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AI-Generated Copy Flagged in Millions of Student Papers

Company detected it in 11% of high school and college papers examined

(Newser) - With AI at their disposal, many students have found a modern way to keep their dogs from eating their homework. And while it won't come to a surprise to anyone that they're leaning into the technology to beef up papers and essays, we now have a sense of...

Musk: AI May Be Smarter Than Humans by 2025
Elon Musk Offers a Chilling
Prediction on AI's Smarts
in case you missed it

Elon Musk Offers a Chilling Prediction on AI's Smarts

He thinks artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans as early as next year

(Newser) - Elon Musk has long expressed his fears over artificial intelligence, and his latest assessment isn't likely to tamp down those of a like mind. In a Monday interview livestreamed on his X social media platform, the Tesla CEO and co-founder of ChatGPT developer OpenAI predicted that as early as...

Air Force Secretary to Go Airborne in AI-Operated Jet

Frank Kendall to enter the cockpit of F-16 that has been converted for drone flight

(Newser) - The Air Force is betting a large part of its future air warfare on a fleet of more than 1,000 autonomously operated drones, and later this spring its top civilian leader plans to climb into an artificial intelligence-operated warplane and let it take him airborne. Air Force Secretary Frank...

NYC's AI Chatbot Doles Out Bizarre, Illegal Advice

The city says it won't take it offline

(Newser) - An AI-powered chatbot created by New York City to help small-business owners is under fire for dispensing bizarre advice that misstates local policies and advises companies to violate the law. But days after the issues were first reported last week by tech news outlet the Markup , the city has opted...

George Carlin's Estate Settles Its Beef With AI Special

Lawsuit said copyright was violated with 'George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead'

(Newser) - The estate of George Carlin has agreed to a settlement with the media company it sued over a fake hourlong comedy special that purportedly used artificial intelligence to re-create the late standup comic's style and material, the AP reports. In the settlement agreement filed with a federal court Monday,...

Kids Have a Shaky Sense About Alexa's Feelings
Kids Have
a Shaky Sense
About Alexa's
new study

Kids Have a Shaky Sense About Alexa's Feelings

Study finds that children are a little confused about the capabilities of smart devices

(Newser) - Young children don't have a great sense about whether smart devices such as Alexa and Siri have feelings like us, a new study suggests. Researchers in Scotland surveyed more than 160 kids ages 6 to 11 and found that many are unclear about whether the devices can think for...

OpenAI's Voice-Cloning Tool Needs Just 15 Seconds of Audio

Company says further discussion is needed before any sort of wider release

(Newser) - OpenAI has developed a tool it admits is too risky to be released to the general public right now. The ChatGPT maker launched a "small-scale preview" of Voice Engine, which it discusses in a blog post here . Some takeaways:
  • The bottom line: "We are taking a cautious and

We May Have to Rethink Foreign-Language Classes
We May Have to Rethink
Foreign-Language Classes

We May Have to Rethink Foreign-Language Classes

As quick AI translators proliferate, 'something enormous' is being lost, writes essayist

(Newser) - In an essay at the Atlantic , Louise Matsakis laments what appears to be a swift decline in the study of foreign languages in school. Enrollment in such courses is down a remarkable 29% since 2009 at American colleges, she notes, citing stats from the Modern Language Association. Similar declines are...

AI Is Coming for This Job Next
AI Is Coming for This Job Next

AI Is Coming for This Job Next

Devin is being dubbed 'the first AI software engineer'

(Newser) - Devin can write code, collaborate with co-workers, accept their feedback, and moonlight on Upwork—just don't mistake Devin for a human. This advancement in generative AI software development comes from 2-month-old startup Cognition AI, which is backed by Peter Thiel's venture capital fund, Business Insider reports. BI writes...

Amazon Increases Big Bet on AI Startup

It now has $4B stake in Anthropic

(Newser) - Claude just got a lot more money from Amazon. The company has invested another $2.75 billion in artificial-intelligence startup Anthropic, bringing its total stake in a deal announced six months ago to $4 billion. The startup's model Claude competes with OpenAI's ChatGPT, NBC News reports. Anthropic, founded...

Your Phone May Soon Open Locked Display Cases in Stores

New gizmo allows customers to unlock cabinets with merchandise

(Newser) - A surge in shoplifting in some areas has store owners walking a tricky line—they must create a welcoming space for customers to shop, while also deterring theft. And though locking merchandise inside cases can spoil that friendly shopping vibe, so does using a blowtorch to clear out a New...

At New Orleans Museum, AI Lets You Talk to WWII Vets

Participants sat for as many as 1K questions each

(Newser) - Olin Pickens sat in his wheelchair facing a life-sized image of himself on a screen, asking it questions about being taken prisoner by German soldiers during World War II. After a pause, his video-recorded twin recalled being given "sauerkraut soup" by his captors before a grueling march. "That...

Tennessee Is First State to Protect People's Voice Rights

Gov. Bill Lee signs ELVIS Act into law

(Newser) - Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday made the state the first to protect people's voice rights when he signed the ELVIS Act into law. Supported by a large number of musical artists and music industry groups, the law will protect residents' voices, images, and likenesses from being replicated using...

Report: Apple in Talks Over 'Blockbuster' Google Deal

Sources say Apple is in talks to use Google's Gemini AI in new iPhones

(Newser) - Insiders say Apple and Google are in talks over a deal that could be massive for both companies. The sources say Apple is looking into using Google's Gemini generative artificial intelligence technology in the next iPhone model. Bloomberg reports that the negotiations could lead to "a blockbuster agreement...

IRS Commish to Rich Tax Cheats: Pay Up

Danny Werfel says agency is taking new measures to make sure everyone pays their fair share

(Newser) - IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel has a message for high-wealth tax cheats who are shorting the government: Pay your fair share so "others aren't shouldering the burden of funding our government." Werfel, who hits the one-year mark at the helm of the IRS this month, said in a...

AI Image-Generator Moves Against Fake Bidens, Trumps

Independent report found Midjourney especially lax in preventing political disinformation

(Newser) - The artificial intelligence image-generator Midjourney has started blocking its users from creating fake images of President Biden and former President Donald Trump ahead of the presidential campaign in November, according to tests of the AI tool by the AP . With the election in full swing, it's time to "...

Trekkie Quirk Makes AI Chatbots Better at Math

Opening queries with a 'Star Trek' catchphrase yields more accurate results

(Newser) - Bet you didn't have this one on your AI bingo card. New research has found that when fed phrases that simulated being on the Starship Enterprise, chatbots spit out more accurate results to math problems. The study, published on arXiv and first reported by New Scientist , didn't set...

Beverly Hills Students Are Expelled Over AI Nude Photos

The images were made to look like classmates

(Newser) - Five "egregiously involved eighth-grade students" have been expelled from a Beverly Hills middle school after AI-generated nude images of 16 classmates were created and circulated. The California school board approved the expulsions on Wednesday night, CBS News reports. Beverly Hills police also are investigating. School officials said the scandal...

Feds: Ex-Google Engineer Stole AI Trade Secrets for China

38-year-old accused of secretly working with 2 Chinese companies

(Newser) - A former software engineer at Google has been charged with stealing artificial intelligence trade secrets from the company while secretly working with two companies based in China, the Justice Department said Wednesday. Linwei Ding, a Chinese national, was arrested in Newark, California, on four counts of federal trade secret theft,...

Are Customer Service Reps a Doomed Breed?
Are Customer
Service Reps
a Doomed


Are Customer Service Reps a Doomed Breed?

'Economist' explores how artificial intelligence is threatening the job

(Newser) - A few simple clicks online, no human needed on the other end. That was how Sophie Elmhirst's experience of buying contact lenses online was supposed to go. Instead, as she explains in the Economist , she made a mess of things with no fewer than four failed attempts. At that...

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