Couple Pulled Over for DUI Had Sex in Cop Car

Judge at sentencing says behavior of Travis Husnik, Heather Basten was 'outlandish'
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 8, 2014 12:57 PM CDT
Couple Pulled Over for DUI Had Sex in Cop Car
Travis Husnik, left, and Heather Basten were sentenced for having sex in a police squad car after being hauled off for suspected drunk driving.   (Today Breaking NEWS)

Most people who get pulled over for drunk driving and hauled away in a squad car probably keep their pants on (just a guess). Then again, most people aren't Travis Husnik and Heather Basten. The Wisconsin couple, ages 33 and 29 respectively, were being taken to the Oconto County Jail in a police vehicle on Aug. 3 after Basten was pulled over for suspected DUI—but instead of getting their stories straight or reflecting on their night, the two started having sex, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. The deputy driving the car noticed the back-seat tomfoolery and pulled over, then ordered Husnik to pull his pants up and moved him to the front seat. Both Husnik and Basten were charged with disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior. Almost as interesting as the crime itself: the judge's reaction during sentencing.

Judge Jay Conley lost his judicial cool to express how baffled he was about this case. After admitting to the court that "I'm getting to be [a] pretty old guy and I've never seen that situation in my legal life," he added: "What do I sentence a guy who has sex in [a] squad car to?" After going through Husnik's files because the case was "so unusual and so outlandish" and noting all of his previous crimes—19 convictions, with four felonies, including one for "battery to law enforcement" and three for "resisting or obstructing officer convictions"—Conley didn't have as hard of a time making up his mind. "This [case] is probably the least offensive thing that you did to law enforcement," he reprimanded Husnik, before imposing the maximum 90 days in jail. A different judge who made absolutely no comment sentenced Basten at a separate hearing to time served of 48 days, plus fines and court costs. (Where this couple decided to have sex didn't go so well, either.)

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