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Among College Students, a 'Shocking' Find
Among College
Students, a
Troubling Find

Among College Students, a Troubling Find on PTSD

Diagnoses more than doubled from 2017 to 2022

(Newser) - Current college students have lived through a chaotic few years, and it's turning up in their mental health assessments in at least one significant way. The New York Times reports that diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder , or PTSD, within this demographic more than doubled from 2017 to 2022, with...

Woman's Controversial Death Wish Is Finally Granted

Netherlands' Zoraya ter Beek, 29, gets the OK for an assisted death due to mental health struggles

(Newser) - For nearly four years, Zoraya ter Beek has been patiently biding her time, going through the laborious process in the Netherlands to get the green light for an assisted suicide due to what she describes as overwhelming mental suffering. Last week, ter Beek finally saw her request granted, clearing the...

Schools Might Want to Cool It With the Mental Health Stuff

Recent research suggests the increased focus on mental health might not improve mental health

(Newser) - The increase in mental health education and support at schools can only be a good thing, right? Turns out it might not be quite that simple: Research from recent years finds that a focus on mental health awareness can sometimes backfire for young people, the New York Times reports.
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Starting the Menopause Journey? This Could Be a Risk

Fluctuating hormone levels may trigger depression symptoms or worsen existing ones

(Newser) - Women approaching the onset of menopause face a 40% higher risk of depression than in their earlier years, according to new research, showing the need for support and screening. Experts from University College London performed a meta-analysis of seven studies involving more than 9,000 women in the US, Australia,...

A Booming New Sideline: the 'Empty-Nest Coach'

More hyper-involved parents turning to coaches to ease the transition

(Newser) - In the age of helicopter parenting, coming in for a smooth landing as kids get older and leave home is a rougher ride for some. Enter the "empty-nest coach." Per Axios , the process of moving into this next phase of life can be so stressful, more parents are...

Menstrual Cycles May Play Role in Suicide Risk
Menstrual Cycles May
Play Role in Suicide Risk

Menstrual Cycles May Play Role in Suicide Risk

For patients with mental health disorders, symptoms increased at certain times, study suggests

(Newser) - New data suggests that certain days in the menstrual cycle can take a serious toll on people who have a history of mental health disorders. The study in the American Journal of Psychiatry showed that symptoms of suicidal ideation and planning became more severe just before and during periods, which...

Their Medical Debt Was Erased. It Didn't Do Much Good

Study finds the recipients' lives didn't meaningfully improve on a number of fronts

(Newser) - It's a somewhat counterintuitive finding: Wiping out medical debt with a face value of $169 million for 83,401 people didn't improve their mental health or credit scores on average. So finds a study published Monday as a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper. The researchers tell...

Report: Maine Shooter Should've Had Guns Seized Weeks Before

Independent commission finds Robert Card should have been placed in protective custody

(Newser) - Law enforcement should have seized a man's guns and put him in protective custody weeks before he committed Maine's deadliest mass shooting, a report found Friday. An independent commission has been reviewing the events that led up to Army reservist Robert Card killing 18 people at a bowling...

Therapy May Not Be the Answer to Your Mental Health Woes

Clinical psychologist Emily Edlynn says venting to a professional might not be for everyone

(Newser) - If you've been having a hard time dealing with life's stresses or anxiety, or even loneliness, making an appointment with a therapist might seem the reasonable thing to do. Not so fast, advises Emily Edlynn, a clinical psychologist who cautions that therapy shouldn't be the default for...

Nanjiani: I Sought Therapy After Crappy Film Reviews

'Eternals' star says it was 'very, very tough' to hear criticism of the 2021 Marvel movie

(Newser) - When Kumail Nanjiani shot 2021's Eternals, alongside big names like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Barry Keoghan, he had a blast. "I had the best time doing that movie, and I realized this is how work should feel like," the 45-year-old Silicon Valley star said Tuesday on...

Elmo Poses a Question, 'Collective Breakdown' Ensues
An Innocent Question From
Elmo Breaks the Internet
in case you missed it

An Innocent Question From Elmo Breaks the Internet

It turns out a lot of us are hurting and eager for a listening ear

(Newser) - On a Monday morning toward the end of the seemingly endless month of January, Elmo posed a question : "How is everybody doing?" "The answer, it seems, is not great," the BBC reports, noting there was "a collective breakdown" Monday as X users dumped their woes on...

University Saw 7 Suicides in 6 Months, Took Action

'NYT Magazine:' Worcester Polytechnic Institute has shifted thinking after a series of student deaths

(Newser) - In January 2022, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts died of an apparent suicide. It was the seventh WPI student death in six months, a stretch in which the school scrambled to cope with what is described as an "unthinkable mental health crisis" in a story by...

More Siblings May Come With Poorer Mental Health
More Siblings May
Come With Poorer
Mental Health

More Siblings May Come With Poorer Mental Health

A new study found that mental health rates dropped for teens in larger families

(Newser) - More family, more problems? A new study suggests this may be the case for teens crowded by siblings. The Guardian breaks down the findings of lead author Doug Downey, a professor of sociology at Ohio State who analyzed the mental health of middle schoolers in China and the US. The...

Odd Hack for Panic Attacks Goes Viral on TikTok

And experts agree: Sucking on sour candy can help tamp down on anxiety

(Newser) - If you've ever found yourself on the cusp of a panic attack —rapid heart rate, sense of doom or danger, shortness of breath, dizziness—a TikTokker seems to have found a possible solution. "My therapist told me to eat a Warhead whenever I'm feeling a panic...

Booming Business in US Schools: Teletherapy

Advocates say it's vital, but concerns arise about quality of help

(Newser) - Bo

Magicians Rank High in Good Mental Health
One Group of Creatives
Has Stellar Mental Health

One Group of Creatives Has Stellar Mental Health

Researchers found magicians are less prone to mental illness than other artists

(Newser) - Magicians may not belong in the "tortured artist" group. While mental illnesses have long been linked to creative types, a new study examining professional magicians says they're less prone to have them, the BBC reports. Researchers from Aberystwyth University in Wales conducted the study , in which 195 experienced...

Young Gun Violence Survivors Face 'Massive Health Crises'

Study explores 'unbelievable impact' on young survivors specifically, an understudied issue

(Newser) - Child survivors of gun violence are just that—survivors. Where others died, they were spared. Yet for many survivors, life after gun violence can feel like a curse. New research, using more than 2,000 employer-sponsored insurance claims to chart the health and economic effects for survivors under the age...

Bridgerton Actor: I Had No Support Amid Psychotic Breaks

Ruby Barker faults Netflix, Shondaland

(Newser) - Ruby Barker felt her star rise as she appeared in Netflix's smash hit Bridgerton, but it was not an enjoyable time. As she reveals in a podcast interview, the British actor suffered not one but two psychotic breaks after filming the first season of the period drama, which saw...

Gun Shop Owner: Maine Suspect Triggered 'Yellow Flag'

Robert Card reportedly tried to buy silencer months earlier, was rejected due to one answer on form

(Newser) - The man suspected of killing 18 and injuring 13 in a mass shooting last week in Lewiston, Maine, apparently tried to buy a silencer at a local gun shop almost three months before the massacre. Rick LaChapelle, owner of Coastal Defense Firearms in nearby Auburn, tells ABC News that Robert...

Rising Suicide Rates Prompts Real Talk at Surgery Conference

One surgeon shared her personal story with colleagues to address mental health crisis

(Newser) - Physicians have higher suicide rates than the general population, with surgeons as one of the top groups at risk of taking their lives in the medical field. The Guardian takes a deep dive into how Carrie Cunningham, an assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, addressed the issue head...

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