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NYU Freshman Accused of Wild Scheme to Steal From Roomie

18-year-old allegedly stole $51K worth of luxury goods from shared dorm room

(Newser) - A strange case out of New York, where a New York University freshman says her roommate stole more than $50,000 worth of luxury goods from her while they shared a dorm room, and sold them online—in some cases for significantly less than they were worth. Aurora Agapov, 19,...

Thieves Target EV Charging Stations Nationwide

They're stealing cables that contain valuable copper wiring

(Newser) - Just before 2am on a chilly April night in Seattle, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup stopped at an electric-vehicle charging station on the edge of a shopping center parking lot. Two men got out. A security camera recorded them pulling out bolt cutters. One man snipped several charging cables; the other...

After 'Absolute Hammer Blow,' Women's Bike Team Competes

Rivals come through for Lifeplus-Wahoo team after 14 bikes were stolen before Tour of Britain race

(Newser) - A British women's bicycling team woke up Friday all ready to take part in the multistage Tour of Britain event, except for one crucial thing: More than a dozen of their bikes were stolen overnight, reports the BBC . The women athletes on the Lifeplus-Wahoo team discovered 14 of their...

Fire Department Sent $220K for Ambulances, Then 'Panicked'

Hackers stole money sent by volunteer unit in Rockville, Maryland

(Newser) - A volunteer fire department in Maryland is out more than $100,000 after money meant for new ambulances was swiped in a "business email compromise" scam. Per the Washington Post , the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department wired a $220,000 deposit for two much-needed new ambulances late last month, thinking...

California Cops Bust Grand Theft Lego Ring

They seized stolen kits worth around $300K

(Newser) - Police in California have busted a Grand Theft Lego ring. The California Highway Patrol says it served search warrants at four sites in Los Angeles County and Orange County this week and found ill-gotten bricks worth around $300,000, KTLA reports. The CHP said four suspects, three men and one...

Up to $30M Stolen From LA Cash Storage Facility
$30M LA Heist Wasn't
Detected Until Next Day

$30M LA Heist Wasn't Detected Until Next Day

Police say thieves broke into money storage facility

(Newser) - Thieves stole as much $30 million in an Easter Sunday burglary at a Los Angeles money storage facility in one of the largest cash heists in city history, police said Wednesday. The burglary occurred Sunday night at an unnamed facility in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley where...

Journalists Reprimanded for Stealing From Air Force One
Reporters Reprimanded for
Stealing From Air Force One

Reporters Reprimanded for Stealing From Air Force One

Apparently 'everyone does it'

(Newser) - Apparently quite a few things have gone missing from Air Force One—enough that Kelly O'Donnell, NBC correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents' Association, recently issued a stern reminder to colleagues that they're not allowed to take items off the aircraft—and that if they do,...

Fed Say They've Busted Beer Train Bandits

8 alleged members of Bronx-based 'Beer Theft Enterprise' face federal charges

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors are calling it the "Beer Theft Enterprise." According to a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday, eight Bronx residents are charged with stealing beer worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in heists at rail yards and warehouses across the Northeast, the New York Times reports. Prosecutors said that...

Team Will Have to Owe Fans That Bobblehead
Stolen Jagr Bobbleheads
Have Been Found

Stolen Jagr Bobbleheads Have Been Found

Souvenirs intended for Pittsburgh Penguins fan giveaway earlier this month have been recovered

(Newser) - "THE JAGR BOBBLEHEADS ARE HOME!" With that tweet by the Pittsburgh Penguins, "one of the more bizarre tales in NHL history" comes to a close, reports CNN . In a release Monday, the NHL team announced that a "special cargo recovery team" had "negotiated the return"...

Your Phone May Soon Open Locked Display Cases in Stores

New gizmo allows customers to unlock cabinets with merchandise

(Newser) - A surge in shoplifting in some areas has store owners walking a tricky line—they must create a welcoming space for customers to shop, while also deterring theft. And though locking merchandise inside cases can spoil that friendly shopping vibe, so does using a blowtorch to clear out a New...

A Sex Tape, Threats, and Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Second man busted for theft of iconic 'Wizard of Oz' prop, with some eyebrow-raising details

(Newser) - A second man has been charged in connection with the 2005 theft of a pair of ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz, according to an indictment made public Sunday.
  • The theft: The slippers, adorned with sequins and glass beads, were stolen from the Judy Garland

Police: Woman Pumped $28K in Free Gas via Sneaky Glitch
Police: Woman Pumped $28K
in Free Gas via Sneaky Glitch

Police: Woman Pumped $28K in Free Gas via Sneaky Glitch

Nebraska gas station pump was exploited with a rewards card, authorities say

(Newser) - There's no such thing as a free lunch, or free gas, though Nebraska authorities say that for six-plus months, one enterprising woman exploited a glitch via her rewards card that scored her nearly $28,000 in gratis gas.
  • The glitch: Police say a software update at the pumps at

Police: Women Propped Up Dead Man in Car, Drove to Bank

The women allegedly withdrew money from Douglas Layman's account

(Newser) - It's a story that's drawing plenty of Weekend at Bernie's references: Police say two Ohio women drove their dead roommate's body—propped up in the car's front seat—to a bank's drive-through window on Monday in order to get money from his account. NBC...

This Wasn't a Theft Anyone Was Expecting

Someone made off with a 200-foot-tall AM radio tower in Alabama

(Newser) - There are small-time thefts, and there are big-time thefts—and then there are thefts that no one can adequately explain. One of the latter took place last week in Jasper, Alabama, where a 200-foot-high AM radio tower used by station WJLX was inexplicably stolen, reports the New York Post . In...

Suspect Held in Theft of Dog That Owner Tried to Save

Los Angeles police are still looking for Ali Zacharias' French bulldog

(Newser) - Los Angeles police have made an arrest in the theft of a French bulldog its owner tried to rescue by clinging to the hood of the getaway car. Sadie Slater, 21, of Los Angeles, was booked on suspicion of robbery and jailed Saturday in lieu of $70,000 bail, per...

Police Find Burned Remains of Jackie Robinson Statue

Statue of Black baseball trailblazer was stolen from park in Kansas last week

(Newser) - Fire crews found the burned remnants Tuesday of a prized bronze statue of Jackie Robinson that was stolen last week from a public park in Kansas, authorities said. The Wichita fire department received a call around 8:40am about a trash can on fire at Garvey Park in the southern...

A New Era of Train Heists: No Dynamite, Just Amazon Boxes

'New York Times Magazines' details this lucrative line of theft

(Newser) - The train robbers of American lore would be astonished at how easy the pickings are in the modern world. No dynamite needed or weapons of any kind. Just a decent set of bolt cutters to break the surprisingly chintzy locks on cargo containers. In the New York Times Magazine , Malia...

Someone Really, Really, Really Wanted These Stanley Products

Police say California woman stuffed 65 of much-coveted drinking vessels into car without paying

(Newser) - Stanley drinking vessels are the hot fad at the moment, but someone may have become a bit too obsessed. Police in Roseville, California, last week announced that an arrest was made after workers at a local retail store spotted a woman leaving the establishment with a shopping cart crammed with...

Cops: Guy Swiped Plane in Vegas, Went for a Ride

Police say suspect landed stolen private aircraft on road outside California airport, then ran

(Newser) - An Idaho man was arrested after allegedly stealing a plane from a North Las Vegas hangar, flying it over 100 miles into southern California, and eventually landing on a road outside the Barstow airport and running into a desert area after officers inquired about the aircraft, the AP reports. The...

Woman Busted for the Most Krispy Kreme of Crimes
Woman Busted for the
Most Krispy Kreme of Crimes
in case you missed it

Woman Busted for the Most Krispy Kreme of Crimes

28-year-old allegedly stole van filled with 10K doughnuts in Australian suburb

(Newser) - "It's a crime you just can't sugarcoat" is one of the suggested openers by the New York Times for a story about a sticky situation in Australia. The paper reports that the driver of a delivery van carrying 10,000 Krispy Kreme doughnuts stopped at a 7-Eleven...

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