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Reese's Again Sued Over 'Misleading' Packaging
Reese's Sued Over Candy That
Isn't as Cool as Promised
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Reese's Sued Over Candy That Isn't as Cool as Promised

Designs shown on packaging are misleading, lawsuit states

(Newser) - Once again, the Hershey Company is being sued by consumers who feel its products aren't living up to what's promised on the packaging. This time, it's four people in Florida suing over Reese's products that, they say, don't look anything like what they're advertised...

That Cheap Kona Coffee Wasn't Kona at All: Lawsuit

Hawaii coffee growers win $41M from distributors who falsely labeled their product as Kona

(Newser) - You're likely to see less coffee labeled as authentic Kona, which is a good thing, according to growers, who say much of the stuff on store shelves isn't the real deal. As the New York Times reports, Hawaiian growers of the rare beans who accused coffee distributors of...

Man Loses Suit Accusing McDonald's, Wendy's of False Advertising

Plaintiff failed to show ads of burgers were misleading, judge rules in dismissal

(Newser) - A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit that accused McDonald's and Wendy's of misleading consumers with ads that show bigger, juicier burgers than their restaurants actually serve. In an opinion released over the weekend, US District Judge Hector Gonzalez said the images on the companies'...

Taco Bell Sued for False Advertising

Lawsuit claims Crunchwraps, Mexican pizzas don't live up to their photos

(Newser) - If you've been disappointed by your Taco Bell Mexican pizzas and Crunchwraps, you're not alone. A new proposed class-action lawsuit accuses the Mexican fast food chain of false advertising when it comes to those specific products, the Washington Post reports. Frank Siragusa launched the suit after noticing that...

Brewery CEO's 'Willy Wonka' Contest Goes South
Brewery's 'Willy Wonka'
Contest Costs CEO Big-Time
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Brewery's 'Willy Wonka' Contest Costs CEO Big-Time

James Watt made three ill-advised tweets

(Newser) - A Scottish brewery dreamed up a Willy Wonka-style competition in late 2020, and it ended up costing it big-time, or so wrote CEO James Watt on LinkedIn over the weekend. He explained that Brewdog turned to a goldsmith to craft 50 cans made from 24-carat gold, which were to be...

Judge OKs False-Advertising Suit Against Barilla Pasta

Class-action plaintiffs have beef with Barilla's 'Italy's No. 1 brand of pasta'; product is made in NY, Iowa

(Newser) - "Italy's No. 1 brand of pasta" isn't as Italian as it sounds. That's the crux of a class-action lawsuit against Barilla that a federal judge this week ruled could proceed, meaning the company will have to face the plaintiffs' allegations that it engaged in false or...

Lawsuit to McDonald's: Where Are the Burgers in Your Ads?

Chain, along with Wendy's, is accused of false advertising

(Newser) - Earlier this year, three law firms accused Burger King of making its burgers look way better in advertisements than they are in reality. Now the trio is going after McDonald's and Wendy's with the same accusation, reports the Wall Street Journal . The new lawsuit alleges that Wendy's...

Ellen, Sandra Bullock File Suit Together

Lawsuit targets pop-up websites using star power without permission

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock have teamed up to take on the so-called "celebrity endorsement theft industry." Their lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to expose 100 anonymous individuals and entities that fraudulently sell health and beauty products using the celebrities' names, images, and likenesses without permission. The entities, which...

Taco Bell Charged Them an Extra $2.18, So They Sued
Couple Sues Taco Bell Over
the Fine Print in a TV Ad
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Couple Sues Taco Bell Over the Fine Print in a TV Ad

They were shocked to discover their $5 Chalupa Cravings Box didn't cost $5

(Newser) - A New Jersey couple is calling out Taco Bell for what they say is consumer fraud. Nelson and Joann Estrella were each craving a Chalupa Cravings box—advertised as a Chalupa Supreme, 5-Layer burrito, crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink, all for $5—when they visited their local...

Gatorade Agrees to Stop Disparaging Water

California filed complaint about 'anti-water' video game

(Newser) - Gatorade has agreed not to make disparaging comments about water as part of a $300,000 settlement reached Thursday with California over allegations it misleadingly portrayed water's benefits in a cellphone game where users refuel Olympic runner Usain Bolt. The game, downloaded 30,000 times in California and 2....

Woman Sues KFC Because Ad Showed Too Much Chicken

Anna Wurtzburger says her bucket of chicken wasn't 'overflowing' like the ad

(Newser) - A 64-year-old New York widow just wanted some fried chicken; now she's hoping for a family-size bucket of extra-crispy justice with a side of mashed vindication. The New York Post reports Anna Wurtzburger is suing KFC for false advertising after she bought a $20 bucket of chicken last summer...

DeVry Can't Prove Its 'Since 1975' Graduation Claim

Department of Education reaches settlement agreement with university

(Newser) - DeVry University's ads are about to get an overhaul. That's because the school's oft-touted claim that since 1975, 90% of its graduates looking for employment found jobs in their field within six months actually has no basis in fact, according to the Department of Education. The university...

Angry Joker Fan Says He's Suing Over Suicide Squad

He claims trailers promised a level of Jared Leto that the movie didn't deliver

(Newser) - The only people more villainous than clown-faced maniacs are the people who make movie trailers about them, apparently. Comicbook.com reports a Scottish Reddit user named BlackPanther2016 claims he or she is suing Warner Bros. and DC over what he claims were misleading Suicide Squad trailers that heavily featured Jared...

Jury: Coke's .3% Pomegranate Juice Was A-OK

POM says company 'intentionally confused consumers'

(Newser) - For almost a decade, pomegranate juice company POM Wonderful has claimed consumers were duped by Minute Maid's pomegranate-blueberry juice, which actually contained far more apple and grape juice. But finding that POM failed to show Minute Maid-owner Coca-Cola misled consumers, a jury sided with Coke in a Los Angeles...

Lawsuit: Almond Milk Has Almost No Almonds in It

Filing against leading brand Almond Breeze alleges only 2%

(Newser) - The label on Almond Breeze milk says "made with real almonds," which is true. It just doesn't say how many almonds, and a class-action lawsuit filed in New York on July 14 alleges that they account for only 2% per carton, reports Food Navigator . The rest is...

Harvard Prof Flips Over $4 Chinese Food Overcharge

Ben Edelman says the issue is larger, threatens legal action

(Newser) - A Boston-area Chinese restaurant charging $1 more per plate than it advertises on its online menu may have served the wrong guy—a Harvard Business School professor specializing in online advertising fraud who wasted no time in pulling out the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute and threatening legal action. According to...

How to Get Your Share of a $13M Red Bull Payout

Company offers $10 or free products after false advertising lawsuit

(Newser) - If you purchased even a single can of Red Bull in the last 12 years, you could get $10 in cash or two free products. But it's not exactly because the energy drink giant is feeling generous: The offer is part of a $13 million settlement over false advertising...

Senators Blast Dr. Oz for Bogus Diet Claims

He defends right to use 'flowery' language

(Newser) - Celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz stuck up for his right to use "flowery" language to praise weight loss products after a Senate panel slammed him for encouraging scammers by endorsing "miracle cures." Sen. Claire McAskill asked him why he "cheapened" his show by saying things he...

Nokia Busted for Faked Ad
 Nokia Busted for Faked Ad 

Nokia Busted for Faked Ad

Video purportedly shot with phone actually shot with professional camera

(Newser) - Perhaps you have seen the stunning ad for the Nokia PureView camera, in which a man riding a bicycle takes a video of a woman riding beside him armed only with a Lumia 920 and, through the magic of Pureview's image stabilization technology, it looks perfect. Why, if you...

Energy Drinks Face Scrutiny in New York

Three producers get subpoenas over marketing claims

(Newser) - New York state's attorney general apparently is a little skeptical about the wonder claims of three popular energy drinks. Eric Schneiderman issued subpoenas to three big players—Monster Beverage; PepsiCo, maker of AMP; and Living Essentials, maker of 5-Hour Energy drink, report the Wall Street Journal and Reuters . The...

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