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Boris Johnson, Lawmakers Spar Over COVID Parties
Boris Johnson: 'I Did Not Lie'

Boris Johnson: 'I Did Not Lie'

Lawmakers question former prime minister about parties he hosted during lockdown

(Newser) - UK lawmakers questioned Boris Johnson for more than three tense hours on Wednesday, pressing him about whether events he hosted while prime minister broke COVID lockdown rules and drawing defiant denials that he misled them. A House of Commons committee is investigating assurances Johnson made to Parliament after parties at...

Boris Johnson Wants Everyone to Address His Father as 'Sir'

Opposition leaders consider the knighthood nomination a mockery

(Newser) - Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has nominated about 100 people for UK honors, but one name in particular drew attention. The ex-leader of the Conservative Party has put up Stanley Johnson, his father, for a knighthood, the Times reports. The news was not met with universal praise. "You only...

Boris Johnson: Putin Made a 'Jolly' Threat to Me

Russian leader said he could kill Johnson with a missile, though Kremlin denies

(Newser) - In a new documentary about Vladimir Putin's relations with Western leaders, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recounted a conversation that is causing double-takes. During a long call between the two in the run-up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Johnson says Putin breezily talked about hitting the UK...

Victory for UK's Likely PM May Come on a Fitting Day
UK's Next Leader
Is a Historic One

UK's Next Leader Is a Historic One

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak will be first minister of color in the UK

(Newser) - (This file has been updated throughout with new details.) Britain's next prime minister will be 42-year-old Rishi Sunak. The former finance minister's path to victory improved dramatically on Sunday when Boris Johnson dropped out , then became a lock on Monday when his last challenger—fellow Conservative Penny...

Boris Johnson Returns to London During PM Hunt
Boris Johnson
Says He's Out
of the Running

Boris Johnson Says He's Out of the Running

Running for top spot again wouldn't be right, former prime minister says

(Newser) - Update: He never officially said he was in the running to replace Liz Truss, but Boris Johnson announced Sunday that he's out of the race. In a statement, the recent and former prime minister said he was well-positioned to lead the UK's Conservative Party to victory, the BBC...

UK Conservatives Hit Historic Low in Polls

Truss's successor could face 'extinction level event' in next election

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday, her 45th day in office—and whoever her successor is, they will have a tough task rebuilding support for the country's Conservative Party. With Boris Johnson at the helm, the party swept to its biggest victory in decades in the December...

On the Short List to Replace Liz Truss Is a Familiar Face

Boris Johnson is expected to stand for the post as UK prime minister

(Newser) - Liz Truss is out as UK prime minister after only six weeks. Might Boris Johnson be back in the post before the end of the month? As the ruling Conservative Party scrambles to pick a new leader, Johnson—who resigned amid scandal in July—appears to be on everybody's...

It's Looking Increasingly Bad for Liz Truss

Potential rule change could mean no-confidence vote as some Tories call for resignation

(Newser) - After just five weeks in the job of UK prime minister, Liz Truss has faced disaster after disaster to the point that "five of the PM's own MPs have called publicly on her to resign, with others briefing journalists that they think her time in office is up,...

Comparing Himself to 'Booster Rocket,' Johnson Blasts Off

British PM makes final speech, urges Brits to support successor Liz Truss

(Newser) - In Britain, it's a day for the changing of the guard. Boris Johnson was formally tendering his resignation to the queen as he urged the nation to support his successor, Liz Truss . "This is it, folks," the 58-year-old Johnson said in his final speech before stepping down,...

A Twist in How Queen Will Appoint New Prime Minister

It'll happen in Scotland this time

(Newser) - On Monday, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be named leader of the Conservative Party, but their Tuesday audience with the queen will be unlike any other during her 70-year reign, reports NBC News . This one will be in Scotland. The 96-year-old monarch traditionally bids the outgoing prime minister farewell...

Alito Mocks Prince Harry Over Roe Criticism

Supreme Court justice also takes shot at Boris Johnson, other overseas critics

(Newser) - Samuel Alito wrote the Supreme Court opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade, and he's not much interested in hearing what foreign critics have to say about it. In a speech on religious liberty in Rome hosted by Notre Dame Law School, Alito mocked Prince Harry and outgoing British Prime...

Johnson's Final Words to Parliament: 'Hasta la Vista, Baby'

Also on Wednesday, the final 2 candidates to replace Johnson as PM are chosen

(Newser) - After five rounds of voting, the race to replace Boris Johnson is down to the final two candidates: Rishi Sunak, whose resignation as finance minister helped trigger an avalanche of resignations that led to Johnson's downfall, and Liz Truss, the Johnson administration's foreign minister. Trade minister Penny Mordaunt...

The Battle to Replace Boris Johnson Starts Now

Conservative contenders to face elimination votes before final decision by party members

(Newser) - The battle is on to replace British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with at least 10 Conservative Party lawmakers throwing their hats in the ring Tuesday. Nominations will be accepted until 6pm local time, though candidates will need the support of at least 20 of the 358 Conservative members of Parliament...

Boris Johnson Made One Fatal Error
Boris Johnson
Made One
Fatal Error
opinion roundup

Boris Johnson Made One Fatal Error

He apologized, and that rarely plays well in politics, writes Martha Gill

(Newser) - Boris Johnson has been beset by one scandal after another over the years, so why did the latest one bring his resignation ? At the New York Times , Martha Gill writes that Johnson made a big political error this week: He apologized. "It was a mistake, and I apologize...

Boris Johnson Resigns: 'Them's the Breaks'

He confirms resignation as party leader but he's staying as PM until replacement is chosen

(Newser) - Just under three years after he became prime minister, Boris Johnson stood outside 10 Downing Street to confirm his resignation Thursday. "It is clearly now the will of the parliamentary Conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party and therefore a new prime minister,"...

In Stunning Fall, Boris Johnson Finally Agrees to Step Down

Embattled British leader faced more than 50 resignations from government

(Newser) - After a stunning 48 hours that saw an unprecedented number of resignations from the government, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally bowed to pressure and agreed to resign. Johnson, facing a mutiny that would have made it nearly impossible for the government to function, agreed to step down as...

As Things Sour for Boris Johnson, 1922 Committee Enters Spotlight

It has the power to allow another no-confidence vote

(Newser) - More resignations are streaming out of the British government, but still not the big one. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is clinging on despite the Wednesday resignations of six more junior ministers, which the BBC reports means the tally of ministers and aides who have resigned stands at 27. Five of...

After 2 Resignations, Boris Johnson May Be Doomed

Latest scandal involves misconduct allegations against key member of prime minister's team

(Newser) - Two of Britain’s most senior Cabinet ministers have quit, a move that could spell the end of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership after months of scandals , per the AP . Treasury chief Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned within minutes of each other. "I can no...

Putin Hits Back at Western Leaders Over Topless Digs

'Undressed,' they 'would be a disgusting sight,' Russian president tells reporters

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin shot back at Western leaders who mocked his athletic exploits, saying they would look "disgusting" if they tried to emulate his bare-torso appearances, per the AP . Putin made the comment during a visit to Turkmenistan early Thursday when asked about Western leaders joking about him...

Boris Johnson Calls Out Putin for 'Toxic Masculinity'

The remarks came during an interview following the G7 summit

(Newser) - World leaders have called Vladimir Putin a terrorist and war criminal, and analysts have scrutinized the Russian leader's mental state. But Boris Johnson may be the first to bring gender directly into the mix, saying Putin's war is a "perfect example of toxic masculinity," per the...

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