5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a strange anti-military protest
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted May 9, 2014 5:41 AM CDT
Updated May 9, 2014 9:16 AM CDT
5 Craziest Crimes of the Week
Usain Bolt after setting a 100-meter world record in 2009.   (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

A very pricey pair of running shoes and a very ill-advised YouTube video highlight the list:

  • Thieves Steal $34K Pair of Sneakers: A pair of Usain Bolt's orange cleats were on display in London—until someone stole the signed shoes, which are reportedly worth $34,000. The Jamaican athlete wore the cleats when he set the world record in the 100-meter race in 2009, and now he'd like them back, please.
  • Teen Posts "Me Driving Like an Idiot' Video: A Florida teen faces a slew of charges after police say he hit four cars and put five people, including himself, in the hospital. It's not helping his case that the 18-year-old recorded it on video and posted it to YouTube under the title "Me driving like an idiot."

  • US Army Base Broken Into, Covered in Pot Seeds: Peace and love, man: A group of anti-war Italians opposed to a US Army base in their midst broke into said Army base last week and made their point in unusual fashion—by planting about 200,000 marijuana seeds.
  • Woman Busted for Loud Sex on Plane: A drunk British woman decided it would be a good idea to join the mile-high club with a man she'd just met on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Las Vegas ... and the monumentally bad idea ended up getting her in serious trouble. (Probably with her parents, too.)
  • Florida Cops Break Into City Hall to Use Bathroom: Two Florida narcotics detectives have found themselves on the wrong side of the law after allegedly being caught breaking into Bradenton City Hall in order to ... use the bathroom. They swear they had a good reason, though.
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