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Somewhere Here Lies an Ancient Space Relic

It just dropped from space, and the search is on

(Newser) - The search is on for an apricot-sized meteorite somewhere near Aiguillon, France. Cameras at an astronomy facility in Mauraux spotted the small space rock falling to Earth over southwest France last weekend, per the Guardian . The meteorite landed at 10:43pm Saturday near Aiguillon, some 60 miles southeast of Bordeaux,...

France's Nicolas Sarkozy Receives Jail Sentence

Former president gets one year, but he can request to serve home confinement

(Newser) - A Paris court on Monday found former French President Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of corruption and influence peddling and sentenced him to one year in prison and a two-year suspended sentence, per the AP . The 66-year-old politician, who was president from 2007 to 2012, was convicted for having tried to illegally...

Military Jet Clips Town's Power Lines

French crews on training mission fly too low

(Newser) - The crews on a pair of French military jets that flew over the village of Le Castelleton on low-altitude training flights Wednesday afternoon might want to keep training. The Rafale aircraft were so low that one caught power lines, the BBC reports, cutting off electricity to the village. The mayor...

117-Year-Old Has Now Survived 2 Pandemics

World's second-oldest person ready to celebrate birthday in France

(Newser) - The world's second-oldest person has now survived two global pandemics before her 117th birthday. Sister André, a retired French nun with the given name Lucile Randon, was on Tuesday declared recovered from the coronavirus, which infected 81 of 88 residents of her retirement home in Toulon. "We consider...

Sacré Bleu! French Workers Can Now Eat at Their Desks

Amid pandemic, government is removing a law forbidding the practice during work

(Newser) - The pandemic is forcing a new rule in France that might have a lot of Americans doing a double-take: It will now be legal to eat at your desk during work. Yes, prior to the Labor Ministry decision, it had been against the law to do so, reports the Local...

'We Believe You,' Macron Tells Family Abuse Victims

After a national outpouring, France to screen every child

(Newser) - Amid a national French reckoning with sexual abuse of children by family members, President Emmanuel Macron told victims Saturday: "We believe you. You will never again be alone." The French government pledged on Thursday to toughen laws on the rape of children after an online movement saw hundreds...

France to City Folk: Deal With Sounds of the Countryside

Senate passes law to protect rural areas' 'sensory heritage'

(Newser) - In an attempt to stop rural French neighbors from being at each other's throats, France has just passed a law to protect the nation's "sensory heritage." What that means, in essence, per CNN : Weekenders visiting from more urban areas won't be able to stifle most...

Minister: Missing Star Student Is Alive, Safe, and 'Deeply Sorry'

Diary Sow told him she was on break to 'regain her senses'

(Newser) - After the student known as the "pride of Senegal" disappeared in France earlier this month , it made headlines around the world and a major campaign was launched to find her. A Senegalese minister now says 20-year-old Diary Sow just needed a break, the BBC reports. In a lengthy Twitter...

This Woman Can't Convince the Government She's Alive

Jeanne Pouchain of France is in a bizarre 3-year legal fight to prove she's not dead

(Newser) - It may sound like the punchline to a Monty Python skit , but the problem is all too real for a woman in France. Jeanne Pouchain has been struggling to convince the government that she's not dead for three years now, reports the Guardian . The mistake arose during a convoluted...

The Pride of Senegal Is Missing in Paris

Novelist Diary Sow, 20, failed to show up at school this month

(Newser) - French authorities are racing to find Diary Sow, a Senegalese student missing in Paris who is considered "the pride of a whole nation." Senegal President Macky Sall recently bestowed that compliment on Sow, a published author, whose name "is practically synonymous with achievement" in her home country,...

Thieves Pelt Police With Bottles of Fine Wine

French hotel has been robbed of $700K worth of wine

(Newser) - The owner of the Relais Château hotel in France’s Burgundy region has plenty of reason to whine: The five-star hotel’s cellar has been raided twice in the last couple of days, the Guardian reports, with thieves making off with total of nearly $700,000 worth of fine...

After 36 Hours, Rave That 'Shames' France Ends

Health officials set up virus testing site near party

(Newser) - About 36 hours after it began—and 24 hours after the crowd beat back police trying to shut the place down—a restriction-defying rave in France faded out Saturday. Local officials said that they issued 1,200 penalty notices, mostly for violations of coronavirus restrictions, and that the organizers will...

Crowd Fights Off Police Trying to Shut Down Rave

More than 2.5K attended an illegal, curfew-breaking event in France

(Newser) - France sent more than 100,000 police officers around the country to keep an eye on New Year's Eve celebrations and make sure the 8pm COVID-19 curfew wasn't violated. It wasn't a complete success. An illegal rave in northwestern France drew about 2,500 people, who fought...

France to Deploy 100K Cops to Enforce NYE Curfew

They'll also try to prevent the 'traditional torching of vehicles'

(Newser) - French people gathering in public to wish each other "Bonne Année" can expect a visit from the gendarmerie. Authorities say 100,000 police will be deployed across France on New Year's Eve to prevent gatherings and strictly enforce the 8pm to 6am curfew, the Guardian reports. They...

Fashion King Pierre Cardin Dead at 98
Adieu to
a French
Fashion Icon

Adieu to a French Fashion Icon

Pierre Cardin, whose name graced everything from watches to bedsheets, is dead at 98

(Newser) - France's Academy of Fine Arts says Pierre Cardin, the French designer whose Space Age style was among the iconic looks of 20th-century fashion, has died at 98. The academy announced his death in a tweet Tuesday, per the AP . His family tells AFP that he died at the American...

France Reports First Case of New Strain
New Virus Strain
Is in France, Too

New Virus Strain Is in France, Too

The infected man, who'd just come home from London, shows no symptoms

(Newser) - The first case of the new coronavirus strain discovered in Britain now has been confirmed in France. It was detected in a resident of Tours, a city in central France, who traveled home from London last Saturday, the BBC reports. The man, who was not identified, was treated at a...

British Troops Work to Clear 4K Trucks

Drivers have been living in their cabs since France briefly shut its border over new virus strain

(Newser) - Around 1,000 British soldiers were spending Christmas Day trying to clear a huge backlog of truck drivers stuck in southeast England after France briefly closed its border to the UK, then demanded coronavirus tests from all amid fears of a new coronavirus variant. Even though an estimated 4,000...

In France, 'the Madman Was Found Dead'

3 police officers who responded to a domestic violence situation Wednesday were killed

(Newser) - A gunman who had beaten and threatened his wife in southern France killed three policemen who came to the woman's aid and then fled, prompting a wide manhunt, authorities said. The suspected assailant was later found dead. The unusual killing of three police officers on duty drew national concern,...

Frustration Grows for Truckers Trying to Get Home for Holiday

Drivers scuffle with cops in Dover as France keeps them out due to COVID variant

(Newser) - In an attempt to slow down the "out of control" spread of a new coronavirus variant in the UK, various EU nations had banned travel from the island nation. That's now led to a backlog of truckers in the port city of Dover who want to get to...

COVID-Infected Macron Admits He May Have Slipped Up

French leader says 'bad luck,' 'negligence' might have led to his getting infected

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday blamed his COVID-19 on a combination of negligence and bad luck, urging his compatriots to stay safe as critics called out slip-ups in his behavior, from a close-quarters handshake to repeated big-group meals over the past week. In what looked like a self-shot video...

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