Japan Airlines

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After Japan Airlines Crash, a New President Takes Over

Mitsuko Tottori to become airline president in April as Yuji Akasaka moves to chairman role

(Newser) - Japan Airlines has named Mitsuko Tottori as its first woman president following a collision between one of its planes and a coast guard aircraft during Japanese New Year holidays that left five dead, per the AP . Tottori—currently senior managing executive officer of JAL and the first woman to climb...

1985 Disaster Led to Safety Rules That Saved 379 People
379 Lives Were Saved in
Tokyo Crash by 1985 Disaster
the rundown

379 Lives Were Saved in Tokyo Crash by 1985 Disaster

Meanwhile, passengers describe 'chaos' inside Japan Airlines flight

(Newser) - The deadliest single-aircraft accident in aviation history was that of Japan Airlines flight 123, which crashed on August 12, 1985, after a faulty repair by Boeing. Five hundred and twenty of the 524 people aboard the plane died. Nearly four decades later, all 379 passengers and crew aboard a Japan...

Nearly 400 Escape Burning Plane on Tokyo Runway

5 members of Japan's coast guard dead at Haneda airport

(Newser) - A passenger plane collided with a Japanese coast guard aircraft and burst into flames on the runway of Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday, officials said. NHK TV reported that all occupants of Japan Airlines flight JAL-516, believed to total 379 people, got out safely before the plane was entirely...

Two 737s Couldn't Handle Weight of Sumo Wrestlers

Japan Airlines had to add extra flight to bring large men to festival on southern island

(Newser) - Japan Airlines had to take what it says was a "very unusual" step when numerous sumo wrestlers tried to travel to one of the country's southern islands on the same day. The Guardian reports that the airline added an extra flight after determining that two flights carrying wrestlers,...

Flight Arrives 10 Minutes Late, Is Forced Into 16-Hour Detour

Japan Airlines Flight JL331 from Tokyo to Fukuoka should've taken just 2 hours

(Newser) - The 550-mile trip across Japan should have taken two hours by plane. It ultimately took 16—all because a Japan Airlines flight missed an airport's cutoff time by a mere 10 minutes and was forced to turn back. The nightmarish scenario began Sunday with weather delays in Tokyo, followed...

Here Are the World's Best Airlines
Here Are the World's
Best Airlines

Here Are the World's Best Airlines

Qatar Airways takes the top spot

(Newser) - It's been a "less than regular" year for aviation, per CNN Travel , but there's definitely been more travel this year than last. For its annual airlines ranking, Skytrax did something a little different: Its customer survey, which asked about the performance and quality of more than 350...

Major Airline Is Retiring 'Ladies and Gentlemen'

Passengers will now be greeted as 'passengers'

(Newser) - Japan Airlines is bringing in a small but significant change to passenger announcements. The airline says it is going to replace the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" with "passengers" or similar gender-neutral language. The move only affects English-language announcements, since the equivalent Japanese phrase is already gender-neutral, but the...

Trying to Avoid Crying Babies? This Airline's Got You Covered

Japan Airlines offers seat map showing where youngsters under 2 will be sitting

(Newser) - If you live in fear that you'll be seated next to a crying baby the next time you fly, a new feature at Japan Airlines may prove interesting. The airline has added a feature to its online booking tool that shows a baby icon on any seats booked by...

Travelers Rate the Best Airlines. There's a Returning Champ

Congrats again to Singapore Airlines

(Newser) - The champ reigns again in TripAdvisor's third annual list of the world's top 10 airlines, as decided by travelers. Singapore Airlines—one of four Asian carriers to make the 2019 list , which is actually chosen by an algorithm based on the quality and quantity of 2018 flier reviews—...

Latest Dreamliner Hiccup: Toilets Won't Flush

2 Japan Airlines flights turned around

(Newser) - Yet another set of problems has emerged for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, forcing two Japan Airlines flights to turn around just days after the airline announced a switch to Airbus . On a flight from San Diego to Tokyo, one of two anti-ice systems stopped working, the BBC reports, sending...

JAL Stiffs Boeing With $9.5B Airbus Buy

First time Japan Airlines has bought planes from European firm

(Newser) - Japan Airlines is buying its first-ever jets from Airbus in a deal with a list value of $9.5 billion. The purchase of 31 A350 planes deals a blow to US rival Boeing, which had been JAL's star supplier for decades. Airbus Chief Executive and President Fabrice Bregier and...

Boeing Knew of Dreamliner Battery Woes Before Fire

ANA, JAL had to replace them multiple times

(Newser) - Boeing knew it had a big problem with the lithium-ion batteries in its 787 Dreamliners well before a fire prompted safety inquiries and the worldwide grounding of its prize aircraft , the New York Times reports. Officials at All Nippon Airways, which has the world's largest fleet of 787s, say...

Japan Grounds Dreamliners After Emergency Landing

ANA flight suffers most dramatic 787 problem yet

(Newser) - Almost half the world's fleet of Dreamliners has been grounded after yet another incident, this time involving an emergency landing. All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines announced they were taking the new Boeing aircraft out of service after an ANA flight was forced to land after a smoke alarm...

Yet Another Woe for the Dreamliner

Grounded Japan Airlines 787 leaks fuel

(Newser) - Growing pains, or a more serious issue with Boeing's newest aircraft? A fuel leak is being investigated on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner, adding to the long list of problems the aircraft has experienced in recent weeks, Bloomberg reports. Yesterday's leak follows problems including another fuel leak...

Boeing's Dreamliner Faces Probe After Fire, Brake Scare

NTSB gets nervous after Japan Airways incident

(Newser) - The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having a really nightmarish week. Air safety officials launched a formal probe into the long-delayed plane yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports, after a series of safety scares. First, a fire broke out aboard an empty Japan Airlines 787 at Boston's Logan Airport on...

Korea Neighbors Reroute Flights on Rocket Path

White House warns media not to get 'co-opted' by Pyongyang propaganda

(Newser) - North Korea's threatened rocket launch has rerouted about 20 flights around the Philippines and closed three air corridors from Thursday to Monday as the region braces, reports the AP . North Korea said it chose a southerly path for the launch so that debris would not affect its neighbors,...

Barbour Aide Resigns After Tsunami Quip

Press secretary Dan Turner yucked it up in email

(Newser) - A top aide to wanna-be presidential candidate Haley Barbour has resigned after joking in an email about the Japanese tsunami tragedy. The Mississippi governor's press secretary, Dan Turner, abruptly quit following press reports of the quip. In the message, Turner referred to Otis Redding's song Sittin' on the Dock of ...

Japan Airlines Goes Bankrupt
 Japan Airlines Goes Bankrupt 

Japan Airlines Goes Bankrupt

Delta and American vie for piece of restructuring JAL

(Newser) - Japan Airlines filed for bankruptcy today in one of the nation's largest corporate failures, entering a restructuring from which it seeks to emerge leaner, smarter, and free of crippling debt. Asia's biggest carrier by revenue, staggering under a $25 billion debt mountain, JAL will slash nearly 16,000 jobs, cut...

Jet Engine Munches Baggage Box at LAX

(Newser) - A hungry jumbo jet at LAX inhaled a large metal baggage container into one of its engines as it left the gate today, reports the Los Angeles Times. Officials blame a baggage cart left too close to the Japan Airlines Boeing 747. The plane was taken out of service after...

Dreamliner Delays May Drive JAL Away

Longtime customer weighs defecting from Boeing to Airbus

(Newser) - Japan Airlines may abandon its plan to stock up on Boeing Dreamliners because of tie-ups in production of the new 787, Reuters reports. The carrier, a loyal Boeing customer, planned to buy 55 Dreamliners, but the delivery date has slipped again, to early 2009. Now JAL is checking out the...

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