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Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Viral Video
Starbucks Cans Barista Who
Made Hit TikTok Video
in case you missed it

Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Hit TikTok Video

He was told he 'demonstrated behavior not aligned with Starbucks Mission Values'

(Newser) - A barista fired for making a viral TikTok video says he would trade all his views and likes for his job at Starbucks back. Eli, a 19-year-old college student in Indiana, tells BuzzFeed that the now-deleted video poked fun at customers who correct their orders. In one skit, a fellow...

Woman Sues Over Public Flap at Starbucks

Barista refused her service over mask, and someone made a GoFundMe for him

(Newser) - Sometimes, public disputes over masks on social media flame out quickly. And sometimes, as in this case, they just keep escalating. In the latest development, a San Diego woman who got into a dispute with a Starbucks barista about wearing a mask is suing the creator of a GoFundMe campaign...

Starbucks Is Getting in the Vaccination Game

Employees in Washington state are working on optimization, scalability

(Newser) - When you need COVID-19 vaccines rolled out to your citizens quickly and efficiently, who you gonna call? Starbucks, apparently. Washington state has reached out to the coffee giant for help, and Starbucks says 11 employees with expertise in labor and deployment, operations, and research and development will work full-time on...

Barista's Mask Request Draws BLM Tirade

White customer berates Black employee at Starbucks, who says she's used to it

(Newser) - A California barista has explained how she was able to keep her cool while enduring a profane tirade from a customer. "I'm Black in America, so I’ve dealt with these kinds of situations before," said Alex Beckom, 19. "So I am able to stay calm...

Guy Blames Starbucks for 'Awkward and Painful' Sex

Calif. man sues chain, claims hot tea spilled all over his genitals at drive-thru and disfigured them

(Newser) - A young dad has filed suit against Starbucks after he says hot tea he ordered in a California drive-thru spilled all over him and scalded his genitals. Per the Sacramento Bee , the complaint by Tommy Piluyev against the coffee chain and Pactiv Packaging, the company that makes Starbucks' cups and...

Starbucks Worker Allegedly Spit in Cops' Drinks

He's been fired, arrested

(Newser) - A New Jersey Starbucks worker was fired and arrested after allegedly spitting in drinks served to police officers. "We got a tip that he had done this," a Park Ridge police captain tells NBC News . Upon investigating, "We believe it happened more than once but we can...

Woman Denied Service Wants Half of Barista's Sweet $100K
Woman Denied Service:
I Want My Half of $100K
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Woman Denied Service: I Want My Half of $100K

Amber Gilles says health issues prevented her from wearing a mask

(Newser) - A woman denied service because she wasn't wearing a face mask says she deserves roughly $50,000 for the "discrimination" she endured, KGTV reports. Amber Gilles argues that medical issues prevented her from wearing a mask when she entered a San Diego Starbucks, where the barista, Lenin Gutierrez,...

Starbucks Changing Rules for Customers

They'll be required to wear masks

(Newser) - Face masks soon will no longer be up for debate at Starbucks. The company said Thursday that customers who come inside will be required to cover their faces as of July 15, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The rule will apply at all company-owned locations,...

Barista $78K Richer After Refusing to Serve Woman

Lenen Gutierrez told her she's supposed to wear a mask

(Newser) - A San Diego barista is over $78,000 richer after standing up to a woman who wanted service without wearing a mask, ABC7 reports. "It's so shocking to see something get so big that only happened within a few minutes," says the barista, Lenen Gutierrez, in a...

Starbucks Changes Worker Policy After an Uproar

It will not only allow Black Lives Matter clothing, it's making a shirt of its own

(Newser) - Starbucks is changing course after uproar over a policy blocking baristas from sporting items in support of Black Lives Matter. After claiming the items might be misconstrued by people looking to "amplify divisiveness," the company said Friday that it would not only permit employees to wear attire and...

Workers Slam Starbucks' 'Hypocritical' Ban

Company won't let employees wear 'Black Lives Matter' clothing, accessories

(Newser) - Last week, Starbucks made its pinned tweet one with a timely message: "Black lives matter. We are committed to being a part of change." This week, per the Hill , some are calling the company's stance a disingenuous one in light of its recent enforcement of a dress...

Starbucks Makes Big Move Toward a New 'Vision'

Company to close 400 stores to focus on takeout-only locations

(Newser) - Starbucks is shifting away from its famous cafe experience in a change only partly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. The coffee company tells CNN that it was reevaluating its coffee-selling model before the pandemic, as about 80% of transactions at its 15,000 US stores are "on-the-go" purchases. As...

Starbucks Reopening Most Stores, but Things Will Be Different

85% of the coffee chain's shops will be open by the end of the week, with new protocols

(Newser) - By the end of the week, 85% of Starbucks' US stores will reopen—but things will not be the same. As the Washington Post reports, new protocols will focus on things like no-contact order pickups and cashless payments. The coffee chain is also focusing on its mobile app, which will...

Starbucks Just Made a Change It Hopes You Don't Notice

Company is testing greener coffee cup with biodegradable liner

(Newser) - Starbucks' paper coffee cups aren't as easy to recycle as you may think. That's because it's challenging to separate the outer paper part from the thin plastic liner used on the inside to keep any hot beverage from seeping through. The chain hopes to change all of...

Starbucks Is Not Messing Around With Coronavirus

Chain shuts down more than 2K stores in China amid outbreak

(Newser) - Starbucks says it has closed more than half of its 4,292 stores in China and delayed releasing a financial forecast "due to the dynamic situation unfolding with the coronavirus ." China is the second-largest market for Starbucks, which is the first major American company to warn that it...

Truck Almost Demolishes Illinois Starbucks

5 injured in McHenry crash

(Newser) - A pickup truck slammed into an Illinois Starbucks on Thursday, injuring several people and causing massive damage to the coffee shop, police said. Patrick Polidori, public affairs officer for McHenry police, tells the AP that the driver and four people inside the cafe were injured. Fire and rescue personnel extracted...

A Laptop Theft at Starbucks Ends in Victim's Death

Calif. man killed Tuesday in pursuit of stolen laptop

(Newser) - A California man is dead after chasing down a thief who snatched his laptop from a Starbucks on New Year's Eve. The unidentified man was working from the Starbucks in an east Oakland neighborhood around 11:30am when someone grabbed his computer and ran. A woman seated near the...

Sheriff: 'Anti-Police Culture' at Starbucks Has to Stop

Two deputies were apparently ignored by staff in Riverside County, Calif.

(Newser) - Yet again, law enforcement is complaining about service they get at Starbucks—this time in California. "Two of our deputies were refused service at Starbucks," tweeted Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, per CNN . "The anti police culture repeatedly displayed by Starbucks employees must end." Bianco said...

Starbucks Barista Prints Nasty Word on Cop's Coffee

Oklahoma Police Chief Johnny O'Mara did not hold back

(Newser) - An Oklahoma police officer was picking up Starbucks coffees on Thanksgiving and noticed a word on the label: "PIG." And it didn't end there. "This is what he gets for being nice," Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O'Mara wrote on Facebook , saying the coffees were...

The 'Willy Wonka's of Coffee' Is Now Open

Starbucks opens its biggest store ever in Chicago on Friday

(Newser) - An "immersive, theatrical experience" is opening in Chicago on Friday, but it's not a Broadway show or some performance-art piece, unless you consider swirling milk foam on a venti latte particularly artistic. The world's largest Starbucks—or what USA Today calls something "between a shrine to...

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