People Are Drinking Butter in Their Coffee

It's dubbed 'bulletproof'
By Matt Cantor,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 22, 2014 6:32 AM CDT
People Are Drinking Butter in Their Coffee
Drinking butter in your coffee is a thing now.   (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

Milk in your coffee not cutting it? Perhaps you'd like to drop a pat of butter and some coconut oil in instead. Oh, and don't forget the eggs. The ingredients are all part of a new trend in coffee drinking, apparently driven in the US by health entrepreneur Dave Asprey. He's all about improving physical and mental performance, becoming what he calls "Bulletproof." The idea for Bulletproof coffee—packed with butter and coconut oil—came from tea made with yak butter in Tibet, he explains.

At Munchies, Charlie Norton sings the praises of butter coffee, which, he warns, should be made only with low-toxin coffee and grass-fed butter. Butter, he notes, is "full of good cholesterol and vitamin K2," while coconut oil helps the immune system. If making the concoction is too much trouble, a California company has an instant version which also includes egg yolks and vanilla, the Los Angeles Times reports. The effects of the coffee, according to Norton, are the stuff of fantasy. At work after drinking it:

  • "I make a few dynamic phone calls I had been putting off, answer emails I had been procrastinating on, and, by the time I go out on a 10km run at lunchtime, I am floating in a depersonalized way."
He's far from the only one extolling its virtues, Jezebel notes. Actress Shailene Woodley recently tweeted that the coffee "may very well be one of the greatest of human achievements." Norton does warn, however, that the stuff isn't "for the faint of heart" and must be combined with careful eating. And health experts give it mixed reviews; some have concerns about the fats involved, Jezebel adds. (Need a cup for your butter coffee? Here’s one for just $199.)

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