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'It Doesn't Make Sense to Me to Spend $100 on Candy'

Ahead of Halloween trick-or-treaters, inflation for gum, other sweet treats reaches double digits

(Newser) - Spooked by the high price of Halloween candy? There's not much relief in sight. For the second year in a row, US shoppers are seeing double-digit inflation in the candy aisle. Candy and gum prices are up an average of 13% this month compared to last October, more than...

Consumer Reports: Avoid Those Purple and Pink Peeps

Marshmallow candies look yummy, but Consumer Reports warns of their cancer-tied Red Dye No. 3

(Newser) - If you're picking up some last-minute Peeps for the kids' Easter baskets this weekend, you might want to stick with the yellow variety. That's because although the pink and purple marshmallow-candy chicks and bunnies are definitely eye-catching, Consumer Reports has issued a warning that those versions of the...

Aldi's Easter Candy Looks a Little Racy

'Sorry Aldi, but that ain't a bunny'

(Newser) - With Easter just weeks away, stores are starting to stock sweets on their shelves. One supermarket chain's offering, however, has caused quite the online brouhaha. Earlier this month, a shopper at a UK Aldi picked up a bag of "marshmallow bunnies and chicks," according to the bag'...

On Path to Med School, He Became 'Father of Peeps' Instead

Ira 'Bob' Born, the brains behind mechanizing process for marshmallow chicks, is dead at 98

(Newser) - Ira "Bob" Born, a candy company executive known as the "Father of Peeps" for mechanizing the process to make marshmallow chicks, has died. He was 98. Just Born Quality Confections, the 100-year-old family-owned company Born led for much of his life, said Monday that he died peacefully on...

Here's a Sweet Job Ad Even Willy Wonka Couldn't Ignore

Canadian confectionary company offers $78K gig eating candy at home all day

(Newser) - Looking to completely upend your career and start something new? As long as you don't already sit around on your couch all day devouring candy for close to 80 grand a year, we've got just the sweet gig for you. CNBC reports on the unusual LinkedIn job listing...

Hershey: Halloween Candy Shortage Looms

Company blames supply chain issues

(Newser) - Halloween could be haunted by candy shortages this year, Hershey warned Thursday. The company said supply chain issues including shortages of raw materials like cocoa meant it would fall short of meeting demand over Halloween—its busiest time of year—and the holiday season, reports Reuters . Chief executive Michele Buck...

This Is 5 M&Ms in a Stack. It's Also a New World Record
Stack of 7 M&Ms
Takes the Cake

Stack of 7 M&Ms Takes the Cake

Master balancer Ibrahim Sadeq of Iraq is latest to claim the world record

(Newser) - Update: Will Cutbill had just eight and a half months to enjoy his Guinness World Record for the Tallest Stack of M&Ms at five. The Brit's achievement on Jan. 31, 2021 was the first of three times the world record would be broken in a 15-month span, per...

2 American Habits Go in Opposite Directions

We're smoking less but eating more sweets

(Newser) - The pandemic seems to have had a real impact on two American habits: Americans are smoking less, but they're eating more sweets. The details:
  • Candy: US consumers spent way more than usual on sweets (gum, chocolate, etc.) in 2021, reports Axios . The National Confectioners Association puts the figure

Willy Wonka-Inspired Contest Plays Out for Real
He Solved the Clues,
Won a Candy Factory
in case you missed it

He Solved the Clues, Won a Candy Factory

Wonka-inspired contest plays out for real, though winner won't take the factory

(Newser) - Find the golden ticket, win a candy factory. It's not merely the fictional tale of Willy Wonka, however. As the Kokomo Tribune and Washington Post report, a similar contest just played out for real. David Klein, founder of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, and his partner Stephanie Thirtyacre, hid...

The Weird Correlation Between S'mores and COVID
The Weird Correlation
Between S'mores and COVID
in case you missed it

The Weird Correlation Between S'mores and COVID

Hershey found that in areas where virus cases have surged, so have runs on s'mores ingredients

(Newser) - Public health officials, epidemiologists, and infectious disease experts are all front and center in looking out for emerging patterns on COVID-19. Now, add Hershey into the mix. The chocolate manufacturing giant has spotted its own trend during the pandemic involving a favorite campfire treat. That find: In areas of the...

He Collapsed in a Fast-Food Joint. Cause of Death: Licorice
Guy's Decision to Switch From
Red Licorice to Black Was Fatal
in case you missed it

Guy's Decision to Switch From Red Licorice to Black Was Fatal

Case study: Man's excessive licorice eating depleted his potassium levels

(Newser) - A Massachusetts man's penchant for a polarizing candy apparently cost him his life. Per the New York Post and AP , the case study in the latest New England Journal of Medicine details what happened to the 54-year-old construction worker, who died after collapsing in a fast-food eatery last year....

Bet You Didn't Expect Halloween Candy to Sell Like This

Early sales are up double-digits from last year despite pandemic

(Newser) - The pandemic has apparently left Americans seeking comfort in chocolate because Halloween candy sales have spiked this year. Sales of seasonal chocolate and candy in the month ending Sept. 6 were up 13% compared to last year, when sales totalled $4.6 billion, while sales of Halloween chocolate specifically were...

Piece of Sweet 'Nostalgia' Coming Back to Store Shelves

Necco Wafers candy has been revived by Spangler Candy Company

(Newser) - Two years ago saw an abrupt ending to one of the country's most enduring candy brands, but we're about to see a revival. CNN Business announces the "sweet comeback" of Necco Wafers, the disk-shaped confection whose name was derived from the acronym of the New England Confectionery...

10 States Whose Most Popular Halloween Candy Is Odd

3 states prefer ...saltwater taffy?

(Newser) - It's no surprise that various regions around the US have different preferences when it comes to Halloween candy. What is surprising is that the most popular seasonal confections in certain states are, well, not typical. CBS News reports on a new interactive map by , based on 12...

Middle Schoolers Hospitalized After Valentine's Candy

It's not clear what type of treats were eaten in Atlanta incident

(Newser) - School officials say 21 students from a middle school south of Atlanta have been taken to hospitals after eating candy and snacks on Valentine's Day, the AP reports. Authorities with the city of South Fulton say it appeared that the Sandtown Middle School students became ill after eating some...

Sorry, Sweethearts Fans: Iconic Candy Won't Be Sold This Year

But you can opt for other candy hearts

(Newser) - Sweethearts—those chalky little candies with messages on them—won't be on store shelves this Valentine's Day, the AP reports. The New England Confectionary Co.—or Necco—had been making the popular candies since 1886. But the company filed for bankruptcy protection last spring. Ohio-based Spangler Candy...

Michelle Obama Dishes on Dubya Passing Her Things at Funerals

Former first lady says George W. Bush had 'the sense of humor to bring me a mint'

(Newser) - Another "cough drop moment" between Michelle Obama and George W. Bush? Per People and Today , the former first lady made a stop in San Jose, Calif., on Friday for her book tour, and she addressed an apparent repeat of what took place at John McCain's memorial service in...

Storied US Candy Company's Plant Unexpectedly Closes

Round Hill Investments announced Necco brands are being sold

(Newser) - The owner of the company behind chalky, colorful confections such as Necco Wafers and Sweethearts has unexpectedly shut down operations at its Massachusetts plant and hasn't said if candy production will resume, reports the AP . The Boston Globe reports Round Hill Investments announced Tuesday it is selling Necco brands...

A Bittersweet Ruling Against KitKat in the EU

High court says shape of Nestle chocolate bar isn't unique enough to merit trademark protection

(Newser) - "Four trapezoidal bars aligned on a rectangular base" may not be instantly recognizable. Put that setup in chocolate form, however, and many people would be able to distinguish it as a KitKat. Even if that's the case, the European Union's highest court just ruled that the shape...

Beloved Candy Maker Gets a New Owner

Necco Wafers are safe, at least for now

(Newser) - The bankrupt maker of Necco Wafers, Sweethearts conversation hearts, and other beloved American candies has a new owner. The Ohio-based Spangler Candy Co., maker of Dum Dums lollipops, had the winning $18.83 million bid for the New England Confectionery Co. at a federal bankruptcy auction in Boston, the AP...

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