Lyme disease

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Justin Bieber Discloses Health Problems

Singer says he's been fighting Lyme Disease, chronic mono

(Newser) - Saying "it's been a rough couple years," Justin Bieber announced Wednesday that he has Lyme disease. The singer disclosed his health problems on Instagram , CNN reports, answering those who had said recently that he doesn't look well and might be using meth. In addition to fighting... More »

House Backs Probe of Whether Military Used Ticks to Spread Lyme Disease

Lawmaker hopes to push efforts for a cure

(Newser) - A measure in Congress calls for an investigation into whether the military tried to put pathogens into ticks so they could be used as biological weapons. Rep. Chris Smith hopes a probe could answer whether the chronic illness was spread in this country by a weapons program and possibly lead... More »

This Is Not the Usual Lyme Disease Tale

What many don't realize: In most cases, the ailment is easily treatable

(Newser) - Horror stories about Lyme disease abound, as Apoorva Mandavilli discovered when she started telling people that her 9-year-old son had been diagnosed. Everybody seems to know someone, or knows somebody who knows someone, who is suffering awful symptoms that never seem to go away. But as Mandavilli writes in a... More »

Researchers Find Another Disease Carried by Ticks

In the US, there are at least 16

(Newser) - Researchers have identified a new disease carried by a tick in Inner Mongolia. In the US alone, at least 16 diseases have been identified that ticks can pass on to humans, NPR reports. The discovery, disclosed in a study in the New England Journal of Medicine , means that we don'... More »

Spray Your Clothes With This Chemical to Keep Ticks Away

The CDC says an insecticide called permethrin causes ticks to fall from clothing

(Newser) - In an especially nasty year for ticks, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a statement about a possible method for preventing the spread of diseases carried by their bites, Live Science reports. By spraying clothing with an insecticide called permethrin, experts believe you can cause the... More »

A Mom's Natural Tick Spray Shows Promise in Tests

Lisa Ali's AtlanTick spray wards off most ticks in studies at Canadian university

(Newser) - The story begins in all-too-familiar fashion: A mom discovers that her two young sons were bitten by ticks and developed Lyme disease as a result. Then comes the not-so-typical twist: The same mom develops an all-natural tick spray that is showing promise in tests at a Canadian university. As the... More »

Tick, Mosquito Infections Have More Than Tripled

Bloodsucker season is getting longer, CDC warns

(Newser) - The number of Americans catching diseases from tiny bloodsucking creatures is going up at an alarming rate, federal authorities warn. According to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of reported illnesses caused by ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas more than tripled between 2004 and... More »

Lethal Tick Bite Claims Woman in Missouri

Tamela Wilson is fifth known person to have contracted the Bourbon virus

(Newser) - Tamela Wilson was no stranger to tick bites. The 58-year-old assistant superintendent at Meramec State Park in Missouri had worked at a state park for more than a decade and would pick the bugs off her skin routinely, reports CBS News . But in late May, just four days after she... More »

Alec Baldwin: I Thought Lyme Disease Was Going to Kill Me

Actor talks about his struggle at California benefit

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin had a busy weekend: Fresh off his latest turn as President Trump on Saturday Night Live, the actor was in California on Sunday at a Lyme disease benefit and talking about his own struggle with Lyme. After first getting bitten 17 years ago, he was bitten again a... More »

Deadly Tick Disease Has Experts Issuing Dire Warnings

Expert says we should be 'very scared' about Powassan virus

(Newser) - There's an emerging tick-borne disease spreading across the US, and it has infectious disease experts sounding the alarm. The so-called Powassan virus, which the CDC reports is related to West Nile, is still very rare, with only about 75 cases reported in the past decade. But it is far... More »

Lyme Disease Ticks Spread to Half of All US Counties

Which is why cases have tripled since 1990s

(Newser) - Nearly half of all counties in the US are now home to ticks that carry Lyme disease, including areas where they'd never before been documented, researchers at the CDC report in the Journal of Medical Entomology . That's up from 30% of counties in 1998, with the Guardian reporting... More »

Bad News: Lyme Disease Is Spreading

It's no longer just the Northeast's problem

(Newser) - Lyme disease may be coming to a state near you. The debilitating and potentially deadly illness is spreading from the Northeast, with four times as many high-risk counties (182) than in 1993, NBC News reports. The center of infection has shifted from northern New Jersey to east-central Pennsylvania, and 15... More »

Scientist Who Found Cause of Lyme Disease Dead at 89

Willy Burgdorfer discovered tick-borne bacteria

(Newser) - A researcher who figured out how people were contracting a new ailment called Lyme disease in the early 1980s has died at age 89, reports NBC Montana . Swiss-born Willy Burgdorfer made the discovery while not even looking for it. He was dissecting deer ticks sent from Long Island that were... More »

The Key to Killing Lyme Disease: Mice?

Biologist develops vaccine-packed, edible pellets

(Newser) - A Tennessee scientist has developed a novel way to fight Lyme disease—and it starts with your local mice. Mice can carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme, so molecular biologist Maria Gomes-Solecki decided to target the furry creatures rather than taking direct aim at the ticks that suck... More »

Lyme, Tick-Borne Illnesses Get Even More Terrifying

Emerging Powassan virus is rarer but deadlier

(Newser) - The height of tick season generally brings a spate of scary stories about Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, and this year's seem especially high on the heebie-jeebies scale. Lyme disease itself has long been confounding, but the Boston Globe today zeroes in on an especially vexing fact: About... More »

Get Ready for Tick-Filled Summer

Warm weather means pests will be out early

(Newser) - This unseasonably warm weather has been nice, right? Sure, except that experts believe tick activity is starting sooner than usual, meaning that "this is going to be a horrific season, especially for Lyme," one expert says. Lyme disease is just one of the many diseases transmitted by ticks,... More »

This Might Be a Bad Summer for Lyme Disease

Big crop of acorns, mice signal potential trouble

(Newser) - A surge in cases of Lyme disease could be hiding in the forest. Scientists say the northeastern US might be staring at "the worst year yet" for the bacterial illness, reports Wired . The reason starts with acorns: In 2010, there was a huge crop of them, which led to... More »

Nantucket Locals Ticked Off at Deer

Residents blame population for upswing in tick-borne diseases

(Newser) - When the first deer landed on Nantucket in 1926, cheering crowds greeted them. But as a vicious trio of tick-related diseases devastates the island, many say the Bambis have overstayed their welcome, the New York Times reports. “The numbers of tick-borne diseases are so off the graph, and it... More »

Parker Posey Battling Lyme Disease

(Newser) - The generally spunky Parker Posey may be showing a little drag in her step: The 40-year-old actress has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, People reports. The illness is forcing Posey to bow out of the lead role in the stage production of This, which starts previews Nov. 6. More »

Church Shooter Marked 'Death Day' in Planner

Authorities baffled on motive; Lyme 'doesn't cause' shooting: expert

(Newser) - The man charged with killing an Illinois pastor during a Sunday service appears to have planned the attack, having marked the date “Death Day” in his planner, the AP reports. But authorities are still stymied over a motive behind the attack. Terry Sedlacek was a quiet kid working in... More »

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