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Bode Miller's Children Recover After Carbon Monoxide Scare

They were standing near a crane in operation at their home

(Newser) - The family of Olympic ski champion Bode Miller is recovering after a carbon monoxide poisoning scare that his wife, Morgan, called a "terrifying experience." The couple's children Asher and Aksel, twin boys who are 3, and Scarlet, 19 months, were hospitalized earlier this month, USA Today reports....

Family's Carbon Monoxide Leak Has Unexpected Cause

Their chimney was blocked by ... an owl

(Newser) - An Ohio family evacuated from their home due to high levels of carbon monoxide probably never would have guessed the cause: an owl had gotten stuck in their chimney, blocking it. One of the Hamilton County Dog Wardens came to rescue the owl after it was discovered; it was evaluated...

Cops: We Know What Killed US Tourists in Bahamas

Carbon monoxide was to blame; case remains 'under active investigation'

(Newser) - Update: It's confirmed: The three Americans in their 60s found dead in neighboring rooms at a Bahamas resort last month indeed "died as a result of asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning," according to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. It adds the case "remains under active...

They Were Being Poisoned, Thought It Was COVID

With COVID, it's sometimes easy to forget about all the other illnesses and hazards out there

(Newser) - Relatively early in the pandemic, circa late-2020, almost any physical symptom—the slightest sniffle, queasiness, or sore throat—could be a signal of impending quarantine, if not worse. That’s because COVID-19 was the focus of life on earth. As Sandra G. Boodman reports for the Washington Post, that justifiable...

Children Among the Ill at Motel Pool

Scare began when 2-year-old was found unconscious, possibly from carbon monoxide

(Newser) - Ohio officials suspect carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of a rash of illnesses at a motel pool that sent more than a dozen people to hospitals. The first case reported was that of a 2-year-old girl who was unconscious at the pool Saturday afternoon, the Columbus Dispatch reports. More...

'More Questions Than Answers' After 7 Bodies Found in Home
Carbon Monoxide Killed
7 in Family, Tests Show

Carbon Monoxide Killed 7 in Family, Tests Show

Source could be the furnace or a van in the garage, sheriff says

(Newser) - Update: Carbon monoxide poisoning, apparently accidental, killed seven family members whose bodies were found in their home, Minnesota officials said Wednesday. Ramsey County officials said blood tests showed a lethal level of carbon monoxide, the AP reports. Technicians couldn't find a problem with the furnace that would have caused...

Generators Keep the Lights On—but the Cost Can Be Deadly

Yearlong investigation looks at difficultly in getting industry to make them safer

(Newser) - They're "one of the most dangerous consumer products on the market," but they're often seen as a saving grace: portable generators, which can keep the electricity streaming during power outages but also emit carbon monoxide. If the machine isn't positioned properly—put too close to...

Carbon Monoxide Led to Young Woman's Drowning

Parents warn CO is a serious danger to boaters

(Newser) - A college athlete who grew up swimming in her backyard pool tragically drowned in a lake while boating this spring in Ohio, leading her parents to wonder: how could this have happened? Per People , the culprit turned out to be a silent killer not always associated with boats. Carbon monoxide,...

4 Country Music Festival Fans Die, 3 in Same Camper

Officials say there's no danger in attending the Faster Horses festival

(Newser) - At least four people died while attending a weekend country music festival in southern Michigan, including three men who likely succumbed to carbon monoxide exposure inside a travel trailer, authorities said Saturday. Two more men were in critical condition at a hospital from the same exposure, the Lenawee County...

Student's Drowning Due in Part to Carbon Monoxide

Coroner decides it was a factor in Allyson Sidloski's May 22 death

(Newser) - A University of Cincinnati soccer player who drowned last month was apparently impacted by carbon monoxide, with WKYC reporting very high levels of it were detected in her blood. Allyson Sidloski, 21, died May 22 at Ohio's East Fork State Park. quotes Deputy Coroner Russell Uptegrove as...

Houston Woman, Child Die While Trying to Stay Warm

8 others suffer carbon monoxide poisoning amid historic storm in Texas

(Newser) - Ahead of a historic storm, KBMT in Beaumont, Texas, warned residents about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, which killed a dozen people in Texas and Louisiana amid last year's Hurricane Laura. The notice apparently wasn't enough. Ninety miles west in Houston, a woman and her 8-year-old daughter...

Carbon Monoxide Kills 8 at New Year's Eve Party

'8 young lives lost' in a cottage in Tribistovo, Bosnia

(Newser) - Eight young men and women have died in a cottage in southwest Bosnia, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning during a New Year's Eve celebration, police said Friday. A local police spokeswoman tells the AP that police responded to a call around 10am local time and went to a house...

A Family Made It Through the Storm. They Died Hours Later

Slew of generator-caused carbon monoxide deaths in Louisiana, Texas after Hurricane Laura

(Newser) - The death toll from Hurricane Laura has now reached the double digits, and in Louisiana, one family took an especially hard hit. Per the Advocate , the state's health department reports a family of four in Lake Charles succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning, with Lake Charles Fire Chief Shawn Caldwell...

Cops Came Upon Confused People, Discovered a Poisoning

25 people hospitalized due to carbon monoxide after underground rave

(Newser) - Police officers on patrol in Norway happened upon a group of young people acting confused early Sunday—and ended up discovering a mass carbon monoxide poisoning. As the BBC reports, several more similarly disoriented people emerged from an underground bunker asking for medical assistance, and police ultimately discovered a rave...

Coroner: All Victims of Dive Boat Fire Died of Smoke Inhalation

34 who perished on Conception in 2019 suffered carbon monoxide poisoning

(Newser) - Coroner's reports for the 34 victims who died in a scuba boat fire off the Southern California coast last year show they died of carbon monoxide poisoning before they were burned, authorities said Thursday. All 33 scuba divers and one crew member died in the Sept. 2 fire aboard...

Gas Leak at Hotel Sends 46 to Hospital
46 Hospitalized
After Hotel Gas Leak

46 Hospitalized After Hotel Gas Leak

15 in critical condition after Winnipeg incident

(Newser) - Nearly four dozen people were taken to a hospital, at least 15 of them in critical condition, after carbon monoxide leaked inside a hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Tuesday, but no fatalities are expected, officials say. John Lane, chief of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, says emergency crews were called...

An Unusual Car Safety Hazard Is Claiming Lives
An Unusual Car Safety
Hazard Is Claiming Lives
the rundown

An Unusual Car Safety Hazard Is Claiming Lives

Keyless ignitions causing carbon monoxide deaths

(Newser) - Anyone asked to tick off common car safety issues might list things such as exploding airbags or rollovers. But keyless ignitions? As it turns out, the convenience feature has been blamed for nearly 40 deaths since 2005, including seven in the last six months alone, reports the Detroit Free Press ...

Ford Explorer Owners Fear They May Be Getting Poisoned

Bloomberg dives into years of driver complaints of sickness, possibly tied to carbon monoxide leaks

(Newser) - Many people buy SUVs to keep them safe. But while the Ford Explorer's size may help insulate passengers somewhat in collisions, owners have been complaining about another issue: They say their vehicles have been making them sick. Bloomberg notes that upward of 3,000 Explorer owners have filed complaints...

Dad Prepping to Take Kids to School Dies in Garage With Son

Daughter is in critical condition after suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

(Newser) - A heartbreaking story out of Kentucky, where a father and his 3-year-old son died of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning Wednesday morning; the man's 7-year-old daughter is in critical condition. Juvenal Garcia Mora, 39, was found unresponsive inside his garage but not in his car; the children were inside the...

Bizarre Yoga Ball Murder Case Reaches Its End
Bizarre Yoga Ball
Murder Case
Reaches Its End
the rundown

Bizarre Yoga Ball Murder Case Reaches Its End

Khaw Kim-sun is found guilty in deaths of wife, daughter

(Newser) - Three years after anesthesiology professor Dr. Khaw Kim-sun's wife and 16-year-old daughter were found unresponsive in a Mini Cooper in Hong Kong, Khaw has been convicted of their murders and was on Wednesday sentenced to life in prison. The case received international attention due to its bizarre mechanics : The...

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