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The King of Easter Candy Is No Bunny
The King of Easter
Candy Is No Bunny
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The King of Easter Candy Is No Bunny

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are most popular, according to Instacart and DoorDash

(Newser) - Think Easter candy, and marshmallow Peeps and chocolate bunnies likely come to mind. But that's not primarily what ends up in shoppers' carts. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs were the top-selling Easter candy in 2023, according to data from both Instacart and DoorDash . The eggs were the top seller...

Not-So-Sweet News for Chocoholics
Not-So-Sweet News
for Chocoholics

Not-So-Sweet News for Chocoholics

Cocoa prices have skyrocketed, so get ready to open that wallet a little wider

(Newser) - It's the day for chocolate and roses, and at least one of those things is looking to set you back more this year. As NPR reports, the cost of cocoa, which is kind of a key ingredient in the aforementioned chocolate, has been skyrocketing—and basically doubled in the...

Woman Sues Hershey for $5M Over 'Misleading' Packaging
Woman Sues Hershey for $5M
Over 'Misleading' Packaging

Woman Sues Hershey for $5M Over 'Misleading' Packaging

Florida's Cynthia Kelly says holiday-themed Reese's candy lacked carved designs as shown on wrappers

(Newser) - Cynthia Kelly says she was shopping in an Aldi in October when she picked up a bag of Halloween-themed Reese's peanut butter candy for $4.49, drawn in by the "cute looking" carvings shown on the candy's outer wrapper. That's per the Florida woman's new...

After Blast, She Caught on Fire. Then, a Plunge Into Chocolate

'I thought it was the end for me,' says Patricia Borges, who survived Pennsylvania plant explosion

(Newser) - A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building—and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate. The dark liquid extinguished her blazing arm, but...

One Pulled Alive From Rubble of Chocolate Plant in Pa.

Three were killed and 4 are still missing

(Newser) - After an explosion at a chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on Friday, some clarity has emerged on casualties: As of Sunday morning, authorities say three people were killed and four remain missing, reports the AP . However, in some good news, one person was pulled alive from the rubble overnight...

OSHA Issues Fine Over Workers Falling Into Chocolate

Mars Wrigley receives citation categorized as serious

(Newser) - The Mars Wrigley Confectionary in Pennsylvania has been fined over an accident in which two workers fell into a tank of chocolate. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration issued a serious citation and a penalty of more than $14,000, KHTM reports. The company didn't ensure that the two...

Lindt and Its Red-Ribbon Bunnies Score a Win in Court

Swiss court rules Lidl can't sell similar looking product

(Newser) - You likely know Lindt's Easter bunny—the gold foil-wrapped chocolate with a signature red ribbon and small bell around its neck. That easy recognition ended up being bad news for a competing product. Switzerland's highest court on Thursday ruled that Germany's Lidl must stop selling a similar-looking...

Vegan KitKat Is Coming, for Some
Vegan KitKat Is
Coming, for Some

Vegan KitKat Is Coming, for Some

Nestle plans to test a plant-based version overseas

(Newser) - It looks like vegans will be able to snack on a KitKat bar in the near future—though vegans in America will have to wait. Switzerland's Nestle said Monday that a vegan bar, called KitKat V, will be be launched later this year as a test run in “...

The Weird Correlation Between S'mores and COVID
The Weird Correlation
Between S'mores and COVID
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The Weird Correlation Between S'mores and COVID

Hershey found that in areas where virus cases have surged, so have runs on s'mores ingredients

(Newser) - Public health officials, epidemiologists, and infectious disease experts are all front and center in looking out for emerging patterns on COVID-19. Now, add Hershey into the mix. The chocolate manufacturing giant has spotted its own trend during the pandemic involving a favorite campfire treat. That find: In areas of the...

Bet You Didn't Expect Halloween Candy to Sell Like This

Early sales are up double-digits from last year despite pandemic

(Newser) - The pandemic has apparently left Americans seeking comfort in chocolate because Halloween candy sales have spiked this year. Sales of seasonal chocolate and candy in the month ending Sept. 6 were up 13% compared to last year, when sales totalled $4.6 billion, while sales of Halloween chocolate specifically were...

You've Never Seen a Chocolate Chip Like This
You've Never Seen a
Chocolate Chip Like This
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You've Never Seen a Chocolate Chip Like This

Tesla designer's mold puts taste and texture first

(Newser) - You might be surprised to learn there's essentially no design to the classic chocolate chip you know and love, whose shape comes from being dropped on the factory line. The goal is mass production rather than optimal taste. But now, a senior industrial designer at Tesla says he's...

Japan's Women Are Sick of This Valentine's Day Tradition

The ladies aren't really feeling 'giri choco,' or 'obligation chocolates,' for their male co-workers

(Newser) - In Japan, there are all kinds of chocolate that women hand out on Valentine's Day: There's "honmei choco" ("true feelings chocolate") that their romantic interests or partners receive, as well as "tomo choco" ("friend chocolate") given to platonic pals, usually other females....

After Factory Mishap, Road Ends Up Paved in Chocolate

Milk chocolate flowed after 'small technical defect,' solidified on the street

(Newser) - A street in a western German town got a repaving worthy of fictional candy maker Willy Wonka when a ton of chocolate flowed out of a factory and solidified, the AP reports. The German newspaper Soester Anzeiger reported Tuesday that a "small technical defect" involving a storage tank caused...

Our Path to Chocolate Started Earlier Than Thought
Our Path
to Chocolate
Started Earlier
Than Thought
study says

Our Path to Chocolate Started Earlier Than Thought

Humans were using cacao 5,400 years ago in Ecuador, study suggests

(Newser) - New research strengthens the case that people used the chocolate ingredient cacao in South America 5,400 years ago, underscoring the seed's radical transformation into today's Twix bars and M&M candies, per the AP . Tests indicate traces of cacao on artifacts from an archaeological site in Ecuador,...

A Bittersweet Ruling Against KitKat in the EU

High court says shape of Nestle chocolate bar isn't unique enough to merit trademark protection

(Newser) - "Four trapezoidal bars aligned on a rectangular base" may not be instantly recognizable. Put that setup in chocolate form, however, and many people would be able to distinguish it as a KitKat. Even if that's the case, the European Union's highest court just ruled that the shape...

Queen's Chocolate Survives 118 Years
Royal Find: the
'Most Controversial
Chocolate Ever Made'
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Royal Find: the 'Most Controversial Chocolate Ever Made'

118-year-old tin ordered by Queen Victoria for soldiers in Boer War found in woman's cupboard

(Newser) - When Eddisons CJM put a tin of World War I chocolates up for auction last month, there was one person who wasn't terribly impressed. "A lady from London wrote and said, 'Hundred-and-three-year-old chocolate is not so special,'" auctioneer Paul Cooper tells the Daily Express . That'...

Aftermath of Highway Accident Called 'Worse Than Snow'

Overturned tractor-trailer carrying liquid chocolate makes a huge sticky mess

(Newser) - A tractor-trailer has overturned on a Polish highway, spilling some 12 tons of liquid chocolate that's solidifying into a huge sticky mess. The private broadcaster TVN24 showed images of an overturned truck surrounded by brown chocolate covering six lanes on the A2 motorway, blocking traffic in both directions. Rescue...

Chocolate May Become Scarce, Unless Scientists Intervene

They hope to create cacao seeds able to thrive in warmer climates

(Newser) - While chocolate prices have fallen in recent years , you can expect a massive price hike by 2050 unless scientists at the UC Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute reach their goal. Together with the Mars company, scientists are working to create a genetically modified form of cacao that can withstand the effects...

Guy Admits Smuggling Chocolate-Covered Heroin

21-year-old was busted in NJ in June with 3 kilos of drug/candy

(Newser) - A man has admitted smuggling chocolate-covered heroin on a flight from Guatemala to Newark Liberty International Airport, reports the AP . Jacobo Orellana-Estrada on Thursday pleaded guilty in federal court to possession with intent to distribute heroin. Prosecutors say the Guatemalan citizen arrived in Newark on a flight in June and...

Kit Kat Quesadilla May Soon Come to a Taco Bell Near You

Or maybe one stuffed with Twix, if the chain's test goes well

(Newser) - If Taco Bell can stuff a tortilla with three different types of Doritos, why not a candy bar filling for a quesadilla? Consumerist reports the latest offering from the taco chain is a "Chocoladilla" packed with bits of melted Kit Kats or Twix. And all that mouthwatering goodness will...

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