on Soleimani, Iran Attack

Says Soleimani's hands were 'drenched in blood'

(Newser) - It's what the AP calls "one of the greatest tests" of Donald Trump's presidency: how to respond to Iran's decision to fire ballistic missiles at two Iraqi bases where US troops are present. And on Wednesday morning, he took to the airwaves from the White House'...

Iran: Our Missile Strikes 'a Slap in the Face' to the US

But no reports of US or coalition casualties so far, though Tehran claims dozens

(Newser) - The US military says it is still assessing casualties from Iranian missile strikes on two bases in Iraq that house US and coalition troops—but Tehran claims the impact was devastating. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Wednesday called the barrage of missiles in retaliation for the killing of Gen. Qasem...

Iran Says Its 'Fierce Revenge' Has Begun

Trump says 'all is well' after missile attack on Iraq bases

(Newser) - Iran launched Tuesday night what the Revolutionary Guards called "fierce revenge" for the killing of Gen. Qasem Soleimani, striking two air bases housing US troops in Iraq with ballistic missiles. The New York Times reports that Iranian officials said the strikes began at 1:20am Wednesday local time—the...

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