Fox Host to Dick Cheney: You Were So Wrong

Pundits generally can't believe Cheney is talking about this
By Kevin Spak,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 19, 2014 10:38 AM CDT

Commentators everywhere are marveling at the gall of Dick and Liz Cheney, after a blistering op-ed in which they said that President Obama had been "so wrong about so much at the expense of so many." The skepticism is so pervasive that not even Fox News is safe for the ex-VP. When she interviewed Cheney last night, Megyn Kelly introduced him as "the man who helped lead us into Iraq in the first place," before hitting him with some pointed questions about his own Iraq blunders, Business Insider reports.

"Time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well, in Iraq, sir," Kelly said. "Now, with almost 1 trillion dollars spent there, with 4,500 American lives lost there, what do you say to those who say you were so wrong about so much at the expense of so many? Cheney disagreed, saying, "I think we went to Iraq for very good reasons." Other reactions to the Cheneys:

  • Kelly quoted an extremely harsh Washington Post op-ed by Paul Waldman. "When it comes to being wrong about Iraq, Dick Cheney has been in a class by himself," Waldman writes. "There is not a single person in America ... who has been more wrong and more shamelessly dishonest on the topic of Iraq than Dick Cheney."
  • Cheney's Fox reception shouldn't be a surprise, because as Paul Vale at the Huffington Post writes, Cheney is out of step with the more Libertarian GOP of today. "Whereas Cheney could once rely on the Republican hierarchy and a US national media to take note, now the former VP is forced to scramble for hits on YouTube, his inane ramblings ... competing unsuccessfully with the latest J-Lo album teaser."
  • Indeed, Cheney's old group, Keep America Safe, shut down as support for its policies plummeted, Heather Hurlburt at the Daily Beast observes, and the Cheneys' all-al-Qaeda-all-the-time worldview is starting to look pretty quaint. But don't expect them to go away anytime soon. "Their appeals to fear and canny marketing give them a continuing place in American life, as long as they can raise money for a media booker and a website."
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