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They Were Flying From NY to London. Then, Smoke

Fire on Virgin Atlantic flight may have been caused by phone charger

(Newser) - Passengers had just settled in for the flight over the ocean from New York to London when they found out they were touching down on the wrong side of the Atlantic: in Boston. The BBC and AP report the Virgin Atlantic plane bound for Heathrow out of JFK was forced...

Airline Orders Stranded Passengers to Delete Videos

Toronto-based Porter Airlines claims a misunderstanding

(Newser) - Passengers of a Canadian airline who were stranded in Boston over the weekend say airline officials threatened to have them arrested if they didn't delete videos of employees announcing a flight cancellation. Kira Wegler tells CTV News she was among passengers who waited hours before being removed from a...

Iranian Cancer Researcher Detained in Boston, Sent Back

Boston Children's Hospital says he had a valid visa

(Newser) - An Iranian cancer researcher arriving in the US to start work at a prominent Boston hospital was detained at Logan International Airport before being sent back to Iran. Boston Children's Hospital said in a statement Tuesday that Dr. Mohsen Dehnavi was prevented from entering the country with his wife...

Naked Guy Falls Through Airport Bathroom Ceiling

Cops say Cameron Shenk then attacked elderly man

(Newser) - A naked man fell through the ceiling of a women's bathroom at Logan Airport yesterday, then ran out of the restroom and viciously assaulted an elderly man while he was still in the buff and bleeding, before being arrested, state police said. Cameron Shenk, 26, of Boston, was charged...

We Saw Terrorists Spying at Airport Way Before 9/11: Witnesses

Reports of al-Qaeda operatives surveying Logan were allegedly ignored

(Newser) - Three American Airlines employees reported spotting 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and at least one other man snooping around and videotaping security checkpoints at Boston's Logan Airport in May 2001—but no one did anything about it, according to newly released court papers cited in the New York Post . The...

Pharmacist Linked to Meningitis Outbreak Busted

Airport arrest first bust in case that caused 64 deaths

(Newser) - A pharmacist linked to a meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people in 2012 was arrested yesterday as he tried to leave the country. Glenn Adam Chin oversaw the mold and bacteria-infested "clean rooms" at the New England Compounding Center, and investigators accuse him of covering up unsafe practices, the...

Boston's Logan Airport Holds 9/11 Fire Drill

AT&T, Marriott step in it, too

(Newser) - Officials at Boston's Logan Airport are apologizing for holding a fire drill, complete with smoke and flames, on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. And yes, you're remembering correctly: The two hijacked jets that were flown into the World Trade Center towers that day had taken...

On Edge, Boston Takes Issue With 2 Flights

LaGuardia temporarily evacuated today, too

(Newser) - With tensions running high in a city with good reason to be edgy, two flights at Boston's Logan Airport raised concerns this morning: A US Airways flight from Philadelphia was evacuated soon after landing in Boston after a suspicious bag was found, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports. State police tell...

Boston Library Fire May Be Unrelated to Bombs

Police are investigating, but any link to marathon is unclear

(Newser) - It looks like a fire that broke out at Boston's JFK presidential library this afternoon might be a coincidence, not a third attack, reports the Boston Irish Reporter . Library officials say that the fire broke out in the mechanical room of the building's new wing and that everybody...

Guy in Body Armor Nabbed With Bag of Weapons at LAX

He had ax, knives, clubs, cuffs, and biohazard suit: feds

(Newser) - An airline passenger wearing a bullet-proof vest was nabbed during a security screening with a suitcase stuffed with weapons at Los Angeles International Airport, officials report. Boston-bound flyer Yongda Huang Harris, 28, a US citizen of Chinese descent, was flying from Japan late last week when he was stopped by...

TSA Agents Hospitalized by Noxious Bag

15 sickened by bag emitting strange odor

(Newser) - Fifteen Transportation Safety Administration workers were sickened and four sent to the hospital today, after coming into contact with a noxious odor wafting out of an open bag in a bag room. The workers complained of headaches and eye and throat irritation, the Boston Globe reports. No passengers were exposed...

TSA Screeners Begin Chatting Up Logan Travelers

It's part of the agency's behavior-detection strategy

(Newser) - If you're traveling through Logan anytime soon, be prepared for chatty TSA screeners. It's in the name of security, not politeness. As part of the agency's expanding strategy to try to weed out terrorists, all passengers in one of the Boston airport's terminals will have to...

Jet Smashes Smaller Plane at Boston Airport

At least one person injured

(Newser) - A pair of planes crashed at Boston’s Logan Airport last night, injuring at least one woman. A large Delta 767 with 204 passengers was preparing to take off when its wing sliced through the tail of a smaller plane on a taxiway, the Boston Globe reports. Dozens of emergency...

Connecticut Could Get 30-Plus Inches of Snow

New England pummeled by latest snowpocalypse

(Newser) - A winter storm crashed down on New England today, delivering as much as two feet of snow to parts of Connecticut, with more falling every minute. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a 30+ inch report,” says one WTHN meteorologist. Police in the state have responded...

Teen's Body Found In Boston Suburb Fell From Plane

North Carolina youth stowed away in wheel well

(Newser) - The teenager whose body was discovered in the Boston suburb of Milton, which lies below a flight path to Logan Airport, almost certainly fell from a plane, say investigators. The 16-year old North Carolina boy had most likely stowed away inside the wheel well of a jet in Charlotte and...

Did Dead NC Teen Fall Out of a Plane?

Delvonte Tisdale may have been a stowaway, unhappy at home

(Newser) - There is a "remote" possibility that a teen whose battered remains were found near Boston's Logan International Airport died after falling from a plane's landing gear, authorities say. Delvonte Tisdale was last seen in his North Carolina home Nov. 14, and never returned home from school the following day....

Boston's Logan Will Get G-Rated Scanners

They will show stick figures instead of detailed images

(Newser) - Boston's Logan airport will be the nation's first to receive scanners that show a stick figure passenger instead of the X-rated "baggage" that has created so much controversy. “All you’ll have is stick figure and a little block around each anomaly on you," a TSA official...

Police Take Gun From Despondent Pilot
 Police Take Gun From 
 Despondent Pilot 

Police Take Gun From Despondent Pilot

Pilot likely was allowed to carry handgun as part of post-9/11 program

(Newser) - Police relieved a JetBlue pilot of a gun he carried with him after he told an ex-girlfriend that he would crash a plane unless they got back together. The pilot, who was officially relieved of his duties for "health-related reasons," was not charged with firearm possession, which means...

Jilted JetBlue Pilot 'Threatened to Crash Plane'

He's now out for 'health reasons'

(Newser) - In what may be the worst possible way to convince your ex to take you back, a JetBlue pilot allegedly emailed his girlfriend saying he'd crash the plane he was scheduled to fly out of Boston yesterday if she didn't reconcile with him. The pilot was taken into custody at...

'Unruly' Passenger Booted from Trans-Atlantic Flight

Grounded Scotsman not considered terror threat

(Newser) - A flight from Philadelphia to London made an unscheduled stop in Boston last night to eject an unruly Scottish passenger. The man, 50, was arrested for interfering with a flight crew, AP reports. A US Airways spokesman said the man was removed "in the interest of safety." The...

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