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Jeff Bezos Steps Down at Amazon Amid Rising Scrutiny

Indeed, 'unprecedented' scrutiny in Washington, Politico says

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO of at a time when controversy is swirling around him. As Politico notes, not only have critics been increasingly questioning Amazon's wages and treatment of its workers—and contrasting those with the massive profits the company is bringing in amid...

Bezos Is Stepping Down as Amazon CEO
Amazon Is Getting a New CEO

Amazon Is Getting a New CEO

'This isn't about retiring,' Bezos says

(Newser) - Amazon reported very strong financial results Tuesday—along with the news that CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down after almost 30 years. Bezos, who founded Amazon in 1994 and turned the firm into an e-shopping juggernaut, become incredibly rich in the process, will transition to executive chair of the company'...

There's a New Richest Person in the World

Tesla CEO moves a billion past Jeff Bezos

(Newser) - The skyrocketing price of Tesla shares pushed Elon Musk's wealth past that of Jeff Bezos on Thursday, crowning a new richest person in the world. Musk is now listed as being worth $185 billion, a billion more than Amazon's Bezos, CNBC reports. It's not exactly a rags-to-riches...

Bezos' Ex Gives Away Billions More, 'No Strings Attached'

MacKenzie Scott donates another $4.2B

(Newser) - MacKenzie Scott continues to dole out the billions following her divorce from Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder's ex, who has pledged to donate most of her fortune and had already given away $1.7 billion to that end, on Tuesday announced another massive give: this time, $4.16 billion...

Bezos' Blue Origin Wants a Woman on the Moon

NASA getting ready to pick a company to build a moon lander

(Newser) - If NASA can put 12 men on the moon, Jeff Bezos' space company thinks it can put a woman on our lunar neighbor, reports the Guardian . With NASA getting ready to pick between three companies vying to supply it with a lunar lander, Blue Origin posted an Instagram video of...

During Pandemic, Amazon Is Hiring. And Hiring

Pace is unprecedented, putting the company on track to become world's biggest employer

(Newser) - Walmart once hired 230,000 people in one year. Amazon is making that look like nothing. Through October, the online retailer has added 427,300 employees this year, the New York Times reports. "It's hiring like mad," a labor historian at the University of California-Santa Barbara said....

Jeff Bezos Gives Away $791M
Jeff Bezos Giving Away $791M

Jeff Bezos Giving Away $791M

In grants to groups fighting climate change

(Newser) - The world's richest man is a teensy bit less rich. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is donating $791 million, via grants to 16 groups that are working to combat climate change. "I’ve spent the past several months learning from a group of incredibly smart people who’ve made...

Bezos Cashes In $3.1B in Amazon Shares

Amazon CEO made more than $10B Wednesday

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos cashed in more than $3 billion in Amazon shares on Monday and Tuesday, bringing the total for the year to $10.2 billion—which is less than what he made on Wednesday. Business Insider reports that the Amazon CEO's net worth jumped around $10.5 billion Wednesday...

Guillotine Is Set Up Outside Home of Jeff Bezos

Demonstrators speak up after the Amazon CEO's wealth reportedly tops $200 billion

(Newser) - Over a hundred demonstrators gathered Thursday outside Jeff Bezos' mansion in Washington, DC, and assembled a guillotine at his front door, Business Insider reports. Led by a group called the Congress of Essential Workers, the protest was designed to oppose current employee wages at the company. It also came a...

The Rich(est) Keep Getting Richer
Elon Musk
Joins an Elite Club

Elon Musk Joins an Elite Club

He is now one of 4 'centibillionaires' on the planet

(Newser) - MacKenzie Scott may just become the world's richest woman after all . Her ex-husband, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, should be celebrating, too. Bezos' wealth topped $200 billion on Wednesday as shares in the e-commerce giant hit a record. As Bloomberg reports, the climb brings Scott "to the brink of...

A Big First for Amazon's Elite Executive 'S-Team'

Alicia Boler Davis is the first Black member of the prestigious group that advises Jeff Bezos

(Newser) - Amazon's prestigious "S-team" (short for "senior team"), a group of execs that advises CEO Jeff Bezos, just achieved a big first. Per Business Insider , three members have been added to the elite group, and one of them is Alicia Boler Davis, who joined the company last...

'Emperors of the New Economy' Grilled at Antitrust Hearing

'Simply put, they have too much power'

(Newser) - The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google were sworn in remotely Wednesday for a historic antitrust hearing before House lawmakers. Rep. David Cicilline, chairman of the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee, used his opening statement to accuse the tech giants of damaging the economy through excessive dominance, the New York ...

Big Tech CEOs Head to Congress for Historic Hearing

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google on the defense over rising power

(Newser) - Chief executives of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are set to testify remotely before Congress on Wednesday as part of a hearing focusing on the size and power of the world's leading tech companies, following a yearlong investigation by the House judiciary’s antitrust subcommittee. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg...

Jeff Bezos' Wallet Just Had a Record-Setting Day

Amazon founder added $13B to his net worth on Monday

(Newser) - How do you treat yourself when you make $13 billion in one day? We'll have to ask Jeff Bezos, who, per Bloomberg , saw that amount added to his net worth Monday, the largest single-day boost to one person's wealth since the Bloomberg Billionaires Index began in 2012. A...

The World's Richest Person Is Now Richer Than Ever

The Amazon founder is worth a staggering amount of money

(Newser) - Get a raise last year? Jeff Bezos saw his gains go up, too—by $56.7 billion, which makes the world's richest person literally richer than ever, Bloomberg reports. His wealth rose along with a 4.4% surge in Amazon stock, which put shares at a record $2,878....

Bezos 'Happy to Lose' Customers Angered by Black Lives Matter

CEO shares 'sickening' response to company's stance

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos says he's received some "sickening but not surprising" messages from customers since he stated his support for the Black Lives Matter movement— but he's not worried about losing their business. On Instagram , the Amazon CEO shared a message from irate customer "Dave," redacting...

As Bezos Heads Toward Trillionaire, Outrage

Analysis suggests he could be first trillionaire by 2026

(Newser) - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found himself the target of attacks from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, and a lot of social media users on Thursday as outlets highlighted an analysis suggesting he'll become the first ever trillionaire. Business website Comparisun determined the 56-year-old—with a current net...

House Panel Demands Bezos Himself Come Testify

Judiciary Committee investigating whether Amazon is cheating its own sellers

(Newser) - A recent Wall Street Journal investigation discovered workers had used proprietary data from independent sellers on the site to boost its own competing products, and that probe has now spurred a call to Jeff Bezos himself to appear on Capitol Hill. The Journal reports that the company's...

Investigation: Amazon Beats Own Sellers With Shady Tactics

'Wall Street Journal' says ex-employees admit looking at off-limits data on competitors

(Newser) - Amazon is selling more products under its own label as it directly competes against independent sellers on its own platform. The company swears up and down it doesn't peek at data deemed by those sellers as proprietary, but the Wall Street Journal reports the claim isn't true. The...

Jeff Bezos' Fortune Takes Big Jump Thanks to COVID-19

Crisis has given Amazon shares a big boost

(Newser) - The world's richest man is having a good 2020. Amazon's share price surged 5.3% to a new high on Tuesday, getting a boost from increased demand for online shopping amid the coronavirus crisis. Where that leaves Jeff Bezos' fortune: up $24 billion in 2020, the BBC reports....

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