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Fans Step In After Singer Bails During Concert

But strange incident raises concern about Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

(Newser) - A strange incident unfolded over the weekend during a concert in Houston, one that has raised concerns about the well-being of lead singer Conor Oberst of the group Bright Eyes. As the Chronicle reports, Oberst abruptly walked off the stage after just two songs, leaving the audience—and other band...

He's the No. 1 Josh in America. Again

Jokey battle of the Joshes turns into charity event for 2nd straight year

(Newser) - A couple of hundred people grabbed their pool noodles and headed to a Nebraska park again this weekend to battle over the right to the name Josh, per the AP . The event started as an online joke when Josh Swain from Tucson, Ariz., sent out a tweet challenging anyone who...

He Had Memorable Role in Jaws as a Kid. Now, Fitting News

Ex-child actor Jonathan Searle named police chief in Martha's Vineyard town where 1975 movie was shot

(Newser) - Life is definitely imitating art on Martha's Vineyard, where a former child star in one of Steven Spielberg's biggest blockbusters ever has just accepted a stars-are-aligned job. The Vineyard Gazette reports that the town of Oak Bluffs has named as its new police chief Jonathan Searle, a longtime...

Suspects' Mercedes-Benz Getting Loads of Attention

Irvine Police call it like 'something out of @007 movie'

(Newser) - They reportedly had a James Bond-like car, but not his luck. A California couple was arrested on Tuesday, and their white 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 is featuring big into the news. The Irvine Police Department says Garden Grove residents Yasmine Kambour, 37, and Chris Huynh, 44, were arrested after a...

Toddler Leaves Good Tip After Ordering 31 Cheeseburgers

Barrett Golden of Texas doesn't even like cheeseburgers

(Newser) - Know this about 2-year-old Barrett Golden of Ricardo, Texas: The kid tips well. KRIS 6 reports that the toddler got hold of his mother's phone and inadvertently ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald's via DoorDash. The burgers were about $61, but Barrett also managed to tack on a $16...

Female Soldier's Promotion Ceremony Took Lewd Turn

Officer who allegedly 'motorboated' her was allowed to retire after court-martial

(Newser) - "Multiple Soldiers immediately reported the behavior," an Army rep made clear. Good thing. The Army Times reports on the story of a former Louisiana National Guard officer who was convicted by a general court-martial after allegedly "motorboating" a female subordinate. The incident reportedly occurred during her promotion...

Delay in Trial of Woman Accused of Being 'Killer Clown'

Lawyers for Sheila Keen-Warren say they need more time

(Newser) - The details of the crime are perverse: Marlene Warren opened the door to her Wellington, Fla., home in 1990 to be greeted by a person dressed as a clown, holding carnations and balloons, including one that read, "You're the greatest." The clown shot Warren in the face...

Cyclist's Podium Celebration Ends in Freak Prosecco Mishap

Biniam Girmay was forced to pull out of the Giro d’Italia on Wednesday as a result

(Newser) - An accident with a prosecco cork while celebrating his historic stage victory at the Giro d’Italia forced Biniam Girmay to pull out of the race on Wednesday. The Eritrean rider became the first Black African to win a stage at a grand tour when he beat Mathieu van der...

Alleged Thieves Return Items After 'Scary Dreams’

Idols were taken from a temple in India, but not for long

(Newser) - The 16 statues a group of thieves made off with last week in India ended up being less of a haul and more of a curse, according to the alleged criminals. The AFP reports the idols had been carried off from a centuries-old Hindu temple in Uttar Pradesh that honored...

Officials: UFO Sightings Are 'Frequent and Continuing'

Testimony comes amid Congress' first public hearing on UFOs in 50 years

(Newser) - UFO enthusiasts are hoping government officials will be more forthcoming about flying saucers than in days of old as Congress convenes its first hearing on UFOs in 50 years Tuesday. Two top military officials tasked with investigating UFOs—which the government now refer to as Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs)—are...

The Break-In, Kidnapping Was So Bizarre No One Believed Them

Katia Savchuk pens an incredible piece for 'Atavist Magazine'

(Newser) - Katia Savchuk's incredible piece for the Atavist Magazine is called "A Crime Beyond Belief," and that pretty much nails it. In nearly 20,000 words, she peels back the onion on a March 2015 home invasion and kidnapping in Vallejo, Calif., that was so bizarre police and...

Guy Makes Big Bucks Standing in Line for Others
He Makes a Nice Living
as Professional Line-Stander

He Makes a Nice Living as Professional Line-Stander

Robert Samuel has found a unique niche in New York City

(Newser) - Good things come to those who wait ... so others don’t have to. Robert Samuel figured that out a decade ago when he began his career as a line-stander in New York City. The Guardian recently found him waiting to buy tickets for The Music Man. He does this in...

A Mysterious Hunt for Cash Is Underway in a Canadian City

Miramichi, New Brunswick, residents can thank Roman Dungarvan, whoever that is

(Newser) - It'll be a Friday the 13th like no other in the small Canadian city of Miramichi. The New Brunswick locale is home to 17,600 people, and someone among them has started hiding $100 bills with sometimes creepy clues leading to them. And on Friday the 13th comes the...

You Had One Job, Lottery Ball Caller

Mega Millions suspends payments after host mistakes a 9 for a 6

(Newser) - The man calling the winner numbers in this week's Mega Millions jackpot made a very public mistake, one that has resulted in temporarily suspended payouts. John Crow mistook a 9 for a 6 in his televised announcement, reports CNN . As you might expect, that caused quite a bit of...

Anna Wintour's 'Go-To' Lunch Is Very Unique

A caprese salad without the tomatoes? Weird, but that's apparently the 'Vogue' editor's thing

(Newser) - The reviews are out for the new Anna Wintour biography, but one in particular has picked up on a rather odd tidbit from the Vogue editor-in-chief's life. Writing about Anna , Amy Odell's 400-page-plus deep dive into Wintour, for the Grub Street blog , Emilia Petrarca said one specific line...

At Airport Lost and Found, an Unusual Reunion

Utah woman has her beloved taxidermy rat back in her possession

(Newser) - About a week ago, KSL News in Salt Lake City ran a story about the variety of items that accumulate in the airport's lost-and-found office. As news stories go these days, it was a light piece, focused mainly on what becomes of the thousands of items travelers leave behind...

'Stray Lion' in Bushes Was Just a Shopping Bag
'Stray Lion' Alert Leads to
Much More Innocuous Find
in case you missed it

'Stray Lion' Alert Leads to Much More Innocuous Find

It was a shopping bag with a lion's face on it in the bushes outside a Kenyan home

(Newser) - A farmhand in Kenya may be feeling a little foolish today, but also pretty lucky: His anxiety-ridden "stray lion" sighting turned out not to be a lion after all. The BBC reports on the incident that took place in Kinyana, a village not far from Mount Kenya National Park,...

This Is 5 M&Ms in a Stack. It's Also a New World Record
Stack of 7 M&Ms
Takes the Cake

Stack of 7 M&Ms Takes the Cake

Master balancer Ibrahim Sadeq of Iraq is latest to claim the world record

(Newser) - Update: Will Cutbill had just eight and a half months to enjoy his Guinness World Record for the Tallest Stack of M&Ms at five. The Brit's achievement on Jan. 31, 2021 was the first of three times the world record would be broken in a 15-month span, per...

1631 Bible Is Missing a Very Important Word
1631 Bible Is Missing
a Very Important Word

1631 Bible Is Missing a Very Important Word

'Wicked Bible' dropped word 'not,' inadvertently encouraged adultery

(Newser) - It's considered "one of the most serious blunders in publishing history," according to the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. But also one of the funniest: A Bible printed in England in 1631 left out the word "not" in the Seventh Commandment and thus instructed readers:...

Passenger Jet Turns Back Over Pilot's Certification

Virgin Atlantic co-pilot hadn't taken his final assessment flight with the airline

(Newser) - As far as reasons go for a passenger jet having to turn around midflight, it's a weird one. A Virgin Atlantic flight returned to UK's Heathrow Airport after 40 minutes because the co-pilot technically wasn't qualified to fly, reports the BBC . It may sound worse than it...

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