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This Wild Plant Is Keeping Gazans Alive

Khobeza is at least free, though harvesting can be dangerous

(Newser) - In northern Gaza, two pounds of rotten-looking potatoes sell for more than $10. Two pounds of rice sell for $20, up from $2 before the war, NPR reports. Many can't afford to buy food, and some say they've had no access to humanitarian aid. "There's no...

UN Report on Food Waste Highlights a 'Travesty'

Researchers say that in 2022, nearly 20% of food produced globally went to waste

(Newser) - The world wasted an estimated 19% of the food produced globally in 2022, or about 1.05 billion metric tons, per a new United Nations report. The UN Environment Programme's Food Waste Index Report published Wednesday, co-authored by UNEP and the international charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP),...

Think Your Lab Is Too Chunky? There's a Reason
For These Dogs, a 'Double
Whammy' on Chonking Out

For These Dogs, a 'Double Whammy' on Chonking Out

Labradors, other flat-coated retrievers have genetic mutation that predisposes them to obesity

(Newser) - Every pet owner has to take care to keep their furry friends happy, healthy, and at a safe weight. For those who have a Labrador or flat-coated retriever in their charge, however, that last task might prove a bit more difficult. That's due to a "double whammy" with...

'The Child Deaths We Feared Are Here'

Children, elderly succumb to hunger in Gaza amid war, issues with aid delivery

(Newser) - After months of warnings over the risk of famine in Gaza under Israel's bombardment, offensives, and siege, children are starting to die. Hunger is most acute in northern Gaza, which has been isolated by Israeli forces and has suffered long cutoffs of food supply deliveries, per the AP . At...

As Wars Rage, This 'Living Nightmare' Is Largely Ignored

Sudan civil war has killed thousands, forced 8M from their homes

(Newser) - With much attention on wars in Europe, the victims of Sudan's civil war are facing death and destruction largely without help. Eleven months after fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group broke out on the streets of the nation's capital,...

2-Year Drought 'a Human Tragedy That's Only Growing'

Widespread drought conditions affect nearly 1 out of every 4 people on the planet

(Newser) - The last two years have been brutal in terms of drought. Nearly 25% of the world's population, some 1.84 billion people, were living under drought in 2022 and 2023, according to a UN report shared last month. The Horn of Africa experienced its worst drought in four decades,...

'It Is Hard to Overstate the Severity of the Situation'

Afghans struggle to feed their families amid UN aid cuts and a looming winter

(Newser) - The UN's World Food Program has had to cut 10 million Afghans off emergency food assistance over the past year due to " a massive funding shortfall ," exacerbating a crisis that will continue to worsen into the winter as snow cuts off supply routes and food and fuel...

Here Are the Neediest US Cities
This Is the Neediest
City in America

This Is the Neediest City in America

Detroit could use some help combatting poverty, unemployment, per WalletHub

(Newser) - It's the time of year when we're thankful for the abundance in our lives—and, hopefully, we try to think of others who aren't so fortunate. WalletHub looked at more than 180 US cities to see which ones suffer most from economic disarray, including through homelessness, food...

The Latest World Hunger Stats Are Grim

Number of people going hungry jumped by 122M between 2019 and 2022

(Newser) - The number of humans going hungry stood at an estimated 735 million in 2022, an increase of 122 million people since 2019. That roughly 20% jump is being attributed to the COVID pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, per a new report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization...

State Senator's Comments on Hunger Raise Eyebrows

Steve Drazkowski says he's never met a hungry Minnesotan

(Newser) - It's not clear exactly how many Minnesotans state Sen. Steve Drazkowski has met in his lifetime or during his 16 years in politics, but they have apparently all fallen into one category: well-fed. "I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry," the Republican...

Afghans Sell Daughters, Kidneys to Stave Off Hunger

Some parents are drugging their hungry children instead

(Newser) - It's no wonder Afghanistan is the world's unhappiest country . Afghans struggling to survive amid Taliban rule are selling their daughters and kidneys just to feed their families, and that isn't always enough. Amidst an economic crisis spurred in part by a freeze on foreign funds, one of...

Rep. Walorski's Family Got an Apology From Biden

After president asked if late congresswoman was present in the audience last week

(Newser) - Update: Two days after President Biden mistakenly asked if late Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski was in the audience he was addressing, he did indeed meet with the Republican's family as planned. Walorski's brother tells the New York Post that Biden apologized for questioning "Where's Jackie?" and...

53 Years After Nixon's Hunger Conference, a Big Goal

Biden wants to see hunger eliminated in the US by 2030

(Newser) - President Biden has set a massive goal, but one he considers doable: End hunger in the US by 2030. He said as much Wednesday at the first White House conference on hunger, nutrition, and health since 1969—one that was held under President Nixon. What you need to know:
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Feeling 'Hangry'? Scientists Say You're Not Imagining It

New research ties hunger to negative emotional states like irritability, anger, lower pleasure

(Newser) - That growing rage you feel the later you put off lunch hour—what has become colloquially known as being "hangry"—likely isn't just in your head. Austrian and Malaysian researchers have found that a lack of sustenance actually does seem to make people cranky, and it all...

Her Father Sold Her. Her Mother Is Fighting to Keep Her

Desperate parents are selling kids to feed their starving families in Afghanistan

(Newser) - In a sprawling settlement of mud brick huts in western Afghanistan housing people displaced by drought and war, a woman is fighting to save her daughter. Aziz Gul’s husband sold the 10-year-old girl into marriage without telling his wife. Arranging marriages for very young girls is a frequent practice...

UN Reports 'Tragic Data' on World Hunger

10% of the global population is undernourished, research shows

(Newser) - The United Nations on Monday lamented a "dramatic worsening" of world hunger last year, saying much of that is likely connected to the pandemic, and it urged billions of dollars to save millions of people from starving. A report issued jointly by five UN agencies said hunger outpaced population...

Bolsonaro: I Might Send Army Into the Streets

President says local pandemic lockdowns are worsening hunger in Brazil

(Newser) - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has suggested that the army might be called into the streets to restore order if lockdown measures against COVID-19 that he opposes lead to chaos. In a television interview Friday night with TV Criticia in the Amazon city of Manaus, Bolsonaro repeated his frequent criticism of...

Here's Who Paid $4.5M for a Lunch With Warren Buffett

That's a record as the 'Oracle of Omaha' continues to raise money for GLIDE

(Newser) - This is the 20th year Warren Buffett has auctioned off a "power lunch" with himself, and the winning bid set a record at more than $4.5 million. The billionaire investor started doing the auctions at a live charity event for GLIDE , a foundation that helps the homeless in...

What Freshman 15? A Third of College Kids Go Hungry

New survey finds hunger is a growing, mostly hidden problem on college campuses

(Newser) - The popular myth that college students gain weight during their freshman year is decidedly untrue for a significant portion of the college population. A new survey finds that 36% of college students in the US don't get enough to eat, the Washington Post reports. The survey, carried out by...

Venezuela's Children Are Starving
Kids Are Starving in
This Once-Rich Nation

Kids Are Starving in This Once-Rich Nation

'New York Times' is out with a disturbing look at rampant malnutrition in Venezuela

(Newser) - "Never in my life had I seen so many hungry children." And that comment from a pediatrician in Venezuela crystallizes a disturbing investigative piece by the New York Times on how the nation's economic collapse is taking a devastating toll on kids. The newspaper tracked 21 public...

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