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Collapse Helps Carlsen Remain World Champion

Russian challenger's mistakes make for lopsided title chess match

(Newser) - Although analysts had assured that Ian Nepomniachtchi wasn't afraid of going head-to-head with Magnus Carlsen in the chess world championship, it was not apparent in his performance. The Russian challenger wrapped up a historic collapse Friday in their match in Dubai, helping Carlsen to again win the title. Carlsen...

With Chess Booming, Carlsen Faces Challenger
Title in
New Era

Carlsen Defends Title in New Era

With chess booming, champion says he's more worried about another rising star

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen is accustomed to defending his world chess title—he's been the champion since 2013—but the atmosphere is a little different this time. Chess is at the top of its game, after booming during the pandemic shutdown, and more people are paying attention to it, Axios reports....

Chest Move: Sponsorship Draws Backlash From Women

Many female players say game's governing body should focus on brains, not bras

(Newser) - Women in the chess world want support—but not like that. International Chess Federation recently announced a sponsorship agreement with Establishment Labs, a company that makes Motiva breast implants, the New York Times reports. The arrangement is meant to financially support chess events for women. Women players who spoke to...

One Line in Queen's Gambit Gets Netflix Sued for $5M
Netflix Sued for $5M Over
One Line in Queen's Gambit
in case you missed it

Netflix Sued for $5M Over One Line in Queen's Gambit

Real-life chess champion is not happy about what show said about her

(Newser) - In the last episode of The Queen's Gambit, a fictional chess commentator makes a comment about the fictional main character of the Netflix show—a comment that has now gotten Netflix sued for $5 million. Speaking about Beth Harmon as she plays in the Moscow Invitational, the commentator claims,...

In Chess, 'She Has Been the Only One Who Stood a Chance'

'New Yorker' profiles Hou Yifan and explores why so few women rise to the top of the game

(Newser) - The popular Netflix series The Queen's Gambit tells the story of a female chess phenom named Beth Harmon. Harmon, though, is fictional, and in the New Yorker , Louisa Thomas takes a look at why real-life Harmons are so rare. (The world has 1,732 grandmasters, and only 38 of...

After 19 Years, Chess Has a New Youngest Grandmaster

Abhimanyu Mishra of New Jersey takes the title at 12 years, 4 months, 25 days old

(Newser) - Two months and change makes all the difference. That's the spread between Russia's Sergey Karjakin—who once held the title of youngest grandmaster in the world of chess at the age of 12 years, seven months—and his successor, Abhimanyu Mishra of New Jersey, who, at 12 years,...

Netflix Series Has Made Chess a Hit Again

Viewers of ' Queen's Gambit' have been inspired to play, sending sales of sets soaring

(Newser) - Chess already seemed like a good fit for a pandemic—challenging, competitive, and time-consuming. Sales were up early in the lockdown, as people stuck at home played games of all kinds more. But then, last month, a Netflix miniseries kicked off. "Ever since the Queen's Gambit launched, our...

Pandemic Has Caused 'Cheating Crisis' in Chess

'It has ruined my sabbatical,' says top anti-cheating expert

(Newser) - The pandemic has led to a surge of popularity for online chess—and a corresponding surge in cheating. The Guardian reports that the widespread use of powerful apps that can calculate near-perfect moves has caused an "atmosphere of paranoia and recrimination" within the game, despite efforts to crack down...

Pandemic Causes Drama at the Chess Olympiad

Joint winners crowned after technical difficulties

(Newser) - The Chess Olympiad got a little dramatic amid the coronavirus pandemic, and ended with two gold medals awarded. The international tournament was held online amid what officials called "unprecedented circumstances," and India played Russia in the final round. Two of the players from India lost their internet connection...

Chess Grandmaster Busted Cheating in the Bathroom

Igors Rausis says he 'lost my mind'

(Newser) - One could be forgiven for never having heard of Igors Rausis—probably until the 58-year-old chess grandmaster got himself busted cheating in a tournament with his smartphone in a toilet stall. As the Guardian reports, the International Chess Federation says it caught the Latvian-Czech player "red-handed using his phone...

Chess Piece in a Drawer for 55 Years May Sell for $1.3M

Piece has been identified as one of the famous Lewis Chessmen from the Viking era

(Newser) - A chess piece purchased for $7.50 by an antiques dealer in Scotland in 1964 has been identified as one of the 900-year-old Lewis Chessmen, among the greatest artifacts of the Viking era. Sotheby's auction house said Monday the chess piece is expected to bring between $670,000 and...

He's a Homeless Refugee —and Best at What He Does

Tanitoluwa Adewumi just owned the New York State chess championship

(Newser) - After the college admissions scandal , this is refreshing: A homeless 8-year-old immigrant just smoked his category at the New York State chess championship, the Hill reports. Tanitoluwa Adewumi, who lives with his family in a Manhattan shelter, went undefeated last weekend among kindergartners to third graders. "I want to...

To Be the Best, American Has to Beat the Best
To Be the Best, American
Has to Beat the Best

To Be the Best, American Has to Beat the Best

Fabiano Caruana could become first US chess champ since 1972

(Newser) - Not since Bobby Fischer nabbed the title in 1972 has an American been named world chess champion. That could change within a week's time. Italian-American Fabiano Caruana, for a time the youngest grandmaster in US history , is facing off against Norway's top-ranked defending champion Magnus Carlsen in a...

UK Backs Down From Deporting Child Chess Prodigy

Shreyas Royal, 'greatest British chess prospect in a generation,' was to be sent back to India

(Newser) - The UK's Home Office says that 9-year-old Shreyas Royal shows "immense promise." But that didn't stop the country from preparing to deport the chess prodigy—ranked fourth in the world for his age group and said to be the "greatest British chess prospect in a...

For First Time in 46 Years, American Vies for Chess Title
Win Brings 46-Year
First for US Chess

Win Brings 46-Year First for US Chess

Fabiano Caruana to face Magnus Carlsen in world championship

(Newser) - For the first time in almost 50 years, an American has the chance to be crowned world chess champion. Not since Bobby Fischer nabbed the title in 1972 has a US-born player even made it to the final table of the world tournament, reports the Guardian . Fabiano Caruana, however, just...

Meet 'New Age' of Chess: Live Streams, Thrown Chairs

Online chess is more popular than you might think

(Newser) - If the idea of watching a game of chess online sounds a little dull, then perhaps you're not familiar with the Chessbrahs on the gaming website Twitch. A stream can last up to four hours, during which "you might see chairs thrown amid a torrent of f-bombs, freestyle...

Young Chess Grandmaster Dies in Extreme Sport Fall

Yuri Eliseev, 20, was apparently practicing parkour, fell from balcony

(Newser) - Russian news reports say a prominent young chess grandmaster has died after falling from a Moscow balcony apparently while undertaking the extreme sport of parkour. The reports cited police as saying 20-year-old Yuri Eliseev died late Saturday after falling from the 12th story of his apartment building in Moscow, reports...

Female Chess Players Outraged by Iran's Hijab Requirement

Competitors at world championship must wear head scarf

(Newser) - The US women's chess champion won't be competing in the Women's World Chess Championship February in Iran over that country's law that makes it mandatory for women—including foreign chess players—to wear hijabs, CNN reports. Nazi Paikidze-Barnes calls the law "religious and sexist discrimination....

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect When It Comes to Chess
Practice Doesn't Make Perfect
When It Comes to Chess
study says

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect When It Comes to Chess

Study suggests that you need to be naturally smart, too

(Newser) - If you were hoping to become a chess master by practicing 10,000 hours, think again. Contrary to the theory that expertise at chess is based on intensive training, researchers at the University of Michigan have concluded based on a meta-analysis of 19 studies that hard work is important but...

Twitter Erupts After Saudi Cleric Says Chess Is Forbidden

The game 'wastes time and money and causes rivalry and enmity'

(Newser) - A video clip of Saudi Arabia's top cleric saying that the game of chess is "forbidden" in Islam because it wastes time and leads to rivalry and enmity among people has provoked heated debate, and widespread criticism, among Arabic Twitter users. The clip was shared on YouTube in...

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