The World's Least-Visited Country Is...

Nauru ... yes, there is a country called Nauru
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 31, 2013 3:50 PM CDT
The World's Least-Visited Country Is...
A satellite view of Nauru.   (Wikimedia Commons)

Haven't gotten around to visiting Nauru? Turns out you're not alone. The tiny island nation—and the world's smallest, at eight square miles—is the least-visited country on Earth, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A list of the world's least-popular vacation spots picked up by the Monitor reveals three likely reasons for the low tourism: They're too remote (Nauru), too repressive (Turkmenistan), or too dangerous (Afghanistan). Sometimes there's also little to see; most of Nauru, explains one travel writer, is "a large open phosphate mine." Topping the list:

  1. Nauru (200 visitors in 2011)
  2. Somalia (an estimated 500 last year)
  3. Tuvalu, Polynesian island nation (1,200 in 2011)
  4. Kiribati, Pacific island nation (4,700 in 2011)
  5. Marshall Islands (5,000 in 2011)
  6. Equatorial Guinea (an estimated 6,000 last year)
  7. Turkmenistan (7,000 in 2007)
  8. Sao Tome & Principe (8,000 in 2010)
  9. Comoros, island nation near Mozambique (15,000 in 2010)
  10. Afghanistan (17,500 in 2012)

Click for the full list. (More Travel stories.)

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