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French Beaches Close Due to 'Extremely Pure' Drug Packs

Investigators trying to determine where nearly 1 ton of cocaine, other drugs came from

(Newser) - A mystery in southwest France has investigators puzzled and multiple beaches shuttered as they try to figure out what's going on. The AFP reports that since the middle of last month, almost 1 ton of "extremely pure" cocaine (83%, officials say) and other drugs have washed up from... More »

Golfer Disqualified for a Very Strange Reason

Eddie Pepperell lost all his balls

(Newser) - It was a less-than-magical day on the links for Eddie Pepperell, who was disqualified from the Turkish Airlines Open on Saturday for a rather unusual reason: He just plain ran out of golfballs. As ESPN reports, citing the golfers in his group, the British golfer was on the par-5 fourth... More »

He Was Instructing an Intern, Triggered Hijack Alert

Pilot causes mass chaos by inadvertently sending the alarm code

(Newser) - On the bright side, an Air Europa intern will surely always know the alarm code for a hijacking should one occur. But the reason for that caused quite a bit of chaos at a major Amsterdam airport on Wednesday, reports Bloomberg . It seems that a pilot was showing the intern... More »

NC Police Helpfully Offer to Weigh Your Drugs for You

Beware a new scam, ha ha

(Newser) - It's just so easy to get scammed these days, so thank goodness for North Carolina's Mint Hill Police Department. In a Monday Facebook post it alerted locals to a new such scheme, reports WBTV : one in which "untrustworthy" local drug dealers are fooling customers by placing a... More »

10 States Whose Most Popular Halloween Candy Is Odd

3 states prefer ...saltwater taffy?

(Newser) - It's no surprise that various regions around the US have different preferences when it comes to Halloween candy. What is surprising is that the most popular seasonal confections in certain states are, well, not typical. CBS News reports on a new interactive map by , based on 12... More »

Parents 'Flabbergasted' at Number on Student ID Cards

Error leads to sex hotline number printed on IDs instead of number for suicide prevention

(Newser) - It was supposed to be the number for a suicide hotline that was printed on student ID cards for a California middle school. What ended up there instead: the number for a sex hotline. FOX 11 reports that two digits got transposed on the intended phone number imprinted on IDs... More »

Texting Eagles Bust Budget of Scientists

Birds flew into regions where texts were expensive

(Newser) - A Russian wildlife group is seeking donations after eagles they were tracking racked up big cellphone bills abroad, per the AP . Elena Shnayder of the Center For Wild Animal Rehabilitation said Thursday that the group had fitted young steppe eagles with transmitters programmed to send text messages with their positions... More »

He Got Drunk Not Because He Drank, but Because He Ate

Man suffered from auto-brewery syndrome, which converted carbs to ethanol

(Newser) - For years after taking antibiotics in 2011 for a thumb injury, a previously active and healthy man says he suffered from depression, "brain fog," memory loss, and aggressiveness. Then, after a DWI arrest, those around him, including medical staff and cops, became convinced he was a secret drinker—... More »

Trapper Uses Unusual Method to Get Gator Out of Pool

Paul Bedard plays with animal until it's tired out

(Newser) - A Florida animal trapper says he corralled a large alligator by playing with it until it got tired after it hopped into a residential swimming pool. Celebrity trapper Paul Bedard, who is contracted with the state's nuisance alligator program, said Thursday that he was dispatched to a house in... More »

He Pleaded Guilty, Got 15 Years. Then the Lab Results Came In

Turns out Cody Gregg wasn't carrying 45.91 grams of cocaine

(Newser) - After nearly two months in the Oklahoma County Jail, Cody Gregg had enough. And so the 29-year-old pleaded guilty to cocaine possession with the intent to distribute in a bid to get out of that jail. He was sentenced last Tuesday to a 15-year prison term. But by Friday, his... More »

Bizarre Mystery Uncovered at Netherlands Farmhouse

Man, 25, said he and four siblings hadn't been outside in 9 years

(Newser) - A bizarre mystery in the Netherlands was uncovered after a scruffy man in old clothes visited a local bar. The Guardian reports that bar owner Chris Westerbeek told Dutch media that the man first visited 10 days ago and drank five beers on his own. He returned on Sunday saying... More »

Kim Jong Un's Putin-esque Pics Invite 'Wonder,' Speculation

North Korean leader's ride on a horse up a sacred snowy mountain could portend big news—or not

(Newser) - In his downtime, Russian leader Vladimir Putin likes to appear, often shirtless, in photos engaged in various manly activities, including fishing and horseback riding . Now North Korea's Kim Jong Un is getting into the act, shown in a series of new images riding a horse up a sacred snowy... More »

No One's Ever Answered Pat Sajak Quite Like This

'Wheel of Fortune' contestant Blair Davis offered a quite irreverent introduction of himself

(Newser) - "Did we hear that right?" is how a narrator for Inside Edition reacts as she watches a clip of Blair Davis, a contestant on the episode of Wheel of Fortune that aired Monday. That's because Davis' self-introduction to the studio audience and America was "off the rails,... More »

They Lifted Manhole Cover, Found a Grim Mystery

Decomposing body found in shaft under Midtown Manhattan street

(Newser) - A grim mystery in New York City: A Verizon crew removed a 200-pound manhole cover and say they were immediately overcome by a horrible smell. Inside the shaft below was a mess of telephone wiring—and a decaying body. It was a puzzling find: There is no other access to... More »

NHL Team Solves Its Taylor Swift 'Curse'

LA Kings cover up banner of the star in Staples Center that fans think is causing team to lose

(Newser) - They can't shake it off, and they won't take it down, but they can cover it up. The latter is what management for the Los Angeles Kings has done, and will continue to do, during home games to deal with a banner of Taylor Swift that hangs in... More »

This 3-Minute 1980s Song Baffles Internet Sleuths

Nobody can figure out the group

(Newser) - If you took 3 minutes to listen to this song and then were somehow able to identify the group behind it, you'd make a lot of people happy all over the world. Why? As Rolling Stone explains, the song just happens to be nicknamed the "Most Mysterious Song... More »

Her Car Wasn't Acting Right. Then: 'My Jaw Hit the Floor'

Squirrels hid hundreds of walnuts under hood of woman's car, did a number on hubby's truck

(Newser) - When nuts fall off a tree, they usually accumulate in piles at the tree's base—which is why Chris Persic found it odd that underneath the black walnut tree in the yard of his Pittsburgh home, there were very few walnuts. CBS Pittsburgh reports that mystery was solved this... More »

Woman Somehow Boards Plane Without Ticket, ID

She was screened by TSA, but beyond that not much is clear

(Newser) - Jenni Clemons found another woman sitting in her assigned seat when she boarded her Delta Air Lines flight at Orlando International Airport Saturday, and Clemons alerted flight attendants that they may have been assigned the same seat. Not so: The woman, who had no ID on her but whom authorities... More »

Dog Accidentally Shoots Woman

By setting off a gun in a truck's center console

(Newser) - Tina Springer was a passenger in Brent Parks' pickup truck as it stopped for a train in Enid, Oklahoma, Thursday. Unfortunately, a dog and a gun were also in the car. Parks' yellow lab was in the backseat and jumped onto the folding center console, underneath which there was a... More »

Guy Gored by Bison Takes Date to Same Park. Then, This

Kyler Bourgeous might not be returning to Utah's Antelope Island State Park

(Newser) - Like going to Utah's Antelope Island State Park? You might not see Kyler Bourgeous there anytime soon. The 30-year-old trail runner and cyclist was gored by a bison there this spring—then returned with a date there last Friday, and she got gored. "I swore a bit, because... More »

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