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Yale Prof's Russia List Prompts Calls From CEOs

It groups companies into those who have and have not pulled out of Russia

(Newser) - Multinational companies have taken extraordinary measures to express disapproval of Putin's war. They risk untold billions in lost revenue and hard assets, but money isn’t everything. "CEOs need peer approval," Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld tells the Washington Post . Sonnenfeld is not alone in pressing for bold...

After Getting Visa Applications, China Questions US Boycott

Biden administration says it's sending help for athletes and coaches, but not diplomats

(Newser) - Given that the Biden administration earlier this month announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics, China is asking why it's receiving visa applications for US government employees. That can be explained, the US answered: Those applications are for consular and security officers—not diplomats or high-ranking officials, the...

China to US Execs: Push Back Against Olympics Boycott

'The business community cannot make a fortune in silence,' official says

(Newser) - With the Winter Olympics now just two months away, China seems to be getting worried about calls to boycott the Beijing Games—and it has started putting pressure on American companies with close links to the country. In a video conference Tuesday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng urged American...

Report: US Officials to Turn Their Backs on Winter Olympics

Sources say diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games has been formally recommended to Biden

(Newser) - The Biden administration is likely planning a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics in February in response to human rights abuses in China, according to a report. Several sources tell Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin that a formal recommendation has been made to President Biden that the US refrain from...

Johnny Depp: It's Been a 'Surreal 5 Years'

In interview with 'Sunday Times,' Depp talks new film, 'boycott' against him in wake of legal woes

(Newser) - The reason for the current commotion in Johnny Depp's life? "The absurdity of media mathematics." That's per Depp himself, in a new interview with the Sunday Times in which the 58-year-old actor talks about his new movie, Minimata, and how he thinks he's been snubbed...

Trump, Ga. Governor Blast MLB for Moving All-Star Game

Some call for league boycott after it yanked game from Ga. due to new law restricting voting rights

(Newser) - Baseball season officially kicked off this week, but there's already a push to boycott the MLB . A big part of what's helping to drive that: Donald Trump. The former president on Friday called for a snub of the league after it announced earlier that day it was pulling...

Goya CEO's CPAC Speech Draws New Calls for Boycott

Robert Unanue reupped Trump's long-debunked claims about election fraud

(Newser) - Back in January, Goya CEO Robert Unanue was censured by his own company's board of directors, which decided he'd need the board's permission from now on to speak to the media after he'd repeatedly shown support for Donald Trump's unproven claims of election fraud. At...

CEO Says US Is 'Blessed' to Have Trump, Spurs Boycott

#Goyaway started trending soon after Robert Unanue's remarks at White House

(Newser) - President Trump held a roundtable at the White House Thursday, which included a signing of an executive order on his Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Among the Latino supporters in attendance was Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, said to be the largest Hispanic/Latino-owned food company in the US—and it's...

Facebook Meeting With Boycotters Was Rough

Zuckerberg and Co. wanted 'A for attendance,' met no real demands, activists say

(Newser) - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met virtually with civil rights and activist groups who've helped organize a massive advertiser boycott of the social network, and as CNN reports, "it did not go well." Facebook spokesman Andy Stone later expressed gratitude to the organizers "for their continued engagement"...

More Big Names to Take Action Against Facebook on July 1

Advertising boycott gets a few new companies on board

(Newser) - Facebook has 8 million advertisers. Well, something like 7,999,997—and dropping. Three more big names have said they would join a Facebook ad boycott for the month of July and potentially longer. Ben & Jerry's, Eddie Bauer, and Magnolia Pictures are now on board, joining Patagonia, the...

Jackie Chan: Pro-Democracy Protests Are 'Depressing'

'Hong Kong hates you' one commenter wrote online after Chan's remarks on Hong Kong protests

(Newser) - If pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong had hoped for a celebrity endorsement, Jackie Chan's not their man. The martial arts star and actor spoke up about the recent demonstrations in his birthplace, and he doesn't seem inspired by the protesters, calling the protests "sad" and "depressing,...

Trump: It Might Be Time to Boycott AT&T
Trump Suggests
a Boycott of AT&T

Trump Suggests a Boycott of AT&T

President criticizes CNN, and this time he includes its parent company

(Newser) - President Trump isn't letting world travel hamper his tweeting habits. On Monday, after arriving in the UK for his three-day visit, Trump unleashed criticism on a familiar target—CNN. But this time, he suggested that people start boycotting parent company AT&T, reports Politico . In his first tweet, Trump...

Sports Store's Nike Boycott a Factor in Its Demise

'This was about principle,' says Prime Time Sports owner Stephen Martin

(Newser) - A man's counter-protest to Colin Kaepernick's taking a knee is putting his sports store out of business . Stephen Martin, owner of Prime Time Sports in Colorado Springs, opted to drop all Nike gear after Nike debuted its 30th anniversary ad campaign featuring Kaepernick last fall. Now, he can...

'Build That Wall' Cookie Not Going Over Well

Baker owner Ken Bellingham says it was meant as a joke

(Newser) - Ken Bellingham says he wrote "Build that Wall" on a heart-shaped cookie as a joke for Valentine's Day. But "I guess the joke is on me," the owner of Edmonds Bakery in Edmonds, Wash., tells KING5 after social media users labeled the bakery "racist" and...

Advertisers Need to Stop Boycotting Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson Boycott
Is Dumb and Dangerous

Tucker Carlson Boycott Is Dumb and Dangerous

Media writer Jack Shafer doesn't want fickle companies having a say in coverage

(Newser) - Big advertisers keep pulling out of Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News over his comments that immigrants make the nation "poorer" and "dirtier." Media writer Jack Shafer is no fan of Carlson and his "retrograde views on race, minorities, gays, and women," but he'...

More Advertisers Join Tucker Carlson Boycott

IHOP is the latest to ditch Fox host

(Newser) - IHOP has become the latest advertiser to yank its ads from Tucker Carlson Tonight amid an outcry over the host's comments about immigrants . Advertisers have been leaving the Fox News show since last week, when Carlson complained that admitting immigrants was making America "poorer, dirtier, and more divided....

Saudis' Amazon Boycott Shows Signs of 'Coordination'

Similar language found among 8K tweets mentioning boycott

(Newser) - Amazon can expect to send fewer packages to Saudi Arabia in the wake of Jamal Khashoggi's murder. Thousands of social media users in the country are urging a boycott of and Dubai-based subsidiary over coverage of the writer's killing published by the Washington Post,...

Tennis Umps Reportedly Mull a Boycott of Serena Games

They feel 'thrown to the wolves,' per rumblings

(Newser) - Serena Williams has already been hit with a $17,000 fine for a confrontation Saturday at the US Open with the chair umpire. Now she may face a boycott from other umps who stand behind Carlos Ramos, per the Washington Post . In Serena's court: the US Tennis Association, tennis...

In-N-Out Donation Causes Political Hubbub in California

But calls for a boycott over money to GOP seem to be fizzling

(Newser) - Californians love their In-N-Out burgers, and a Democratic leader's attempt to drum up support for a boycott isn't exactly taking off. The brouhaha started when journalist Gabe Schneider tweeted a state filing showing that the chain had donated $25,000 to the GOP, reports USA Today . That prompted...

Female ESPN Host: That's It, I'm Done With NFL

Michelle Beadle says league doesn't care about women

(Newser) - Michelle Beadle has some more free time on the weekends—and the ESPN pundit says she has the NFL to thank for it. The co-host of the network's Get Up! program tweeted an image of a cringing Jerry Seinfeld Wednesday along with the line: "Me, pretending to be...

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