Muhammad Ali

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Smokin' Joe Frazier Dead at 67

Liver cancer claims boxing great

(Newser) - If cancer could be dropped with a devastating left hook, Joe Frazier would still be with us. The former heavyweight champion has died at the age of 67, just weeks after he was diagnosed with liver cancer, AP reports. Frazier, who won gold for the US at the 1964 Olympic... More »

Muhammad Ali to Iran: Free the Hikers!

Says he's willing to make a trip there to secure their release

(Newser) - Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer have an intriguing ally in their corner: Muhammad Ali. The Greatest quietly sent a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last month asking him to release the captive American hikers, and now he's going public with it. "Please show the world the compassion I know... More »

C'mon, ESPN: Tiger, Tebow Aren't Muhammad Ali

Network needs moratorium on dumb comparisons

(Newser) - “Can ESPN please declare a company-wide moratorium on comparing current athletes to Muhammad Ali?” Dave Zirin begs after suffering through the “idiocy” of Worldwide Leader columnists equating Tim Tebow (for appearing in a pro-life ad) and Tiger Woods (for his courageous comeback from … sex addiction) to the... More »

Shut It, Athletes; Just Tweet

Then Frank Deford won't have to listen to crazy guarantees and apologies

(Newser) - Frank Deford doesn’t want to hear your outrageous predictions or tearful faux-apologies, athletes, and he doesn’t want to read about them in the papers, either, reporters. “Come on, guys, just because some jock babbles incoherently, you don't have to pass it on,” he admonishes his fellow... More »

10 Cringeworthy Celeb TV Ads

Katy Perry's Proactiv gig isn't nearly as bad as some of these

(Newser) - Katy Perry’s 15 minutes aren’t even up, and she’s already shilling for Proactiv. In her honor, Olivia Allin of The Frisky lists the 10 most embarrassing celebrity product endorsements:
  • Serena Williams for Tampax: Her commercial includes the cringeworthy lines, “Well, there is plenty of blood, but
... More »

The Greatest Comebacks Ever

(Newser) - Michael Vick isn’t the first athlete who’s had to claw his way back from the wilderness. Time takes a look at the top sports comebacks ever, including:  
  • Muhammad Ali—The self-proclaimed “greatest of all time” bounced back after losing time for refusing to fight in Vietnam,
... More »

Celebs: What I'd Have Said on the Moon

(Newser) - With Monday marking the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, Esquire digs up celebs’ takes on what they’d have said if it had been them instead of Neil “One Giant Leap” Armstrong:
  • Muhammad Ali: Bring me back a challenger, ‘cause I’ve defeated everyone here on
... More »

Ali: Nothing Has Defeated Me

(Newser) - When NPR asked Muhammad Ali to weigh in for its “This I Believe” series, the boxing legend’s response was simple. “I have always believed in myself,” he said, in an essay read on the air by his wife, Lonnie. “And I still do.” Ali... More »

Tyson to Star in New EA Game

(Newser) - EA has a new poster boy: Mike Tyson. The infamous boxer will adorn the cover of Fight Night Round 4 alongside Muhammad Ali and will be a playable character within, Silicon Alley Insider reports. As the star of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! for the original Nintendo, Tyson was once the... More »

Matthews Takes Record for Hot Air at Chilly Inauguration

MSNBC host's 'sizzling free-associations' provided some hot air in chilly DC

(Newser) - It's a good thing Chris Matthews didn't run for the Senate after all, Jack Shafer writes for Slate, after listening to the MSNBC star let his mouth run wild Inauguration Day. "Drawing from a larder filled with old anecdotes, unreliable metaphors, wacky intuition, and superficial observations, the always-animated Matthews... More »

Yankee Stadium's Greatest Moments

The Post reflects on the closing stadium's mighty history

(Newser) - As Yankee Stadium hosts its last game today, the New York Post looks back at the greatest moments in “The House That Ruth Built." A smattering:
  • April 18, 1923: Seventy-five thousand fans cheer Babe Ruth's three-run homer on opening day.
  • April 27, 1947: Ruth says goodbye to the
... More »

In This Corner, a Boxer Jabbing at a Dream

Having won citizenship, champ aims for spot on US Olympic team

(Newser) - As a Dominican native, Fernando Guerrero had to fight for US citizenship. This week, the middleweight boxer is saving his jabs for the ring, where he hopes to earn a spot on the US Olympic squad headed for Beijing. The 20-year-old champ, whose career detoured because he wasn’t a... More »

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