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England to Reopen Slowly
England to Reopen Slowly

England to Reopen Slowly

Starting March 8, 2 people will be allowed to meet up outdoors

(Newser) - Children in England will return to class, and people will be able to meet a friend outside for coffee in two weeks' time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday as he laid out a slow easing of one of Europe's strictest pandemic lockdowns. But those longing for a haircut,...

Flub on G7 Call: Angela, 'I Think You Need to Mute'

British PM Boris Johnson had to inform German chancellor that everyone could hear her talking

(Newser) - No one turned into a cat , appeared upside down , or made a Britney Spears reference , but world leaders attending a virtual G7 conference on Friday experienced their own low-key videoconferencing snafu. Reuters reports it came courtesy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who inadvertently interrupted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as...

Boris Johnson Delivers Bad News on UK Variant

He says it may be more deadly, but much uncertainty surrounds the COVID data

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday delivered an update on the UK variant of COVID that nobody wanted to hear: In addition to being more contagious, it may be more deadly as well. In its coverage of Johnson's press conference, the BBC is quick to add this caveat:...

Life in UK: Case Surge, Lockdown, Repeat
Case Surges,
Wear UK Out

Case Surges, Lockdowns Wear UK Out

Nation again questions how the situation got this bad

(Newser) - The crisis facing Britain this winter is depressingly familiar: stay-at-home orders and empty streets, hospitals overflowing, a daily toll of many hundreds of coronavirus deaths. The UK is the epicenter of Europe's COVID-19 outbreak once more, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative government is facing questions, and anger,...

It's Back to a Brutal Lockdown in England

Schools are closing for 6 weeks, and residents are told to stay home

(Newser) - It may be 2021, but it's about to feel like 2020 again in England, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday said that people must stay home again, as they were ordered to do in March. The new lockdown will last at least six weeks, and will see schools...

Johnson Gives Bad News 'With a Very Heavy Heart'

Britain's PM tells many people to cancel Christmas

(Newser) - Families must cancel their Christmas gatherings and most shops have to close in London and much of southern England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Saturday as he imposed a new, stricter level of coronavirus restrictions on the region to curb rapidly spreading infections, the AP reports. Johnson said Saturday that...

90-Year-Old Grandmother Gets First UK Vaccine
UK Rolls Out Its Vaccine

UK Rolls Out Its Vaccine

90-year-old grandmother is the first recipient

(Newser) - Margaret Keenan turns 91 next week but already has her gift from the UK government. Keenan was the first person to receive a vaccine dose Tuesday as part of the UK's mass vaccination program , which will be rolling out 800,000 doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine at...

Boris Johnson Under Quarantine Again

UK PM, who's already had COVID, is 'fit as a butcher's dog' after meeting MP who's now sick

(Newser) - It's a key week for the UK's Brexit negotiations with Europe, but one of the most important players now won't be able to attend in person. CNBC reports that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is once again in quarantine after he was informed he'd come into...

Boris: 'No Responsible Prime Minister' Can Ignore This

With COVID cases rising, the UK faces a new lockdown

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced a new month-long lockdown for England after being warned that without tough action a resurgent coronavirus outbreak will overwhelm hospitals in weeks, the AP reports. On the day the UK passed 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Johnson made a sudden about-face and...

Johnson Predicts a 'Bumpy' Few Months

Prime minister faces criticism on his handling of the pandemic

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but he warned Sunday that the country faces a "bumpy" winter ahead. Britain has Europe's highest coronavirus death toll, at more than 42,000, and Johnson's Conservative government is facing criticism from all sides....

At 'Perilous Turning Point,' UK Gets Stricter

New restrictions in place as hospitalizations double

(Newser) - New coronavirus restrictions are in place across the UK, which is facing "a perilous turning point," Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday. In England, people are asked to again work from home, indoor team sports have been banned, and all bars and restaurants must close by 10pm, reports...

Boris Johnson: 'I Was Too Fat'
Boris Johnson:
'I Was Too Fat'

Boris Johnson: 'I Was Too Fat'

British prime minister using his COVID scare to push physical fitness

(Newser) - Boris Johnson says his COVID scare has made him a changed man in one respect: He's trying to become more physically fit. "I was too fat," the British prime minister says in a new video , put out in tandem with a government initiative to lower obesity rates....

UK Makes Big Move on Huawei After Threat From US

United Kingdom won't let telecom firm play a part in its new high-speed mobile phone network

(Newser) - Britain's government on Tuesday backtracked on plans to give Chinese telecommunications company Huawei a limited role in the UK's new high-speed mobile phone network in a decision with broad implications for relations between London and Beijing. Britain imposed the ban after the US threatened to sever an intelligence-sharing...

Johnson: Brits Are Fatter Than Most Everyone But the Maltese

Says politicians can't treat obesity as 'irrelevant'

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who weighed close to 250 pounds when he was hospitalized with COVID-19 , suggested he is no longer a "libertarian" on the subject of obesity. He said Monday that the British are "significantly fatter" than most other nations in Europe—"apart from the...

Boris Johnson Stands by Lockdown Scofflaw

Aide who traveled to parents' house despite travel ban will keep his job

(Newser) - Faced with near-universal calls for the ouster of a top aide who flouted his own lockdown, Boris Johnson stood solidly with Dominic Cummings on Sunday, in what the New York Times calls a "blustery performance." "He followed the instincts of every father and every parent, and I...

Allies Leave Johnson on Aide Who Broke Lockdown Rules

Dominic Cummings has declined to resign after driving 260 miles to parents' house

(Newser) - One day after top government leaders backed the aide to Boris Johnson who violated pandemic lockdown rules, support in Parliament lessened. Dominic Cummings has conceded that he, with his wife and son, drove to his parents' house, 260 miles from London, in April. "He has at the very least...

Get Used to Life Like This, Leaders Tell Europeans

Conte, Johnson advise their nations not to count on a vaccine

(Newser) - In separate, stark warnings, two major European leaders have bluntly told their citizens that the world needs to adapt to living with the coronavirus and cannot wait to be saved by a vaccine. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, pushed by his nation's regional leaders and weeks ahead of an...

Boris Johnson: We Have a New Slogan
Boris Johnson:
We Have a New Slogan

Boris Johnson: We Have a New Slogan

Britain's prime minister unveils the country's new coronavirus plan

(Newser) - Living in England? You might be going to work tomorrow. Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation Sunday and said it's time to begin easing the coronavirus lockdown, CNN reports. The government's previous stance was that people should go to work "if they must," he said....

Bad News for Brits Hoping to End Lockdown

Boris Johnson expected to announce another 3 weeks

(Newser) - Taking a different tack than most nations, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to extend the bulk of the country’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions for three weeks or so Sunday evening. Following a week of mixed messages that started with Johnson indicating that there will be changes to the...

British PM Names Baby After 2 Important People

Carrie Symonds gave birth to the boy only days after Johnson recovered his health

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have named their baby boy Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, honoring their grandfathers and doctors who cared for the UK leader after contracting the coronavirus, the AP reports. Symonds made the announcement on her Instagram page, posting a picture of her cradling the...

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