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Chess Prodigy Gets Early Holiday Gift From the US
Chess Prodigy, 12,
Is Granted Asylum

Chess Prodigy, 12, Is Granted Asylum

Nigerian Tani Adewumi, 12, can now travel globally for chess competitions

(Newser) - In 2019, 8-year-old Tanitoluwa "Tani" Adewumi defeated 73 of the best players in his age group at a New York state chess championship, breaking a record by doing so. Now, three years later, he "just won his biggest match" ever, per NPR : The now-12-year-old Nigerian boy and his...

Chess Upstart Files Huge Lawsuit After Accusations

Hans Niemann going after Magnus Carlsen, for $100M

(Newser) - Hans Niemann's response to accusations that he cheats goes well beyond calling Magnus Carlsen a sore loser. The 19-year-old US grandmaster has sued Carlsen,, and others for $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. "This is not a game," Niemann's lawyers said in a... Probe: Niemann's Cheating Was Likely Rampant

Investigation finds grandmaster likely cheated in 100+ games, including some for prize money

(Newser) - carried out an internal investigation into Hans Moke Niemann, and the Wall Street Journal reports that the probe, which the newspaper reviewed, reveals far more extensive cheating than the American grandmaster has admitted. Niemann, whose alleged cheating started making big waves in the chess world after he beat...

Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Accuses His Rival of Cheating
Chess Champ
Finally Unloads

Chess Champ Finally Unloads Cheating Allegations

Magnus Carlsen says Hans Niemann isn't owning up to extent of his trickery

(Newser) - After much speculation, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen officially accused fellow grandmaster Hans Moke Neimann of cheating on Monday. The Norwegian said the 19-year-old American, who's admitted to cheating twice in online matches at the ages of 12 and 16, had "cheated more—and more recently—than he...

Comments About Women Cost Chess Analyst His Job

Ilya Smirin said in live broadcast of tournament that a competitor was 'playing like a man'

(Newser) - Ilya Smirin didn't last a full day as a chess commentator. The Israeli grandmaster was making his broadcasting debut, live, on Tuesday at the Women's Grand Prix in Astana, Kazakhstan, when he expressed doubts about women's ability to compete. In discussing one competitor's play, the English-language...

Magnus Carlsen: I'll Explain More on Chess Cheating

Chess champ says a statement is coming

(Newser) - The reigning chess world champion has promised to say more regarding the game's ongoing scandal. Magnus Carlsen, who resigned a game last week after playing just one move against Hans Niemann (he also resigned from an entire tournament earlier this month after Niemann beat him in an upset), seems...

Carlsen Drops Hints About Chess Rival's Play

World's top player slips in name of opponent's mentor, for some reason, amid cheating allegations

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen took questions about the suspicions consuming chess that Hans Moke Niemann cheated, but the answers from the world's top-ranked player only raised more questions. On Monday, Carlsen resigned in protest after making one move against Niemann in an online game. The flap began when Niemann beat Carlsen...

Chess World's Weird Drama Just Escalated

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen resigns game after one move against foe accused of cheating

(Newser) - "Drama" may not be the first word that comes to mind in regard to the world of chess, but it seems to apply these days. On Monday, Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen resigned an online game after one move against 19-year-old foe Hans Moke Niemann, reports the Guardian . The abrupt...

Theories Abound as to How Niemann Might Have Cheated

Deadspin looks at one interesting one

(Newser) - Last week, American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann achieved the unlikely (albeit not unprecedented) feat of beating world champ Magnus Carlsen, who happens to be the highest-rated player in history . But the 19-year-old’s win was quickly overshadowed by accusations that he cheated (and not for the first time). Niemann passed...

Cheating Uproar Follows Carlsen's Stunning Tourney Withdrawal

Reigning champion provides few clues, but 19-year-old American denies wrongdoing

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen's loss to a newcomer was only the first surprise in the Sinquefield Cup competition in St. Louis. The world's top player withdrew from the tournament hours later without saying why, the Wall Street Journal reports, kicking off widespread suspicion that his opponent, Hans Moke Niemann, had...

It's a Draw in Suit Over 'Sexist' Remark in Queen's Gambit

Netflix, Nona Gaprindashvili agree to settle defamation claim

(Newser) - Netflix had the chance to publicly apologize to Nona Gaprindashvili. It didn't, and as a result faced a $5 million defamation lawsuit from the Georgian chess master, which it has now agreed to settle. Financial details weren't disclosed, per Deadline , though a lawyer for 81-year-old Gaprindashvili says Gaprindashvili'...

Chess Robot Breaks Finger of 7-Year-Old Opponent

'This is, of course, bad,' says head of Moscow Chess Federation

(Newser) - It might be a first in the annals of chess: After one player makes a move his opponent doesn't like, the opponent breaks his finger. As the Guardian reports, it actually happened last week at the Moscow Open, under unusual circumstances: One player was a robot, the other a...

World Chess Champ Makes a Stunning Announcement

Magnus Carlsen will give up title: 'I don't have any inclination to play'

(Newser) - The first new world chess champion in a decade will be crowned next year, as reigning champ Magnus Carlsen has no interest in defending his title for a sixth time. "Four championships to five—it didn't mean anything to me." Now, "I don't have any...

Banned Chess Grandmaster: 'I Regret Nothing'

Sergey Karjakin was suspended for supporting invasion of Ukraine

(Newser) - A chess grandmaster who publicly supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been taken off the board for at least six months. The International Chess Federation says Sergey Karjakin has been banned from competition for bringing the game into disrepute, AFP reports. The ruling noted that the 32-year-old grandmaster posted...

12 Hours a Day as a Maid, Then Victories in Chess

'Wall Street Journal' profiles Cibele Florencio of Brazil

(Newser) - One of the rising young stars in chess has a story that sounds right out of Hollywood, or at least a series streaming on Netflix. The Wall Street Journal explores the ascent of Cibele Florencio, a single mom who works as a maid in a poor part of Brazil. Last...

16-Year-Old Defeats World Chess Champ

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa's 'biggest dream' just came true

(Newser) - At age 10, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa became the youngest international chess master in history. At age 12, he became the second-youngest grandmaster in history. He also developed a new goal. It's "my biggest dream" to beat world chess champ Magnus Carlsen just once, he told a newspaper at the...

Collapse Helps Carlsen Remain World Champion

Russian challenger's mistakes make for lopsided title chess match

(Newser) - Although analysts had assured that Ian Nepomniachtchi wasn't afraid of going head-to-head with Magnus Carlsen in the chess world championship, it was not apparent in his performance. The Russian challenger wrapped up a historic collapse Friday in their match in Dubai, helping Carlsen to again win the title. Carlsen...

With Chess Booming, Carlsen Faces Challenger
Title in
New Era

Carlsen Defends Title in New Era

With chess booming, champion says he's more worried about another rising star

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen is accustomed to defending his world chess title—he's been the champion since 2013—but the atmosphere is a little different this time. Chess is at the top of its game, after booming during the pandemic shutdown, and more people are paying attention to it, Axios reports....

Chest Move: Sponsorship Draws Backlash From Women

Many female players say game's governing body should focus on brains, not bras

(Newser) - Women in the chess world want support—but not like that. International Chess Federation recently announced a sponsorship agreement with Establishment Labs, a company that makes Motiva breast implants, the New York Times reports. The arrangement is meant to financially support chess events for women. Women players who spoke to...

One Line in Queen's Gambit Gets Netflix Sued for $5M
Netflix Sued for $5M Over
One Line in Queen's Gambit
in case you missed it

Netflix Sued for $5M Over One Line in Queen's Gambit

Real-life chess champion is not happy about what show said about her

(Newser) - In the last episode of The Queen's Gambit, a fictional chess commentator makes a comment about the fictional main character of the Netflix show—a comment that has now gotten Netflix sued for $5 million. Speaking about Beth Harmon as she plays in the Moscow Invitational, the commentator claims,...

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