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Google Makes Big Move on Climate Change Denial

Company to restrict ads on Google, YouTube that promote climate change misinformation

(Newser) - Google is cracking down on digital ads promoting false climate-change claims or being used to make money from such content, hoping to limit revenue for climate change deniers and stop the spread of misinformation on its platforms. The company said Thursday in a blog post that the new policy will...

YouTube Makes Big Move on Anti-Vaccine Content

Ban now covers false claims on all vaccines

(Newser) - YouTube is cracking down on medical misinformation—especially anti-vaccine content. In a blog post Wednesday, the platform said it is expanding a ban on false claims about COVID vaccines to cover other vaccines. YouTube said the ban includes content that "falsely alleges that approved vaccines are dangerous and cause...

Facebook Tweaked Its News Feed, Saw 'Unhealthy Side Effects'

Internal docs show 2018 changes to enhance user engagement made things angrier, more polarizing

(Newser) - Facebook execs likely aren't looking forward to the latest copies of the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this week, the paper published a damning story about Instagram on the platform's harmful effects on teen users (and how the parent company knew about it), as well as an article on...

Click for Click, Misinformation Wins on Facebook, Data Show
Misinformation Dominates
Facebook Engagement, 6-1
new study

Misinformation Dominates Facebook Engagement, 6-1

Company disputes researchers' findings that reliable information lags badly on site

(Newser) - Misinformation is thriving on Facebook, researchers have found. A new project has shown that publishers who post misinformation are drawing much greater engagement than reliable sources—six times the number of shares, likes, and other interactions, the Washington Post reports. The study, which has been peer reviewed, was conducted during...

YouTube Dumps Rand Paul for a Week Over Mask Misinfo

GOP senator calls his weeklong booting a 'badge of honor'

(Newser) - Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't the only Republican lawmaker who's temporarily lost social media privileges . On Tuesday, the same day that Twitter placed the Georgia congresswoman on a seven-day break for posting misinformation on the COVID vaccine, GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky received his own weeklong suspension from...

Twitter Escalates Penalty for Latest Greene Tweet

Suspension for vaccine misinformation, this time for 7 days, comes 3 weeks after another

(Newser) - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting ever closer to a permanent Twitter ban. The platform announced Tuesday that it had suspended the congresswoman for a week for a misleading tweet about COVID-19 vaccines sent hours earlier. Greene wrote that the FDA "should not approve the covid vaccines" because "...

YouTube Yanks Videos From Brazil's Bolsonaro

Platform accuses him of spreading misinformation about COVID

(Newser) - YouTube has removed some 15 videos posted by Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro that spread misinformation about COVID-19. The platform says it does not allow content "that states that hydroxychloroquine and/or ivermectin are effective in treating or preventing Covid-19, that states there is a cure for the disease, or says...

Biden to Facebook: You're Not Killing People

President clarifies comments, renews call to stamp out misinformation

(Newser) - President Biden was pretty ticked at Facebook . Then Facebook got pretty ticked at Biden . Now Biden wants everyone to just get along—and work together to stop the antivaccine misinformation campaign. After saying Facebook and other social media giants that give platforms to antivaxxers are "killing people," CNBC...

'Disinformation Dozen' Pushes Most Antivaccine Content

73% of false conspiracy theories on Facebook come from accounts of 12 people

(Newser) - Twelve people are responsible for 73% of COVID misinformation on Facebook. A group called the Center for Countering Digital Hate says it looked at content posted on Facebook and antivaccine Facebook groups in February and March, and then monitored how the content was shared. The group says antivaccine influencers make...

Biden Is Onto Something With 'They're Killing People'

Kara Swisher writes that social media isn't exactly killing people, but it still deserves blame

(Newser) - There was no nuance, no hedging in President Biden's answer Friday when he was asked if he had anything to say to social media companies in the face of the worsening pandemic. "They're killing people," Biden said. He added, "The only pandemic we have is...

Surgeon General Warns Misinformation Costs Lives

COVID battle especially is threatened, Murthy says in asking Americans' help

(Newser) - The US surgeon general pointed out Thursday that the national advisories issued by his office usually concern a disease, or our diet, or smoking, or drinking. Not this time, ABC reports. "Today, we live in a world where misinformation poses an imminent and insidious threat to our nation's...

The DOJ Just Yanked Dozens of Iran-Tied News Sites

Department alleges these state-linked sites are spreading disinformation

(Newser) - American authorities seized a range of Iran's state-linked news website domains they accused of spreading disinformation, the US Justice Department said Tuesday, a move that appeared to be a far-reaching crackdown on Iranian media amid heightened tensions between the two countries. The Justice Department said 33 of the seized...

Senator's Speech on COVID Treatments Gets Dinged on YT

Ron Johnson earns one-week suspension after site says he spread medical misinformation

(Newser) - Ron Johnson had some thoughts earlier this month on treatments for COVID, and those nuggets have now earned him a one-week suspension from YouTube. The Republican senator from Wisconsin made a June 3 appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club, where he slammed both the Trump and Biden administrations for "...

Riot Defense: Too Much Fox
Riot Defense:
Too Much Fox 

Riot Defense: Too Much Fox

Anthony Antonio started believing the election misinformation, lawyer tells judge

(Newser) - Anthony Antonio, who was out of work, spent the six months before the attack on the US Capitol watching Fox News, his lawyer said, absorbing every lie told about the presidential election being stolen from former President Trump. When the pandemic took his job in Chicago, the Washington Post reports,...

School Again in News Over Anti-Vaccine Sentiment

Teacher told students not to embrace vaccinated parents for more than 5 seconds

(Newser) - The Centner Academy was already in the news this week after reports that the Miami private school warned its teachers not to get the COVID vaccine, citing a debunked vaccination theory. Now, a new headline: A math and science teacher at the school told her fifth-grade students the vaccine is...

Private School Warns Its Teachers Not to Get Vaccine

Citing debunked theory, Fla.'s Centner Academy says staff will be kept from students if they do so

(Newser) - While many schools are encouraging staff to get the COVID vaccine, one private school in Miami is doing the opposite. Per CBS4 , the Centner Academy, which charges up to $30,000 per year for students in pre-K through eighth grade, emailed a letter to employees Monday citing debunked anti-vaccination theories,...

Facebook Yanking Down Fake Claims on Vaccines, COVID

Social media giant says it's launching 'largest worldwide campaign' for credible vaccine info

(Newser) - "There's still a long road ahead" in getting the coronavirus under control, but to encourage people to get vaccinated, Facebook is launching "the largest worldwide campaign" to share credible information about COVID inoculation—which, in turn, means it will increase its push to ban misinformation about it....

After Twitter Dumped Trump, a Big Drop in Misinformation

Researchers say taking president off platform made significant dent in the spread of false claims

(Newser) - If you're wondering what effect "deplatforming"—ie, taking away someone's megaphone, especially online—has on the spread of misinformation, a recent ban is seeing some interesting results. The Washington Post reports that, per analytics firm Zignal Labs, false claims about election fraud plummeted 73% across multiple...

Typing Error Launches Accusations of Voter Fraud

Incorrect Michigan map was eventually tweeted by the president

(Newser) - Anonymous social media accounts shared an electoral map of Michigan containing false information on Wednesday before the president did so twice. "WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?" President Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, sharing the map that showed 138,000 ballots had suddenly been added, all in favor of Democratic presidential...

Reports: Trump Knew Russian Assets Were Using Giuliani

US intelligence found Giuliani was the target of a Russian intelligence operation in Ukraine

(Newser) - US intelligence agencies warned the White House that Rudy Giuliani was the target of a Russian intelligence operation, and had contact with Russian assets, while in Ukraine last year, according to reports from the Washington Post and New York Times . Giuliani visited the country in December seeking information he thought...

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