Twitter Mocks 'Sad Trombone' Christie at Trump Speech

People couldn't stop commenting on Christie's face
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 1, 2016 10:09 PM CST
Twitter Mocks 'Sad Trombone' Christie at Trump Speech
Help. Me.   (Twitter/Mashable)

Donald Trump held a celebratory Super Tuesday press conference at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and the man who introduced him was none other than New Jersey Gov. (and recent Trump endorser) Chris Christie. "Tonight is the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party together for a big victory this November," Christie declared, per Politico. "A united Republican Party, a united republican people make sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton never gets back into the White House." Meant to be a rousing intro, for sure, but not everyone was impressed with his delivery: Salon labeled Christie a "human sad-trombone" who gave the "lowest-energy 'victory' speech in American political history."

And it only got worse when Christie tried to fade into the background to make room for Trump. The governor's facial expressions (which Vox called "easily the best part" of Trump's presser) and general demeanor as he stood to the side of the podium relayed what Mashable says appeared to be a "state of deep emotional pain." Twitter didn't renege on an opportunity to poke fun of a doleful Christie, drawing comparisons to sad Eli Manning, a loyal dog, and Darth Vader "right before he decides to kill the Emperor." Even when Christie simply stared straight ahead he couldn't escape scrutiny: One commenter asserted, "There is a picture of a meatball sub on the back of Trump's head." To sum up Tuesday night's Christie trending, a final tweet: "Tonight was Chris Christie's meme-ification." (Raw Story also features a collection of the best Christie-as-hangdog tweets.)

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